Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eighth grader performs with All America cheer team


(East Middle School eighth grade cheerleader Riley Ingram took her sport to an entirely different level over the Thanksgiving break, performing with the All American Cheer Squad at Houston, Texas.)

My trip to Houston, Texas, on Thanksgiving was made possible in June when I was at a UCA cheer camp with my school team. We learned a dance and a cheer and if we did them well, we could try out for All American Cheerleader. A lot of people tried out, but only six could make it.

Six people tried out at a time. Five students from South and I made it. In September, we had a pancake feed to raise money. We made $200 each. Three of us, Hailey Radcliff, Abby Vanormin and I ended up going. We stayed at the J. W. Marriott in Houston and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.

We drove up on Monday. On Tuesday, Hailey and I went to Galveston, Texas, to the beach and swam in the ocean. On Wednesday, all of the All American Cheerleaders got to to go to the NASA Space Center.

On our way, we rode in buses with motorcycle policemen stopping traffic so we could get through. They were always with us whenever we went somewhere.

When we reached NASA, there was all kinds of neat stuff and half of the time a camera guy was following Hailey and me around the exhibits.

After that, they took us to the Galleria Mall and we had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and shopped for a while.

That night, we went to a Texas hoedown to eat and dance, then we practiced marching.

On Thursday, we got up early in the morning and marched in the parade. It was really hot outside and we had to wear turtlenecks. When we performed for the first time, Hailey and I got to be on TV. We did the routine a couple more times then returned to the hotel. That night, we watched fireworks from our hotel windows.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and went home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Choir Concert a success

 The East Middle School Concert Choir, Sixth Grade Choir and JEMS Show Choir put on an enjoyable program tonight in the auditorium.

The choirs, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers, will entertain the student body during a seventh hour assembly Wednesday.

For information on choir members and the songs they performed, follow this link.

Cold Case Squad looks into civil rights era murders

Students in Mr. Randy Turner's guided study class have been combining work on non-ficiton reading with exploring the mysteries of the recent past.

The group, informally known as the Cold Case Squad, has been researching the history of the American civil rights movement, including numerous murders that took place during that era, and have been attempting to contact some of those who were involved in history.

Among others, the eighth graders have written to Myrlie Evers, widow of murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Ruby Bridges, Julian Bond, Simeon Wright, the cousin of murder victim Emmett Till, and Bobby DeLaughter, the prosecutor who brought Medgar Evers' killer to justice. Though the guided study wraps up Thursday, these students will continue their work in Mr. Turner's communication arts classes during the third quarter during the annual Civil Rights project.

This is not the first time East Middle School students have contacted people involved in the civil rights movement, Mr. Turner said. "Last year, three of our students were able to get interviews. Taryn Parker and Adison Wright interviewed Rita Schwerner, the widow of a murdered civil rights worker, and Celeste Graves interviewed a member of the Little Rock Nine.

(Photo: Members of the Cold Case Squad shown are, from left: Alexis Gifford, Tess Harmon, Makaila Curnette, Nathan Howerton, Isaiah Whitehead, Roni Herron, and Valerie Royer. Now shown- Evan Blue, Julia Ayala, Melissa Lopez, Savanah Fields)

Drama Department stages "Ruby's Magical Christmas"

Staff Writer

The long hard work put in by students in the East Middle School Drama Department paid off Friday, December 10, as they performed the play "Ruby's Magical Christmas."

A matinee performance was held for the students, with an evening performance for parents.

 Sarina Shofner played the role of Ruby, the main protagonist in the play, who is the daughter of Dorothy, the well-known character who visited Oz. Shyann Long played Tori, Ruby’s little sister.

    The two sisters are living in the streets along with two other homeless people, one of them being our own Mr. Brian Neugebauer, who played the obviously intoxicated man who searches for the two little girls and was most definitely a crowd favorite with the students.

    One night, Ruby is looking through the trash and spots something shiny nearby- a lamp. She rubs the lamp and a genie appears, played by Avery Tanner, and says she will grant her one wish. But to earn this wish, she must tell the genie what the true meaning of Christmas spirit is. The genie sends her to Oz to discover what Christmas spirit really is.

    This play went very well, and the applause afterward seems to indicate the students thought so as well. If there is to be another play that will be directed by Ms. Cox in the future, most people will definitely look forward to it. Also, special thanks to Maricela Santillan for help with the make-up.

(Photos by Jordan Jensen) (Videos by Alexis Gifford)

Color Guard closes 2010 with party

 East Middle School's first-ever Color Guard squad celebrated the end of the first semester Thursday, December 8, with a Christmas party.

(Photos by Alexis Gifford)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Ruby's Magical Christmas" set for Friday

The East Middle School drama presentation of "Ruby's Magical Christmas" will be held 6 p.m. Friday, December 10, in the auditorium. A matinee performance is scheduled for 1:45 p.m. for the student body. The production is under the direction of Ms. Cosetta Cox.

