Thursday, September 09, 2010

Magazine sales fundraiser begins at East

Staff Writer

East Middle School is having its first fundraiser of the new school year.

Students are selling many items, including magazine subscriptions and renewals, and gifts. The fundraiser's motto,TTIN (The Time is Now), is particularly appropriate for the Sept. 4-Sept. 6 weekend. Many out-of-town family members might be seen and students will have more sales opportunities.

The order forms are due in three weeks. Principal Mr. Bud Sexson says that he prefers this fundraiser and has used it in the past.

Items from the fundraiser can be ordered online, through sellers and through coupon books, which are explained in the students' packets. Students were told to be safe and only sell to people that they know.

Prizes that top sellers may win were shown to students during the kickoff assembly Friday, Sept. 3.

(Video by Alexis Gifford)

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