Wednesday, April 26, 2006

R-8 patrons to be asked about middle school solutions

Joplin R-8 residents will be surveyed in the near future about potential solutions for the problem of aging, outdated middle school buildings, including South. Find out more in this Joplin Daily article.

May 3 deadline set for short story contest

Room 210 Staff Writer

The third annual South Middle School Short Story contest is currently being held. All students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are eligible to enter.
Topics can be about anything: slice of life, fantasy, science fiction, etc.
Mr. Randy Turner is the organizer of the contest, which is under the direction of South Middle School's Writing Improvement Committee, which consists of Mrs. Angela Mense, Mrs. Gala Moss, and Mr. Turner. The contest will be judged by high school students who won the contest in past years.
To enter write a short story and bring it to Mr. Turner’s classroom (Room 210) by the end of the school day Wednesday, May 3.
The story has to be original and fiction. There are no length requirements, but if it is too long, it will push the judges' patience, Mr. Turner said.
And yes, there will be cash prizes!!! The first place winner receives $15, second place $10, third place $5, fourth place $3, fifth place $2 and sixth through 20th places receive one dollar apiece. The writer of the top story in each grade is guaranteed to win at least $10.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Smith elected to District Key Club post

Joplin High School freshman Skye Smith, a former South student, was recently elected lieutenant governor for District 7 at the Missouri Key Club Convention in Jefferson City.
Miss Smith is the first Joplin student to hold a post in nearly a decade. Schools in the Seventh District include Joplin, Monett, Neosho, Springfield Hillcrest, and Springfield Parkview.

Seventh grader ready to work for Student Council

Room 210 Staff Writer

Seventh graders at South Middle School elected a student who is ready to do her part to help this school when they chose Savanah Sweeton for Student Council this week.
"Being on student council definitely helps with your social skills," Savanah said. "You are known to many people and that helps you bond with other students and learn to be friends with them."
This will not be Savanah's first experience with student government. "I was on student council when I was in elementary school, but this is the first time in middle school. I think this time will be different because I'm not in elementary anymore; we don't sell candy every morning like we did at Irving. South student council cleans the school, and helps other businesses with whatever they need help with and that's very contributional to the society."
Savanah has some particular ideas about what she would like to see Student Council do during the 2006-2007 school year. "I think we need a new way to get fit. I saw in the Joplin School's newspaper something about Memorial finding ways for kids to get fit by doing Dance, Dance Revolution. That's something that kids definitely enjoy and that everyone would participate in and get a good workout from. That also helps with the growing factor of adolescent obesity."

Friday, April 21, 2006

Students rewarded for hard work on MAP tests

SMS students received a little free time on the playground this afternoon as a reward for their hard work on the annual MAP tests. Eighth graders stayed outside from 1:15 to 1:45, seventh graders from 1:45 to 2:15, and sixth graders from 2:15 to 2:45 p.m. Each student received a can of pop and a candy bar.
Students completed MAP testing Wednesday.

Band members to perform at Worlds of Fun

The South Middle School Band, under the direction of Mr. Reed Barnes, will perform in a competition at Worlds of Fun Saturday, April 22. More information will be featured later on this website.

Library Advisory Board members named

The following 6th grade students have been selected to serve on the Library Advisory Board for the 2006-2007 school year, according to Mrs. Bonnie Turner, librarian:
Shawn Spicer, Richie Lyons, Gareth Evans, Jordan Hamilton, Kaleb Szulakiewicz, Brandon Holman, Shane Ellis, Brittany Frisbie,
Shalea Purdy, Bayley Strella, Lauren Layne, Molly Baker, Alexandria Deer, and Chloe Potts

Hamm chosen for St. Louis University Math, Science, honor

Former South Middle School student Lindsey Hamm has been selected to attend the Saint Louis University Mathematics and Science Regional Center this summer. While at the University she will take academically challenging classes while living on the college campus.
Before returning to Joplin High school, she will tour Boston MA on a social and cultural trip. All expenses for the trip and the schooling will be paid.
Lindsey is the daughter of Bob & Mary Hamm, Joplin. She is a sophomore at Joplin High School.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Seventh graders take reading tests

