Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eighth grader performs with All America cheer team


(East Middle School eighth grade cheerleader Riley Ingram took her sport to an entirely different level over the Thanksgiving break, performing with the All American Cheer Squad at Houston, Texas.)

My trip to Houston, Texas, on Thanksgiving was made possible in June when I was at a UCA cheer camp with my school team. We learned a dance and a cheer and if we did them well, we could try out for All American Cheerleader. A lot of people tried out, but only six could make it.

Six people tried out at a time. Five students from South and I made it. In September, we had a pancake feed to raise money. We made $200 each. Three of us, Hailey Radcliff, Abby Vanormin and I ended up going. We stayed at the J. W. Marriott in Houston and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.

We drove up on Monday. On Tuesday, Hailey and I went to Galveston, Texas, to the beach and swam in the ocean. On Wednesday, all of the All American Cheerleaders got to to go to the NASA Space Center.

On our way, we rode in buses with motorcycle policemen stopping traffic so we could get through. They were always with us whenever we went somewhere.

When we reached NASA, there was all kinds of neat stuff and half of the time a camera guy was following Hailey and me around the exhibits.

After that, they took us to the Galleria Mall and we had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and shopped for a while.

That night, we went to a Texas hoedown to eat and dance, then we practiced marching.

On Thursday, we got up early in the morning and marched in the parade. It was really hot outside and we had to wear turtlenecks. When we performed for the first time, Hailey and I got to be on TV. We did the routine a couple more times then returned to the hotel. That night, we watched fireworks from our hotel windows.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and went home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Choir Concert a success

 The East Middle School Concert Choir, Sixth Grade Choir and JEMS Show Choir put on an enjoyable program tonight in the auditorium.

The choirs, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers, will entertain the student body during a seventh hour assembly Wednesday.

For information on choir members and the songs they performed, follow this link.

Cold Case Squad looks into civil rights era murders

Students in Mr. Randy Turner's guided study class have been combining work on non-ficiton reading with exploring the mysteries of the recent past.

The group, informally known as the Cold Case Squad, has been researching the history of the American civil rights movement, including numerous murders that took place during that era, and have been attempting to contact some of those who were involved in history.

Among others, the eighth graders have written to Myrlie Evers, widow of murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Ruby Bridges, Julian Bond, Simeon Wright, the cousin of murder victim Emmett Till, and Bobby DeLaughter, the prosecutor who brought Medgar Evers' killer to justice. Though the guided study wraps up Thursday, these students will continue their work in Mr. Turner's communication arts classes during the third quarter during the annual Civil Rights project.

This is not the first time East Middle School students have contacted people involved in the civil rights movement, Mr. Turner said. "Last year, three of our students were able to get interviews. Taryn Parker and Adison Wright interviewed Rita Schwerner, the widow of a murdered civil rights worker, and Celeste Graves interviewed a member of the Little Rock Nine.

(Photo: Members of the Cold Case Squad shown are, from left: Alexis Gifford, Tess Harmon, Makaila Curnette, Nathan Howerton, Isaiah Whitehead, Roni Herron, and Valerie Royer. Now shown- Evan Blue, Julia Ayala, Melissa Lopez, Savanah Fields)

Drama Department stages "Ruby's Magical Christmas"

Staff Writer

The long hard work put in by students in the East Middle School Drama Department paid off Friday, December 10, as they performed the play "Ruby's Magical Christmas."

A matinee performance was held for the students, with an evening performance for parents.

 Sarina Shofner played the role of Ruby, the main protagonist in the play, who is the daughter of Dorothy, the well-known character who visited Oz. Shyann Long played Tori, Ruby’s little sister.

    The two sisters are living in the streets along with two other homeless people, one of them being our own Mr. Brian Neugebauer, who played the obviously intoxicated man who searches for the two little girls and was most definitely a crowd favorite with the students.

    One night, Ruby is looking through the trash and spots something shiny nearby- a lamp. She rubs the lamp and a genie appears, played by Avery Tanner, and says she will grant her one wish. But to earn this wish, she must tell the genie what the true meaning of Christmas spirit is. The genie sends her to Oz to discover what Christmas spirit really is.

    This play went very well, and the applause afterward seems to indicate the students thought so as well. If there is to be another play that will be directed by Ms. Cox in the future, most people will definitely look forward to it. Also, special thanks to Maricela Santillan for help with the make-up.

(Photos by Jordan Jensen) (Videos by Alexis Gifford)

Color Guard closes 2010 with party

 East Middle School's first-ever Color Guard squad celebrated the end of the first semester Thursday, December 8, with a Christmas party.

(Photos by Alexis Gifford)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Ruby's Magical Christmas" set for Friday

The East Middle School drama presentation of "Ruby's Magical Christmas" will be held 6 p.m. Friday, December 10, in the auditorium. A matinee performance is scheduled for 1:45 p.m. for the student body. The production is under the direction of Ms. Cosetta Cox.

