Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Lean on Me" will be theme for Color Guard, Band

Staff Writer

This year East Middle School Color Guard will be in four parades. They are the MSSU Homecoming, Maple Leaf Parade, Veterans Day Parade, and Christmas Parade.

The people who are in color guard this year are:

Annie Lee, Bonnie Johnson, Breanna Good, Carissa Scalia, Emmalea Dailey, Jade Sterkin, Keisha Grunden, Katelynne Yonkers, Lizzy Fowler, Marlee Lake, Michaela Brewerm Samantha Dorsey

Ms. Lara Stamper would like to thank the people who was very nice to give them new flags for this year. The song for this year is “Lean on Me.“

Band Director Mr. Nicholas Moore thought it was a fitting for this year.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Communication arts students to write book about first year at new East, Joplin Tornado

Staff Writer

East Middle School communication arts teachers Mr. Randy Turner, Mrs. Angel Mense, and Mrs. Nina English and their students are doing a big project this year.

Mr. Turner, eighth grade writing teacher said, “Our students will be writing a book about the first year at our new East Middle School since the tornado forced us to move to a warehouse."

Students will also write about their tornado experiences. The book will be published some time next summer.

Plans are also being made to make a movie about the first year at East Middle School.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brooke Parker, former East students, featured in article

East Middle School student Brooke Parker and former East students DeVaughan Simmons and Bonnie Ardrey are featured in an article posted today on the St. Louis Jewish Light website:

Twelve-year-old Brooke Parker is one of many Joplin teenagers left without a place to go this semester. Her school, East Middle School, lost both its gym and roof. Its building is not structurally capable for the upcoming school year, so for now, Brooke attends seventh grade in a warehouse.

"I [didn't] know what to expect, especially with gym and choir and extracurricular activities," Brooke said.

While East Middle School suffered extreme damage, Joplin High School was destroyed completely. Bonnie Ardrey and DiVaughn Simmons, both 14-year-old freshmen, were eager to start high school there. But because of the deadly tornado, they now go to Memorial Middle School instead.

"I was excited to go to the new high school, but [now I'm] bummed about going back to middle school. I wanted to experience what my other family [members] did but I'm not going to be able to now," Bonnie said.

DiVaughn may not go to school in Joplin at all. His family is considering moving to Summer Creek, Texas, but no decision has been made.

Though DiVaughn's example is extreme, it is not uncommon for Joplin students to move where schools will better meet their needs.

"Most of my friends are moving to another school district," Bonnie said.