Room 210 Staff Writer

Seventh graders are currently taking the Gates MacGinitie test.
"The test is important because it’s a method of determining comprehension and vocabulary reading levels for students" says Mrs. Linda Weaver. "It will also give the students their combined reading level because students should monitor how well they read and should continue to check their reading progress as they advance each grade level through their academic career.
"Students need this information because many newspapers are written in fifth grade reading level, but students are required to read textbooks that are written at their actual grade level," Mrs. Weaver said.
"The Gates MacGinitie test is also important because it determines a student’s reading level. Another important feature of the test is that it allows students to chart their reading level and they need to identify where they are in reading skills and set annual goals to achieve," said Mrs. Weaver. She also says that the data the administrators gather helps to determine which students can benefit from summer school and other special reading programs offered by the district.

Student Council members elected

Room 210 Staff Writer

Student Council members for the 2006-2007 school year were elected today during TA.
In sixth grade the following students were elected for next year's student council: Amie Howard, and Nicole Yeoman
Savanah Sweeton will represent the seventh graders next year.
The following eighth graders will represent the freshman class at Joplin High School: Lauren Bynum, Garrett Dowell, and Brock Hunter.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ingram, Biggers profiled in Joplin Daily

The Joplin Daily has turned its spotlight on eighth grader Tilly Ingram and eighth grade social studies teacher Mr. Rocky Biggers.

Frencken, Russell to serve on principal interview panel

South Middle School teachers selected Mrs. Kim Frencken, sixth grade block teacher; and Mr. Mark Russell, sixth grade science teacher, to participate in interviews with candidates for assistant principal positions at South and Memorial middle schools.
The interviews are scheduled for Thursday, April 27, at the District Administration Building. South Middle School Assistant Principal Dr. Jenifer Cryer is leaving the school at the end of this year to take a position as principal at Neosho Junior High School.

Navarre wins SMS Essay Contest

Eighth grader Fox Navarre's essay on the effect drunk driving has had on her life, was the winning entry in the third annual South Middle School Essay Contest. The winners were chosen this week by a three-member panel of past contest winners.
The remainder of the top 10, were: 2. Jessica Cashion, 3. defending champion Doug Pumphrey, 4. Michelle Holden, 5. Mackenszee Roberts, 6. Savanah Sweeton, 7. Corey Hounschell, 8. Zoe Mowry, 9. Vone' Britt and 10. Mayra Castaneda.
Miss Navarre will receive $15, Miss Cashion $10, Pumphrey $5, Miss Holden $3, Miss Roberts $2, Miss Sweeton $10 as the top seventh grade entrant; Hounschell $1, Miss Mowry $1, Miss Britt $1, and Miss Castaneda $1.
Miss Navarre's winning entry is printed below. That essay and the other nine finalists can be found at the original Room 210 website.