Cast members are listed below:

Sarina Shofner, Brian Neugebauer, Cierra Kosilla, Nick Shellenbarger, Hannah Huffman, Summer Jacobs, Miranda Murphy, Grace Roush, Kerry Stadler, Desiree Hawkins, Keithen Wolf, Sierra Schweitzer, Avery Tanner, Amy Koch, Donna Tomlinson, Cassandra Williams, Cole Burns, Valerie Royer, Anna McCann, Marcus Garrison, Andrew Keller, Jessica Crabb, Paige Earl, Grace Roush, Whitney Bass, Vesta Kangethe, Adam White, Madeline Fichtner, Kerry Stadler, Shyann Long.

Vocal concert set for Tuesday, December 14

The East Middle School Vocal Department concert, "Sing We Now of Christmas," will be held 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 14, in the auditorium.

The program will begin with the Sixth Grade Choir singing "Sing We Now of Christmas," "A La Nanita Nana, with soloists Audrey Hampton and Alexandra Monasco, "Rise Up Shepherd," "Little Star," and "Please, Let it Snow."

The Concert Choir will perform "Sing Gloria, Sing Nowell!" "Silent and Still," "Glory to the Lambs" with soloists Amelia Street and Ethan Fannan; "Through Winter's Window, Angels Singin' Glory!' "O Holy Night with soloists Avery Tanner and Sariya Jones, "The Drum Carol," and "Eight Little Reindeer."

The JEMS Show Choir will finish the evening with "Santa Baby," featuring soloist Annie Strickling, and "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me."

Sixth Grade Choir- Cassi Anderson, Carly Ball, Lisa Boykin, Angel Capehart, Cheyenne Cavener, Razija Colic, Korbin Copher, Nichole Cox, Chayton Crout, Emmalea Dailey, Alley Genser, Audrey Hampton, Caeli Johnson, Vesta Kangethe, Makayla Keene, Mira Lee, Kateri Mace-Canterbury, Alex Monasco, Desirae Orlaski, Brooke Parker, Megain Ridenour, Lydia Routledge, Abigail Russell, Anthony Salcedo, Sierra Schweitzer, Cloey Smith, Kieanna Smith, Victoria Stehm, Alexandra Stelts, Michaela West, and Kaitlin Wilcox.

Concert Choir- Bonnie Ardrey, Maggie Baker, Connor Barnett, Leslie Behrle, Megan Belnap, Shania Blevins, Anna Blue, Jennifer Brewer, Chelcee Burton, Alex Capehart, Jade Carter, Deonna Cole, Michael Crippen, Makaila Curnette, Melissa Danner, Ethan Fannan, Mason Finnell, Alexis Gifford, Ashlie Green, Ace Grimm, Renae Gulley, Theressa Hailey, Aleah Hardee, Abbi Hendrix, Shana High, Ethan Holz, Destiny Horine, Kylie Howerton, Riley Ingram, Alize Iverson, Jordan Jensen, Sariya Jones, Aleaha Keene, Amy Koch, Janet Lopez, Ashley Mansour, Bethany Martin, Kailey Moser, Adrienne Myers, Alex Nguyen, Renee Oviedo, Cortnee Pippin, Kiah Poulson, Jillian Rentfro, Faith Reynolds, Megan Rowe, Nashya Shiwdin, Mecala Showalter, Annie Strickling, Miranda Sanders, Rickelle Stafford, Savannah Stewart, Amelia Street, Madison Stripling, Jamie Sullivan, Misha Tankersley, Avery Tanner, Autumn Tate, Kalli VanLoon, Karly Weber, Alyssa Wescoat, Azia Wheatley, Logan Whitehead, Ashten Whittington, and L. T. Wright.

JEMS- Maggie Baker, Anna Blue, Deonna Cole, Ashlie Green, Abbi Hendrix, Destiny Horine, Kylie Howerton, Riley Ingram, Alize Iverson, Bethany Martin, Kaley Moser, Adrienne Myers, Renee Oviedo, Kiah Poulson, Faith Reynolds, Annie Strickling, Miranda Sanders, Rickelle Stafford, Amelia Street, Avery Tanner, Alyssa Wescoat, Azia Wheatley, Logan Whitehead.

Ms. Kelly Musick is the accompanist.

The program is under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Penny Wars begin

Staff Writer

East Middle School is certainly in the holiday spirit!

 EMS students use their competitive nature for good this holiday season in the penny wars. In front of the office are buckets for each grade. Students in each grade are encouraged to put pennies into their own jars. Each penny equals a point. Students are to put any silver coins or bills into the other grades’ buckets, which will take points away. The money will also be spent on a very good cause. The money taken away from the penny wars will be given to the student council.

During a school day, council members will go out and spend all the money on toys to give to children who have little or no money for Christmas presents this year. This is one instance where a competitive edge will go to a good cause.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving vacation begins at close of school today

A five-day Thanksgiving break will begin at 3:30 p.m. today.

East Middle School students will return to school Monday, November 28.

Benefit variety show raises $759.25

Final figures are in for Saturday's second annual East Middle School Benefit Variety Show.

A total of $759.25 was raised, including more than $400 from the two dozen gift baskets.

Money from the show will buy a lapel mike system for the drama department.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

East Quiz Bowl team wins science competition at Thomas Jefferson

Tess Harmon answered three questions correctly, with team captain Evan Blue and Anna McCann adding one apiece as the East Middle School Quiz Bowl Team 2, defeated Carl Junction in a playoff to win a science competition at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School Tuesday night.