Cast members are listed below:

Sarina Shofner, Brian Neugebauer, Cierra Kosilla, Nick Shellenbarger, Hannah Huffman, Summer Jacobs, Miranda Murphy, Grace Roush, Kerry Stadler, Desiree Hawkins, Keithen Wolf, Sierra Schweitzer, Avery Tanner, Amy Koch, Donna Tomlinson, Cassandra Williams, Cole Burns, Valerie Royer, Anna McCann, Marcus Garrison, Andrew Keller, Jessica Crabb, Paige Earl, Grace Roush, Whitney Bass, Vesta Kangethe, Adam White, Madeline Fichtner, Kerry Stadler, Shyann Long.

Vocal concert set for Tuesday, December 14

The East Middle School Vocal Department concert, "Sing We Now of Christmas," will be held 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 14, in the auditorium.

The program will begin with the Sixth Grade Choir singing "Sing We Now of Christmas," "A La Nanita Nana, with soloists Audrey Hampton and Alexandra Monasco, "Rise Up Shepherd," "Little Star," and "Please, Let it Snow."

The Concert Choir will perform "Sing Gloria, Sing Nowell!" "Silent and Still," "Glory to the Lambs" with soloists Amelia Street and Ethan Fannan; "Through Winter's Window, Angels Singin' Glory!' "O Holy Night with soloists Avery Tanner and Sariya Jones, "The Drum Carol," and "Eight Little Reindeer."

The JEMS Show Choir will finish the evening with "Santa Baby," featuring soloist Annie Strickling, and "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me."

Sixth Grade Choir- Cassi Anderson, Carly Ball, Lisa Boykin, Angel Capehart, Cheyenne Cavener, Razija Colic, Korbin Copher, Nichole Cox, Chayton Crout, Emmalea Dailey, Alley Genser, Audrey Hampton, Caeli Johnson, Vesta Kangethe, Makayla Keene, Mira Lee, Kateri Mace-Canterbury, Alex Monasco, Desirae Orlaski, Brooke Parker, Megain Ridenour, Lydia Routledge, Abigail Russell, Anthony Salcedo, Sierra Schweitzer, Cloey Smith, Kieanna Smith, Victoria Stehm, Alexandra Stelts, Michaela West, and Kaitlin Wilcox.

Concert Choir- Bonnie Ardrey, Maggie Baker, Connor Barnett, Leslie Behrle, Megan Belnap, Shania Blevins, Anna Blue, Jennifer Brewer, Chelcee Burton, Alex Capehart, Jade Carter, Deonna Cole, Michael Crippen, Makaila Curnette, Melissa Danner, Ethan Fannan, Mason Finnell, Alexis Gifford, Ashlie Green, Ace Grimm, Renae Gulley, Theressa Hailey, Aleah Hardee, Abbi Hendrix, Shana High, Ethan Holz, Destiny Horine, Kylie Howerton, Riley Ingram, Alize Iverson, Jordan Jensen, Sariya Jones, Aleaha Keene, Amy Koch, Janet Lopez, Ashley Mansour, Bethany Martin, Kailey Moser, Adrienne Myers, Alex Nguyen, Renee Oviedo, Cortnee Pippin, Kiah Poulson, Jillian Rentfro, Faith Reynolds, Megan Rowe, Nashya Shiwdin, Mecala Showalter, Annie Strickling, Miranda Sanders, Rickelle Stafford, Savannah Stewart, Amelia Street, Madison Stripling, Jamie Sullivan, Misha Tankersley, Avery Tanner, Autumn Tate, Kalli VanLoon, Karly Weber, Alyssa Wescoat, Azia Wheatley, Logan Whitehead, Ashten Whittington, and L. T. Wright.

JEMS- Maggie Baker, Anna Blue, Deonna Cole, Ashlie Green, Abbi Hendrix, Destiny Horine, Kylie Howerton, Riley Ingram, Alize Iverson, Bethany Martin, Kaley Moser, Adrienne Myers, Renee Oviedo, Kiah Poulson, Faith Reynolds, Annie Strickling, Miranda Sanders, Rickelle Stafford, Amelia Street, Avery Tanner, Alyssa Wescoat, Azia Wheatley, Logan Whitehead.

Ms. Kelly Musick is the accompanist.

The program is under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Penny Wars begin

Staff Writer

East Middle School is certainly in the holiday spirit!

 EMS students use their competitive nature for good this holiday season in the penny wars. In front of the office are buckets for each grade. Students in each grade are encouraged to put pennies into their own jars. Each penny equals a point. Students are to put any silver coins or bills into the other grades’ buckets, which will take points away. The money will also be spent on a very good cause. The money taken away from the penny wars will be given to the student council.

During a school day, council members will go out and spend all the money on toys to give to children who have little or no money for Christmas presents this year. This is one instance where a competitive edge will go to a good cause.