Have you ever looked back on memories of your childhood and finally realized what your parents were talking about; what you didn't understand then? It clicks in your mind and you think, "Oh, that's what they meant!" Most memories like these are fond to most people, but as I think back on my eight or nine-year-old self, the recollections aren't exactly full of sunshine and smiles.
It was during the summer that Allen, one of my father's employees, came to him asking for a place to stay when his mother had kicked him out. I remember being angry at his mother for being so cruel. It never occurred to me, then, that maybe there was a reason for it. In my eyes was a young man, wounded by a horrible parent, not a drunken 22-year-old working for my father, a restaurant manager. Naive as I was, I was open and eager to the possibility of adding a member to our family. I was even a bit depressed when they said he'd only stay for a week or two until he could get back on his feet. They graciously allowed him into our home.
Now that I sit and think about it, I quite clearly remember disliking him with a passion after the first week. He was a slob and having to share my bathroom with him, I found this out immediately. He was impersonal, indifferent and I never saw him out of his room or in the house at all for that matter. On the rare occasions that I did he was drinking a beer or eating our cereal. I was angry over the cereal, my fondest breakfast food at the time. I wished he was gone every day he was there. Those days grew into weeks and into months and every day I complained and whined. My parents used to think that I was extremely messy, but I was the neatest person in the world compared to him. I wanted him gone. Seven or eight months passed before the incident that scarred me...left haunting images pressed into my mind to this very day. It was yet another thing for me to blame on myself.
I'd had a bad dream one night nearing Christmas break and was asleep between my parents in their bed when the phone rang. My mother's movement was what woke me up but it was the phone ringing that caused me to stay alert. It's a habit of mine to listen in on conversations, or the side of it that I can hear.
I didn't know what had happened, but I'd managed to get back to bed, and snuggle against my father by the time Mom came back in to wake him.
"Allen's dead." The words were too much for me to handle. I wanted him gone, not dead. I wished him to leave our home, not his life. I cried. I remember the long drawn out sobs as the words repeated in my mind. "Allen's dead."
Allen had borrowed my dad's white truck (all the better to see the blood) claiming that he was going to visit his grandfather in the hospital. He had liked. He somehow managed to cram seven other people into a five-person cab of the truck, one of whom was a pregnant female. He had a lot to drink that night and passed out at the wheel. The truck swerved and slammed against the median where it slid along before spinning out into the middle of the road. By the time it was over, Allen was no longer in the truck. The seven others were unharmed other than a few scratches from the broken glass.
I didn't know the details of Allen's physical appearance afterward until I sat my mother down one day and said, "It can't be bad. It's not like his head came off." My mother had to regretfully inform me that it did, and so did his left arm, which had been hanging out of the window as he drove. This information is probably why I cringe every time my father rests his arm out of our open window when we travel. I yelled at him once for it. For a year afterward, images of Allen's mangled body and face haunted my dreams and I even developed a fear of closed doors, always amusing myself with thoughts of what was left of Allen hanging just on the other side. All because of a few beers and a set of wheels wrapped in a lie or two.
Before you get in a car with someone who has been drinking, think about a lot of the lives you could affect. I doubt that I was even on the list of who Allen would hurt when he died if he were to create that list. Even the most insignificant person to you cares, even if they want you gone. Care about them, too.

Interviews set for assistant principal position

A panel of administrators and teachers will interview candidates for assistant principal positions at South and Memorial middle schools Thursday, April 27, at the District Administration Building.
Dr. Stephen Doerr, assistant superintendent, told South teachers Tuesday afternoon, the interviewing panel will include two faculty members from both schools, the principals and himself. The faculty representatives will be selected by each school's faculty. The interviews will take the entire day, Dr. Doerr said.
Twenty-five candidates have applied for the positions.
The assistant principal will replace Dr. Jenifer Cryer, who will leave the district to become Neosho Junior High School principal.

MAP testing concludes today

Room 210 Staff Writer

MAP testing is over. All in all, teachers were extremely happy with students' efforts and how they answered the questions. The school even received a visit from the "MAP Police" Thursday, April 13.
The "MAP Police" are really just representatives of the Missouri Board of Education here to make sure that principals and teachers administer the tests correctly and teachers and students don't cheat, according to Mr. Ron Mitchell, South Middle School principal.
"The first week of testing went awesome," Mr. Mitchell said. "Students worked hard and teachers kept students on task."
Mrs. Angela Mense, seventh grade communication arts teacher, said, "I think the students worked very hard and put forth 100 percent effort. I was very impressed with the students' performance on the essay in particular. The spelling section was challenging, but the DOL really paid off. I am confident my students scored really high."
Mrs.Linda Weaver, seventh grade reading teacher, said, "The students put forth 100 percent effort. I think the students struggled with spelling, but they tried their best. They were prepared to explain the constructed response questions and worked diligently to answer the essay. Mrs. St. Clair, who is a representative of the MAP testing, gave our students praise for their dedication and great work effort."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Barnes, McMillen photos on site

The April winner in the contest sponsored by Continental Auto Mall, KSN and the Joplin Globe has been posted on the website, complete with a photo of the winner, Mr. Reed Barnes, South band teacher, the student who nominated him, eighth grader Shelby McMillen, and Shelby's award-winning essay.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Parents given tips for MAP tests

The following tips for parents whose children are taking the MAP tests are taken from the Joplin R-8 School District website:

Joplin students will take Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) exams throughout the next few weeks. High school and middle school students will test during the week of April 10th, and elementary students will test during the weeks of April 17th and April 24th.