Joplin and Carl Junction finished 8-1 during the regular schedule setting up the playoff.

CJ took 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2 leads in the overtime, before Harmon answered three of the last four questions to guarantee the win.

Blue and Harmon led the championship team, answering 18 questions correctly, while McCann added four.

East Team 1 finished 2-7, defeating teams from Monett and Diamond and losing to Carl Junction by one question. Team 2 beat team one by only one question, as well.

The two teams will participate in a math competition at Diamond Jan. 31.

(Photo: Front row, left ro right, Alexis Gifford, Valerie Royer, Jonah Ellman, Austin Lewis, Desiree Hawkins, back row, Anna McCann, Miranda Murphy, Cameron Ball, Tess Harmon, Donna Tomlinson,  Evan Blue)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video: East Middle School girls basketball

The accompanying video was shot by Cameron Ball.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Band, Color Guard perform at Junge Stadium

Staff Writer

The East Middle School Band preformed at Junge stadium on Friday night with North and South Middle School, along with the Joplin High School.
            Despite the pouring down rain, the band performed well. The band played  "YMCA", "The Star Spangled Banner", and the "Joplin Fight Song." Led by drum majors Alec Welch and Whitney Bass, the band marched across the field with East Middle School Color Guard.
          The band now prepares for the next mass band performance at MSSU on Saturday, during Homecoming Weekend.

 Band  and Color Guard members are:

Justin Armstrong, Julia Ayala, Cameron Bailey, Dakota Ballard, Tanner Bartholomew, Whitney Bass, Taylor Beaver, Adrianna Bland, Evan Blue, Alonzo Byers, Reed Campbell, Elizabeth Carney, Harry Carpenter, Cody Chollet, Darin Clark, Trevor Conrad, Zach Consier, Mckinsey Cottle, Matthew Coulston, Shana Cover, Ethan Crider, Ailan Eldred, Sevrin Eldred, Zack Figueroa, Delshawn Garth, Alex Garton, Chris Geier, Anthony Grubb, Keisha Grunden, Tess Harmon, Amy Hembree, Dalton Hill, Tristen Howell, Hannah Huffman, Bonnie Johnson, Kayla Johnson, Cannon Jones, Blake Lewis,  Cara Marshall,  Jeremiah Martin, Maddie Martin, Christian Owens, Ashton Parker, Kelly Parker, Toku Platt, Devin Puckett, Austin Reynolds, Tyauna Robinson, Valerie Royer, Jennifer Schulze,Alexis Shields, Jakob Simrell, Austen Still, Steven Townsend, Tyler Viles, Erica Ward, Madeline Webber, Alec Welch, Shelby Welton, Hannah West, Adam White, Jimmy Willerton, Denton Williams, Katelynne Yonkers, Ashlee Youngblood.

Orchestra performs at concert, assembly

The East Middle School Orchestra, under the direction of Ms. Kylee Tripoli, perfomed at an assembly Tuesday afternoon and held a concert that evening.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seventh grade football teams close winning season

The East Middle School seventh grade football teams closed the season Tuesday night with a pair of wins at McDonald County.

 Both teams had stellar defensive plays and some very hard hits, according to Coach William Hedrick. The B team finished 3-2 with an 18-6 win with a pair of touchdowns from Dantee Figueroa and one for Alejandro Santillian. The A team started off slowly, taking a 20-0 half time lead, but picked it up in the second half and finished with a 44-0 victory.

 Amilo Maturino had six touchdowns.

The A team finished with a 4-1-1 record.

Longer writing answers removed from MAP tests

Staff Writer

There have been recent rumors going around the Joplin Schools that the constructive response questions on the MAP test will be removed for the next few years. These rumors were recently confirmed, causing rejoice among many students, and disappointment to many teachers and staff members of East Middle School.

“I think that this will hurt the MAP tests, the constructive response questions show the true intelligence of the student,” eighth grader Ronnie Herron tells us.

A few teachers think this could be a positive move by removing the constructive response questions. “I think students struggle on the constructive response questions on the Math section, so that will help them out. Most students can get the answer right, but can’t explain how they got it, so I think it will help them,” seventh grade Math teacher Ms. Areke Worku tells us.

Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Brian Neugebauer has a different opinion. “I think that it’s a bad move, because it’s important to see what the students do to get the answer. With multiple choice questions, you can guess, and possibly get an answer correct. Showing work is important, especially in my class.”

Many teachers of East Middle School agree that the Communication Arts constructive response questions are even more important. “I think students are much more capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas for their answers when they have an opportunity to use their own words to answer a question. My concerns are that students will have a limited vocabulary words in which to select their best answer, this will lead to more students misunderstanding the question or answer, due to limited vocabulary. Rather than not knowing the answer, they need to use their own words to explain the correct answer,” seventh grade Reading and Communication Arts teacher Linda Weaver tells us.

Principal Mr. Bud Sexson sums it up with the statement: “I feel that the most important test a student takes is the next one. Next year, next month, next hour, this is the same for the MAP tests.”