During MAP testing, Joplin parents can help students by keeping the following tips in mind:

Reduce your child’s anxieties:

* Remind your child that their class grades are not determined by standardized test scores.
* Let your child know that standardized tests help identify instructional needs.
* Assure your child that no child is expected to know all the answers.
* Explain that test taking is a skill to be developed. Students get better with practice.

Help your child do his or her best:

* Encourage your child to do well without pressuring him/her. It is important for your child to stay relaxed for a test.
* Make sure that your child gets enough sleep on the night before the test.
* Ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast every day.
* Have your child wear comfortable clothing.
* Praise/reward your child for their hard work preparing for a test.

Teachers prepare for MAP testing

South Middle School faculty prepared for the annual MAP tests with meetings before and after school Thursday.
Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, handed out schedules and information.
Students will be tested Tuesday, April 11, Wednesday, April 12, Thursday, April 13, Tuesday, April 20, and Wednesday, April 21.
The students will be rewarded Friday, April 22, by going on the playground and getting a can of pop.

SMS Choir, Show Choir sparkle at NEO

Room 210 Staff Writer
The South Middle School Choir and Show Choir sparkled during the annual NEO Music Festival held Wednesday in Miami, Okla.
Choir members sang numbers they have been working on for three months, receiving a I rating for their performance. First, they sang "Ave Maria," followed by "Glory Bound," with soloist Becca Mascher.
After the choir performed, Southern Belles, the show choir, prepared for its performance. The group started with "Stupid Cupid," with soloist Becca Mascher, then "Rockin" Robin," they they ended with "Girls Night Out," with soloist Lauren Bynum. The group also received a I rating.
Students who attended the festival included:
Soprano- Arlisa Arwood, Shakota Ball, Gina Casada, Beau Carroll, Hannah Doerge, Leah Forkner, Makenzie Freeman, Alexis Hawk, Emily Houston, Jenna Johnson, Breezy Leatherman, Loryn Ligon, Tessa Luper, Becca Mascher, Jessica Myers, Fox Navarre, Kelsey Pace, Cindy Pham, Tymber Pope, Rachel Richins, Hannah Rosario, Mollie Sanders, Kaylee Sexton, Shelby Sullivan, Taylor Tressler, Sammy Warren, Ashley Whittington, Shandera Workman, Katie Wood, Tamara Zajac
Alto- Lauren Bynum, Joanna Cole, Christen Cool, Mikaila Craig, Takada Davis, Racheal Foster, Justene Gowing, Paige Harmon, Christy Hernandez, Jenny Hill, Melody Ketron, Kelley Leach, Roni Leonard, Breanna Martin, Adriana Marturino, Chelsea Moore, Arlena Parks, Abbi Smith, Ashlea Smith, Rochelle Stanley, Shanna Striegel, Kendra Wilson, Jaclyn Wright
Baritone-Cameron Bryan, Aaron Brown, Jacob Gammill, Colten Hawkins, Joe Huddleston, Alex Johnson, Grant Lewis, Alyssa Loyd, Spencer Moss, Dylan Prauser, Jesse Rowe, Matt Smith, Dustin Trebbe, Wes Underwood, Caleb Wheeler
Individual I ratings will be posted on this website at a later date.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Opposition voiced to combining South, North football teams

The Joplin Daily reports that opposition was expressed during a Tuesday night meeting at North Middle School to a proposal to combine South and North's football teams.
The parent who spoke out at the North meeting was the only parent to do so to this point, the article said.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weaver finalist for Golden Apple honors

Room 210 Staff Writer

Mr. Jason Weaver, South Middle School seventh grade social studies teacher, is a finalist for the annual Golden Apple Award, sponsored by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.
"It is a huge honor to me because it came from a student and while teachers and principals tell me I'm doing a good job, it means a lot more to me if a student likes what I am doing," Mr. Weaver said.
He was interviewed by the judges Thursday, March 30. This is the second straight year Mr. Weaver has been a finalist for this award.

Barnes enjoying use of car

Mr. Reed Barnes, SMS band teacher is shown with the car he will be using for the next month after being named the April winner in the My Teacher Rocks contest at He was nominated for the award by eighth grader Shelby McMillen. Room 210 Staff Writer Grace Randolph is working on a story which will be featured later on this website. (Room 210 Photo by Tiana Clemons)

Navarre lands role in Joplin Little Theater production

SMS eighth grader Fox Navarre landed a key role in the Joplin Little Theater production of Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs" following tryouts April 3 and 4.
Miss Navarre will play Laurie, the younger sister of the play's lead character. This is the second theatrical production she has appeared in during this school year. In December, Miss Navarre sang in a production at Stone's Throw Theater in Carthage.

Weaver-Gier engagement announced

Word spread like wildfire through South Middle School faculty today. Mr. Jason Weaver, seventh grade social studies, popped the question to Miss Stephanie Gier, a third grade teacher at Carl Junction. She said yes.
Watch this website for future developments.

Quiz bowl students do well at Neosho

SMS Quiz Bowl teams finished their series of academic challenges March 30 at Neosho Middle School. Two South teams have competed in five challenges this year, communication arts at Carl Junction, science at Lamar, math at Diamond, history at College Heights and general knowledge at Neosho. This is the first year South has competed in the challenge.
The eighth grade team posted a 5-4 record at Neosho, defeating both Carl Junction teams, the number one teams from Diamond and Monett and the South seventh grade team. Eighth graders competing were: Jessica Cashion, Matt Smith, Fox Navarre, Elizabeth Hernandez and Mallory Fuller.
The seventh grade team finished with a 3-6 record, defeating the Carl Junction teams and Monett's number two team. Seventh graders participating were: Dylan Prauser, Arthur Brown, Leif Larson and Steven Williams.
(Top photo- from left, Fox Navarre, Jessica Cashion, Liz Hernandez, Mallory Fuller. Bottom photo- Dylan Prauser, Leif Larson, Kane McCaslin, Steven Williams)

Meeting set to prepare for MAP testing

South Middle School teachers will meet after school Thursday to prepare for MAP tests. The tests are scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 11 and will continue April 12 and 13, then resume Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19.

More SMS yearbooks available

One hundred additional 2005-2006 South Middle School yearbooks are available, according to Ms. Yonika Powell, yearbook sponsor. They will be sold, on a first-come, first served basis.
For more information, see Ms. Powell in Room 108.

Tilly Ingram, Mr. Biggers to be profiled in Joplin Daily

Eighth grader Tilly Ingram and Mr. Rocky Biggers will be profiled this week on More information will be featured later on this website.
(Room 210 photo by Tiana Clemons)

Ten finalists named in SMS Essay Contest

The 10 finalists in the third annual South Middle School Essay Contest have been selected.
Their essays will be judged by high school students who are former essay contest winners. The results will be announced sometime in the next 10 to 14 days, according to Mr. Randy Turner, contest sponsor.
The finalists are: Zoe Mowry, Savanah Sweeton, Corey Hounschell, Fox Navarre, Doug Pumphrey, Michelle Holden, Von'e Britt, MacKenszee Roberts, Jessica Cashion and Mayra Castaneda.