Sound Dimension performs at Academic All-Stars celebration

The Joplin High School vocal group Sound Dimension, featuring several former South Middle School students, performed at the annual Academic All-Star celebration Tuesday night in the JHS Auditorium:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Academic All-Stars honored


East Middle School Academic All-Stars were honored Tuesday night during ceremonies held in the Joplin High School Auditorium.

The program included performances by the Joplin High School Jazz Band, the JHS vocal group Sound Dimension, and a speech by U. S. Bank President Mr Clifford Wert.

The students received recognition after scoring advanced or proficient in at least one area of the annual MAP tests, which were given last spring.

Students receiving recognition:

Sixth Grade- Melinda Adams, Cole Allen, Luke Allen, Zohie Allgood, Dalton Allison, Zoe Anastosopolos, Malachi Aquino, Madison Artis, Ryan Ball, Megan Black, Jerry Bland, Nathaniel Bowers, Lisa Boykin, Dylan Boynton, Austin Bracker, Christian Bradford, Austin Brand, Michaela Brewer, Skyler Brewer, Alexis Bridges, Anthony Burton, Mykah Campbell, Angelea Capehart, Jordan Case, Kaitlyn Collins, Mackenzie Collins, Korbin Copher, Tori Corp, Jaci Cottle, Nichole Cox, Jesse Croney, Ryan Crouch, Clayton Crout, Lilli Curtsinger, Silvia Cutbirth, Emmalea Dailey, Tristan Danielson, Tanner Danley, Brittany Davis, Melanee Day, Savanna Dement, Taylor Detter, Justin Diles, Dawson Dorn, Elizabeth Dulinksy, Matthew Dumas, MacKenzie Dunn, Brittany Dutton, Jackson Earll, Amber Fleming, Clarissa Frazier, Joseph Fry, Marcus Garrison, Anna Graves, Tyler Green, Lydia Greenwood, Ashlyn Griffberg, Zane Grimes, Audrey Hampton, Sean Harrison, Crystal Henderson, Shae Hogan, Cole Howe, Joshua Hulsey, Katelynn Hurrell, Dakotah Hutchins, Bridget Ingham, Lucas Jobes, Cameron Jones, Faith Jones, Josie Jordan, Vesta Kangethe, Colby Kimbrough, Chloe Konwinski, Cierra Kosilla, Brayden Land, Annie Le, Bailee Lewis, Walker Lutes, Natasha Mabin, Kateri Mace-Canterbury, Alexis Maturino, Dakota McCash, Christopher Moffett, Alexandra Monasco, Chloe Moore, Unique Moore, Desirae Olaski, Jessica Pal, Brooke Parker, Benjamin Perkins, Nikqueta Reno, Thomas Reynolds, Madison Riddle, Taylor Robinson, Miranda Roche, Othellis Roper, Grace Roush, Lydia Routledge, Abigail Russell, Camden Sanders, Carissa Scalia, William Schwarzenberger, Sierra Schweitzer, Nicholas Shellenbarger, Cloey Smith, Kerry Stadler, Tyler Stanley, Justine Staten, Victoria Stehm, Alexandra Stelts, Jade Sterken, Taylor Sullivan, Irene Suskey, Logan Swadner, Joseph Thomas, Anastasia Todd, Amy Walser, Jacy Welch, Gage Welton, Dakota West, Michaela West, JeanLuc Wilkins, Andrielle Wilson, Cory Wilson, Pavin Winkle, Keithen Wolf

Seventh Grade- Damian Abrams, Faith Allen, Taran Augustofsky, Jaylon Baert, Maggie Baker, Natal Bay, Taylor Beaver, Anna Blue, David Boynton, Kayla Brockitt, Jonah Caldwell, Adam Cantrell, Mercedes Cardenas, Hannah Carey, Tasha Carey, Harrison Carpenter, Jade Carter, Adam Cavaness, Zachary Cavaness, Darin Clark, Isabella Corp, Michael Crippin, Michael Crouch, Cheyenne Crout, Zachary Cusick, Lorenzo Dailey, Alejandro Del Toro, Jackson Divilbiss, Tristin Emmett, Aubrie England, Ethan Fannan, Daykota Feezell, Madeline Fitchner, Mason Finnell, Haley Forest, Willow Frazier-Crow, Ethan Fredricks, Edward Garcia, Johnathan Gardner, Christopher Geier, Donovan Graham, Keisha Grunden, Mackenzie Gunderson, Desiree Hawkins, Amy Hembree, Abbigail Hendrix, Megan Hickey, Kagan Hoffman, Ethan Holz, Destiny Horine, Kylie Howerton, Caitln Hubbard, Kara Hulsey, Serena Hunt, Kayla Johnson, Joseph Jones, Tristan Kelley, Abigael Killinger, Amy Koch, Ethan Kraner, Darius Lewis, Shyann Long, Elimo Lounis, Cara Marshall, Madison Meinhardt, Christian Montgomery, Kaley Moser, Stella Ndauwa, Jared Neal, Jennifer Nguyen, Dakota Osborn, Solomon Parker, Michael Pearson, April Pickett, Kiah Poulson, Devin Puckett, Joshua Quinn, Abigail Randall, Callah Riff, Molly Ritter, Treyton Rowden, Alexa Ruddick, Miranda Sanders, Bryce Schwarting, Nashya Shiwdin, Jakob Simrell, William Sinclair, Jonathan Sparlin, Aiden Stahl, Casey Stewart, Austen Still, Amelia Street, Annie Strickling, Jamie Sullivan, Donna Tomlinson, David Triplett, James Tupper, Tyler Viles, Breanna Wallace, Taylor Walling, Madeline Webber, Karly Weber, Shelby Welton, Cortlan West, Logan Whitehead, James Willerton, Casandra Williams