Vocal music students headed to NEO

South Middle School vocal music students will perform at the annual NEO Music Festival today in Miami, Okla.
Those scheduled to perform are:
Soprano- Arlisa Arwood, Shakota Ball, Gina Casada, Beau Carroll, Hannah Doerge, Leah Forkner, Makenzie Freeman, Alexis Hawk, Emily Houston, Jenna Johnson, Breezy Leatherman, Loryn Ligon, Tessa Luper, Becca Mascher, Jessica Myers, Fox Navarre, Kelsey Pace, Cindy Pham, Tymber Pope, Rachel Richins, Hannah Rosario, Mollie Sanders, Kaylee Sexton, Shelby Sullivan, Taylor Tressler, Sammy Warren, Ashley Whittington, Shandera Workman, Katie Wood, Tamara Zajac
Alto- Lauren Bynum, Joanna Cole, Christen Cool, Mikaila Craig, Takada Davis, Racheal Foster, Justene Gowing, Paige Harmon, Christy Hernandez, Jenny Hill, Melody Ketron, Kelley Leach, Roni Leonard, Breanna Martin, Adriana Marturino, Chelsea Moore, Arlena Parks, Abbi Smith, Ashlea Smith, Rochelle Stanley, Shanna Striegel, Kendra Wilson, Jaclyn Wright
Baritone-Cameron Bryan, Aaron Brown, Jacob Gammill, Colten Hawkins, Joe Huddleston, Alex Johnson, Grant Lewis, Alyssa Loyd, Spencer Moss, Dylan Prauser, Jesse Rowe, Matt Smith, Dustin Trebbe, Wes Underwood, Caleb Wheeler

Southern Belles named for 2006-2007

Room 210 Staff Writer

Members of Southern Belles, the South Middle School show choir, have been chosen for the 2006-2007 school year, according to Ms. Julie Yonkers, vocal music teacher.
Those chosen were:
Soprano- Jordana Chambers, Taylor Camden, Hannah Doerge, Sarah Matthews, Cindy Pham, Hannah Rosario, Mollie Sanders, Katie Wood.
Second Soprano- Leah Forkner, Tera Knight, Lauren Layne, Tessa Luper, Tymber Pope, Taylor Tressler, Nichole Yeoman, Jordyn Wright
Alto- Tara Fleming, Christy Hernandez, Teri Mitchell, Amber Morris, Arlena Parks, Mariah Sanders, Shelby Shumaker, Kendra Wilson.
Tryouts were held March 30.

Track season begins at South

Room 210 Staff Writer

The 2006 South Middle School track season has begun with nearly 60 students participating.
Track and field for middle school consists of hurdles, relays from 400 to 1600 meters, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1600 meter run, shot put, discus, long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault. Students can be in four events each meet, as long as one is a field event.
The schedule began March 28 at Carthage, with another meet March 31 at Webb City. The next scheduled meet is Thursday, April 6, at Carthage, followed by April 11 Carl Junction, April 18 Lamar, April 20 Nevada, April 25 Joplin, April 27 McDonald County, and May 1 Webb City.
Seventh graders in track include: Breanna Baker, Austin Bolt, Jarvious Britt, Christen Cool, Rebecca Copper, Makhaila Craig, Candice Curtis, Michael Daugherty, Tiffany Douglas, Fischer Dowell, James Forcum, Devon Freeman, Christy Hernandez, Dusty Hill, Sechelle Jackson, Shaynee Johnson, Ethan Knapps, Kelly Leach, Breanna Martin, Matthew McCoy, James Michael, Casey Schultze, Kaylee Sexton, Dylan Smith, Anthony Woodworth
Eighth graders include: Arlisa Arwood, Maddison Billings, Brandon Box, Billy Braun, Vo'ne Britt, Tiana Clemons, Samantha Cox, Garrett Dowell, Mike Elliott, Jenny Hill, Tyler Hodges, Emily Houston, Tylor Hudson, Brock Hunter, Joshua Hutching, Brenna Jamerson, Alec Lane, Blake Mills, Spencer Moss, Jacob Murdock, Jessica Myers, Hailey Mytrofaniuk, Derek Nolte, Chelsey Osburn, Jacobo Oviedo, Alyssa Park, Dylan Rapp, Colby Ritter, MacKenszee Roberts, Olivia Sherrick, Ashlea Smith, Jeff Taylor, Kellen Taylor, Joey Verhaar, Amanda Welch, Caleb Wheeler, Cody Wheeler, Ashton White, Christian Young and Paige Young.