Eighth Grade- Zhaneque Adams, Blake Anderson, Zachary Anderson, Bonnie Ardrey, Grant August, Julia Ayala, Cameron Bailey, Cameron Ball, Corey Ball, Dakota Ballard, Whitney Bass, Hailey Benge, Trey Black, Adrianna Bland, Hunter Blanton, Shania Blevins, Evan Blue, Jasiel Botello, Jace Braker, Tamerik Branham, Jayson Brockitt, Payton Burkhart, Chelcee Burton, Jarett Buxton, Alonzo Byers, Destiny Cackley, Reed Campbell, Ricardo Canales, Alexander Capehart, Duane Carpenter, Sriharshini Chitluri, Deonna Cole, Alyx Colson, Frankie Connett, Trevor Conrad, Zach Consier, Taylor Corp, Shana Cover, Jacob Crane, Ethan Crider, Kaylah Dailey, Glenda Dison, Paige Earl, Ailan Eldred, Sevrin Eldred, Jonah Ellman, Happy Ernest, Lynsey Fichtner, Savanah Fields, Zachary Figueroa, Toby Finn, Delshaun Garth, Alexis Gifford, Nalynn Gurley, Aleah Hardee, Tess Harmon, Emily Hart, Rylee Hartwell, Veronica Herron, Gregory High, Whitney Hixon, Karin Hoffman, Hannah Huffman, Riley Ingram, Preston Inmon, Colt Jackson, Megan Jacobs, Jordan Jensen, Cannon Jones, Matthew Jones, Tieshia Jones, Austin Lewis, Chenhui Liu, Melissa Lopez, Bethany Martin, Jeremiah Martin, Madelynn Martin, Anna McCann, Sadie McCash, Tori Merriam, Miranda Murphy, Landon Mynatt, Kyle Nations, Trace Neidholdt, Alexis Nollner, Ashton Parker, Keisha Pennington, Levi Puckett, Corina Rodgers, Megan Rowe, Valerie Royer, Zane Sanchez, Maricela Santillan, Jennifer Schulze, Sarina Shofner, Lauren Smith, Rickelle Stafford, Benjamin Stratton, Madison Stripling, Avery Tanner, Anna Tillman, Kalli VanLoon, Tyree Walker, Erica Ward, Alyvia Warstler, Alec Welch, Hanna West, Carmel Wheeler, Adam White, Ashten Whittington, Denton Williams, Mitchell Woods, Corinne Worley, Theodore Wright, Jesus Zuniga

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magazine sales fundraiser rakes in more than $6,000

More than $6,000 was raised during the first East Middle School magazine sales fundraiser, PTO members were told during a Sept. 30 meeting.

The amount will continue to grow since magazines can still be ordered online.

The meeting also included a discussion on elections for the PTO Board. the introduction of a new e-mail address, and a look at spirit wear that is going to be on sale as a PTO fundraiser.

Principal Mr. Bud Sexson provided a brief overview of the first few weeks of school and upcoming activities.

Practice begins for EMS drama production

Practice began last week for the East Middle School Drama Club production of "Ruby's Magical Christmas."

Play practice will be held 3:45 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

EMS Color Guard to perform at high school game

The newly-created East Middle School Color Guard will perform with the band at halftime of the Joplin High School football game Friday, October 22

North/East football defeats South

The eighth grade football team continues its undefeated season, beating South Middle School recently.

The A team won 21-8 with big plays from Tamerik Branham, great blocking from Cameron Bailey, Cory Ball, Tyler Forrest, Zach Figueroa, Antuan Jackson, Dakota Ballard, and Jarrett Buxton.

The B Team dominated its game in just two quarters, winning 31-0, receiving big plays from Jamie Rhoades, Cory Myers, Jace Braker, Jeremiah Martin, Anthony Grubb, DeVaughn Simmons, Clay Connett, and Jacob Crane. The game ended with a 31-yard field goal by Jamie Rhoades.

Does East Middle School miss TA?

Staff Writer

The second school year at East Middle School is different from the first in that we no longer have TA and have replaced it with Encore.

TA (Teacher Advisory) was held before normal classes from 8:30 to 8:50 a.m., but Encore is held right after fourth hour/lunch period from 12:22 to 12:54 p.m.

Encore is used to provide enrichment activities for students, with some students received guided study in math, communication arts, or reading. In TA, students were able to catch up on homework or read.

There has been much confusion in the beginning of Encore with switching classes.

"Encore will take a while to work out, but in the long run, it will benefit all of our students," eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner said.

Megan Hickey, a seventh grader, disagrees, "Encore is boring and I wish TA was back."

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Free rice project helps students learn, helps feed others

Staff Writer

This week in Mr. Jason Weaver’s encore class, the students participated in a small classroom competition involving school subject questions.

eMINTS teachers are taught how to use Apple Mac computers, and the school provides the classroom with computers for the students to use. Mr. Weaver uses his eMINTS ability to its full potential.

The encore students worked together at, to learn while they feed people. “ is a website that donates rice to poor countries. Every time you choose the correct answer to a question involving math, science, and vocabulary, the website will donate ten grains of rice,” Mr. Weaver explains. Ten grains of rice may not sound like a lot, but every grain counts.

“Our class estimated that it takes one thousand grains of rice to feed one person. So, if they get one hundred questions right, they will have fed one person.” Mr. Weaver tells us.

“It felt pretty good, knowing that you were actually helping people, not just playing games. It was really exciting tallying up the scores,” Michael Crippen tells us.

After tallying the scores, the students of Mr. Weaver’s encore class raised about thirty-nine thousand grains of rice! In this one classroom, these students fed about thirty-nine people. Although there are over two million people that are hungry, the class knows that they made a difference in thirty-nine people’s lives.

For more information, contact Mr. Weaver at East Middle School.

Kylee Tripoli is new orchestra teacher at East


Just graduated from college, Miss Kylee Tripoli is loving her first year of teaching orchestra. She is teaching at East Middle School, South Middle School, and Joplin High School. She loves teaching; she has lots of great friends and amazing students. She says she has never had a bad day at work.

This decorating party was because her room was to boring and she is a very colorful person. Students are adding colorful music notes and other stuff all around her room.

Her students are doing very well, she says. Their first concert is their Halloween/Fall Concert. It will be October 26th at 7 p.m. in the East Middle School auditorium. Their songs will include Harry Potter, Pink Panther, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Miss Tripoli is very excited. She said, “I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’m overjoyed.”

Some of their other concerts will include their winter concert, and two big ones at the end of the year with all of the orchestra students in Joplin Schools. There are only about thirty orchestra students at East Middle.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eighth grade wins spirit competition at first EMS pep rally

Color Guard excels in first performance

“The reason I like color guard is because it’s something different, it’s not a regular thing like band or volleyball,” says co-captain Hanna West. 
Jennifer Schulze says she likes color guard because it’s just plain fun.
Their favorite thing they like about color guard is, says Schulze, “It’s okay if we mess up we can get right back in.” 
West says her favorite part is learning new moves.
Their least favorite part about color guard is the marching and getting hit with the flag.
When they practice they look happy and proud at what they are doing. And nobody can wait until they perform at East Middle School’s first pep rally Thursday, September 23rd. Members of color guard are listed below.
7th grade Alize Iverson, Keisha Grunden, Bonnie Johnson, Kayla Johnson, Cara Marshall, Kelly Parker, Madeline Webber, Katelynne Yonkers, and 8th grade Shana Cover, Tyauna Robinson, Jennifer Schulze, Hanna West, and Ashlee Youngblood have all very much enjoyed the first year of East Middle School color guard, coached by Ms. Lara Stamper.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eighth grade A game underway

The East A volleyball team has fallen behind Carl Junction in the early going. The photos were taken by Denton Williams:

8th B loses to Carl Junction

The Joplin East Middle School eighth grade B team lost its home opener to Carl Junction 25-10, 25-6.

Photos from home volleyball opener

The East Middle School seventh and eighth grade B volleyball teams lost their home openers this evening.
(Photos by Denton Williams)

Video from 7th grade volleyball game

We're live-blogging the home volleyball opener

Welcome to the first East Middle School Journalism live-blogging event for the 2010-2011 school year. The seventh grade B team has fallen behind 12-5 while the eighth grade team is trailing 13-2.

We will have photos, videos, and stories throughout the evening.

Monday, September 20, 2010

East volleyball falls to Carthage

Staff Writer

The East Middle School eighth grade volleyball team lost in three games to Carthage Tuesday night.

After splitting the first two games, East began the tiebreaker with two consecutive serve points for Hannah Huffman. The Eagles also received a point from a Madison Stripling spike and another point from Paige Earl before falling to the Tigers.

Project Eagle begins today

Project Eagle, a new behavioral incentive plan which also stresses volunteerism, and participation and support in school activities, begins today at East Middle School.

Eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner explained the program to students during an assembly Friday:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ACUITY tests scheduled for today through Thursday

The first of seven ACUITY tests will be held today at East.

Eighth graders will take their tests, with seventh graders testing Wednesday and sixth graders Tuesday. All tests will be done on computers this year.

Photos provided for 9-11 performance

A tribute to those 
who died on 9-11

Photos by Jessica Crabb

The following photos were taken in the East Middle School Auditorium Thursday, September 8, 2010, during the drama classes' 9-11 tribute.

EMS volleyball falls in opener at North

Staff Writer

The East Middle School eighth grade volleyball team opened its season with a pair of losses at North Thursday night.

The A team lost 25-8, 25-5, while the B team fell 25-10, 20-5.

The seventh and eighth grade teams will be in action tonight at Carthage and will play at College Heights Thursday. The first home match is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 21, against Carl Junction.

(Photos by Valerie Royer)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Drama students offer inspirational tribute to 9-11 victims

Staff Writer

In honor of those who died in the tragedy that occurred Sept. 11, 2001, East Middle School drama students held a performance Thursday, Sept. 8.

Under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper, the students put on footage of 9-11 and a reenactment of what some of the people might have gone through that day.

The audience was impressed and emotional and the teachers were proud of the respect the students showed.

"The reason we do these performances," Ms. Stamper said, "is so we don't forget. We shouldn't forget all the great volunteers and people who risked their lives to save people they'd never met."

Ms. Stamper also told students about a program the school is doing where it will "adopt" troops in Iraq. The students will start by sending letters to the troops.

(Video by Rylee Hartwell)

First deadline for EMS fundraiser is Friday

The first of three deadlines for our magazine sales fundraiser is Friday. Prizes will be given to top salespeople from all three grades.

(Photos- Top, Seventh grade math teacher Miss Areke Worku shows how the money machine operates. A trip to the machine will be one of the prizes students can win by selling magazines. Bottom, EMS Principal Mr. Bud Sexson explains the fundraiser during the assembly Friday, Sept. 3.)

Journalism Club begins for 2010-2011 school year

The first East Middle School Journalism Club meeting was held Thursday, Sept. 2, in Mrs. Angel Mense's classroom. Students began by learning some of the basics of journalism and were given the opportunity to write an article about the first meeting. Two of those articles are featured below:

Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to write for a newspaper? Here is your chance. Journalism Club is run by Mr. Randy Turner and Mrs. Angel Mense. It meets every Thursday after school until 4:30 p.m. in Mrs. Mense's room, Room 205.

Journalism Club has been offered for seven years .

We expose what is going on at the school, inform our readers about events and help build pride in our school. Even if you don't want to be in journalism, you can check out our website, East Middle School Roundabout at www.room210news.

Staff Writer

On Thursday, Sept. 2, East Middle School held its first Journalism Club meeting of the 2010-2011 school year in Mrs. Angel Mense's room. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Mense and Mr. Randy Turner.

The club will meet every Thursday after school. Journalism Club lets others know what is going on at the school, while teaching students the basics of journalism.

While at first Mrs. Mense, Mr. Turner and eighth grader Valerie Royer will handle assigning the articles, later the assignments will be almost completely made by the students.

First Quiz Bowl meeting held

Staff Writer

The first East Middle School Quiz Bowl meeting was held Wednesday, Sept 1. Though it was a dark and rainy day, that did not keep students from thinking. Nineteen showed up, including returning eighth grade veterans Rylee Hartwell, Hannah Huffman, Valerie Royer, Evan Blue, and Alexis Gifford.

For those East Middle School seventh and eighth graders who want to participate, but could not show up for the first meeting, Quiz Bowl sessions are held Wednesdays after school in Mr. Randy Turner's room, Room 313. For those who are involved in other activities on Wednesdays and are unable to make it, practices will also be held Friday mornings at 7:45 a.m. in Mr. Turner's room.

Magazine sales fundraiser begins at East

Staff Writer

East Middle School is having its first fundraiser of the new school year.

Students are selling many items, including magazine subscriptions and renewals, and gifts. The fundraiser's motto,TTIN (The Time is Now), is particularly appropriate for the Sept. 4-Sept. 6 weekend. Many out-of-town family members might be seen and students will have more sales opportunities.

The order forms are due in three weeks. Principal Mr. Bud Sexson says that he prefers this fundraiser and has used it in the past.

Items from the fundraiser can be ordered online, through sellers and through coupon books, which are explained in the students' packets. Students were told to be safe and only sell to people that they know.

Prizes that top sellers may win were shown to students during the kickoff assembly Friday, Sept. 3.

(Video by Alexis Gifford)

Friday, August 27, 2010

PTO holds first meeting of 2010-2011 school year

The Joplin East Middle School PTO held its first meeting of the 2010-2011 school year Thursday night in the library.

Principal Mr. Bud Sexson gave an update on the opening of school, the district's Bright Futures program, the clothes closet, the school newsletter, the upcoming magazine drive, the new PBS (Positive Behavior Support) program, and the Encore program.

PTO President Mrs. Lucretia Huffman conducted the meeting. Meetings will be held 5:45 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the library.

East Middle School PBS works on improving lunch room behavior

As part of East Middle School's PBS (Positive Behavior Support) program, drama teacher Ms. Lara Stamper presents a lesson during the first week of school on proper lunch room behavior:

Cheerleading squad prepares for busy year

Volleyball team prepares for first match

Friday, August 20, 2010

Football practice underway

2010-2011 school year begins at East

The first day of classes for the 2010-2011 school year was held Wednesday at East Middle School. For most of the first day, students learned teachers' rules and classroom procedures. The first full week of school begins Monday.

Large crowd attends EMS Open House

Parents and students filled the halls of East Middle School Tuesday night for Open House.

Students were able to pick up their schedules and parents met with teachers to find out what supplies their children would need and what would be taking place in their classes.

Friday, June 04, 2010

More videos from the Talent Show

In the accompanying videos, eighth grade history teacher Mr. Rocky Biggers and eighth graders Cayley Hardison, Kenya Schmidt, and Mackenzie Shamblin perform during the talent show Friday, May 28.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Job Fair held at East Middle School

East Middle School eighth graders had an opportunity to learn about various occupations during a job fair May 5.

Fifth and sixth hour classes were canceled and the students went to 20-minute sessions with representatives from three job. The placement of the students was based on forms they filled out earlier in the year.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Citizens of the Year named during Awards Assembly


Citizen of the Year awards were presented during the Awards Assembly Friday, May 28, in the auditorium.

Those receiving were the awards were sixth graders Logan Whitehead and Justin Shyker; seventh graders Ashley Youngblood and Ethan Crider, and eighth graders Haleigh Hawkins and Oswaldo Gomez.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reception held for Jean Williams

Longtime East Middle School secretary Jean Williams, who is retiring, was honored with a reception following the close of school Friday, May 28.

Goodbye, Mr. Mitchell

Staff Writer

Our dear beloved principal, Mr. Ron Mitchell is leaving to become principal at Lamar High School.

The times we have had with our principal will never be forgotten. He puts a smile on all of our faces and he will do the same thing at Lamar. It all started when he decided to become a principal.

As a teacher he was able to reach 25 students, but as a principal, he gets to educate all students.

He has been our principal, first at South, then at East, for nine years. and we have had so many memorable times, especially the reading promotions. He has dressed like a cheerleader, danced to "Thriller," had his legs waxed and his head buffed, and this year, dressed in a pink gown with a blonde wig, all to encourage students to read books.

We will all miss Mr. Mitchell, but we wish him happiness and good luck in Lamar.

(Photo: Mr. Mitchell with Mrs. Jean Williams and Ms. Sue Macy at a surprise celebration at El Charro's Friday, May 21. The accompanying videos are from the same event.)

Drama class performs at talent show

Teachers win annual competition with quiz bowl team

The teachers' team pulled away in the second half to defeat the seventh and eighth grade quiz bowl team during an assembly Wednesday in the school auditorium.

The teacher team included Mr. Rocky Biggers, Mrs. Angel Mense, Mr. Mike Wallace, Mr. Brian Neugebauer, Ms. Areke Worku, and Mr. Jarrett Cook.

Playing for the quiz bowl team were Drew Cox, Laela Zaidi, Jaired Collins, Celeste Graves, Megan Walls, Kenya Schmidt, Rylee Hartwick, Evan Blue, Hannah Huffman, Alexis White, and Alexis Gifford.

In the preliminary match a different group of teachers defeated the sixth grade quiz bowl team.

Taryn Parker performs during Talent Show

Jordyn Ganes rocks the show

Communication arts, writing, journalism awards presented

Awards for top students in communication arts, writing, quiz bowl, and journalism were presented by Mr. Randy Turner during the Talent Show/Awards Assembly Friday at East Middle School:

Top Communication Arts students- Cayley Hardison, Ian O'Flaherty
Top Writers- Chanci McGowen, Katey Rhodes, Nicole Walker
Top Researchers- Celeste Graves, Taryn Parker, Adison Wright
Most Improved Writer- Mikayela Richey
Outstanding Achievement in Quiz Bowl- Drew Cox
Outstanding Achievement in Journalism Club- Laela Zaidi
Outstanding Achievement in Writing- Madeline Webber

Courtney Huggins presented Mr. Ron Mitchell with the Inspirational Principal award, while Taryn Parker presented Mrs. Kim Frencken with the Most Inspirational Teacher Award.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Neugebauer, Weaver make bid for stardom in teacher skit

The annual teacher skit/dance was a highlight of the Talent Show/Awards Assembly today with star-marking turns by eighth grade math teacher Mr. Brian Neugabauer and seventh grade reading teacher Mrs. Linda Weaver.

(Video work and information provided for Talent Show/Awards Assembly by Jaired Collins, Celeste Graves, and Laela Zaidi)

Kim Frencken named most inspirational teacher

Sixth grade block teacher Mrs. Kim Frencken was named Most Inspirational Teacher at East Middle School during the Awards Assembly/Talent Show today. The award was presented by her former student, eighth grader Taryn Parker, who wrote the paper nominating Mrs. Frencken for the honor.

Mrs. Frencken is the first teacher at East Middle School to receive the honor, which began three years ago at the old South Middle School. Previous winners at South were Mr. Rocky Biggers, Ms. Kathy Weaver, and Ms. Debbie Moore.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drama class puts on final production

The drama class, under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper, put on its final performance of the 2009-2010 school year Monday during seventh hour.

The production, "Snow Yellow" was a parody on the famous fairy tale.

Eighth graders tour Joplin High School

East Middle School eighth graders had a small dose of the future today as they toured Joplin High School. Four buses took the students there following first hour. After a performance from a rock band that included South Middle School alumni Chase Cox and Colby Ritter, both of whom graduated from JHS Sunday, the students had an opportunity to meet with representatives of various high school organizations, and then ate lunch in the cafeteria, before returning to East in time for fourth hour.