MAP tests scheduled for next week

Room 210 Staff Writers

MAP tests will take place Tuesday, April 11, through Thursday, April 13, and Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19, at South Middle School. Testing will take place 8:25 to 10:30 a.m. each of those days.
The testing is for sixth through eighth graders. In the past, seventh graders have been tested for communication arts and eighth graders for math. This year, thanks to the federal No Child Left Behind act, which requires all students be tested in math and reading each year, sixth, seventh and eighth graders will take the reading and communication arts tests.

Band students to attend NEO Festival Thursday

SMS Band students, under the direction of Mr. Reed Barnes, will attend the annual NEO Music Festival Thursday in Miami, Okla.
Students scheduled to attend are:
Jordan Adams, Kisha Adams, Dalton Anderson, Breanna Baker, Tyler Beal, Maddison Billings, Austin Bolt, Jar'Vious Britt, Jenny Brock, Zack Cloven, Becky Cooper, Tim Davis, Fischer Dowell, Garrett Dowell, Tate Duley, Zac Dunnic, Brent Eagles, Grant Evans, Cody Gilmore, Tyler Graves, Dakota Hackworth, Ty Hodges, Michelle Holden, Corey Hounschell, Cheyenne Howard, Sierra Hutchinson, Will Kessler, Danielle Kleeman, Leif Larson, Matt Lemieux, Gabby Londe, Jessica Lumpkins, Andrew Mays, Shelby McMillen, Christian Miller, Nathan Morris
Also, Amanda Needham, Lynn Nichols, Lainie Nicolas, Eric O'Hanlon, Allen Peterson, Doug Pumphrey, Sam Quinones, Colby Ritter, Breonna Shockley, Daniel Story, Savannah Sweeton, Jeff Taylor, Kelsey Tippett, Tevin Triplett, Amanda Webster, Ashton White, Mary White

Osborne student teaching at South

Room 210 Staff Writer

Mr. Jacob Osborne, Carthage, a Missouri Southern State University student, is student teaching in Mr. Jason Weaver's seventh grade social studies class at South Middle School.
Student teachers are placed with teachers who have at least three years of classroom experience. While he is teaching, Mr. Osborne has to write weekly papers for Mr. Weaver.
Mr. Osborne decided to go into teaching after taking a cadet teaching class during his senior year at Carthage High School. He went into a classroom and helped with everyday stuff and taught a few lessons.
Mr. Osborne said he hopes to become a counselor. So far, he added, he has enjoyed working with students at South.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CA class completes civil rights project


Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts classes recently completed a research project on the civil rights movement.
The project consisted of a 1,000-word research paper, a multi-media presentation and an oral presentation over events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement.
In the past. Mr. Turner has had his students do the third quarter project over the Holocaust, but since students were researching that in seventh grade, he changed the topic to the Civil Rights Movement last year.
"I hope the students understand the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and how the it has shaped the country that we have today," Mr. Turner said.

(Photo: Amanda Welch, Dylan Rapp and Paige Young answer questions about their topic, the Birmingham Church Bombing, during their oral presentation, part of the third quarter research project in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts classes.

Thirty-two students chosen for English awards

Thirty-two South Middle School eighth graders have been selected for National Merit Awards and inclusion in the annual yearbook published by the United States Achievement Academy Scholarship Foundation.
The school was allowed to send in the names of 16 boys and 16 girls for the honor. Those named were:
Arlisa Arwood, Lauren Bynum, Halie Endicott, Mallory Fuller, Danielle Kleeman, Becca Mascher, Fox Navarre, Sierra Hutchinson, Tamara Zajac, Jessica Cashion, Mayra Castaneda, MacKenszee Roberts, Mary White, Chelsey Osburn, Cassidy Holland, Ashlie Shimmin
Also, Jacob Brummer, Yuriy Meadows, Zac Brower, Colby Ritter, Clayton Stehm, Matt Smith, Dakota Hackworth, Zac Goad, Aaron Brown, Doug Pumphrey, Jacob Murdock, Blake Mills, Garrett Dowell, Eli Moran, Chase Cox, Austin Jones

All SMS teachers to receive smart boards, laptops

During a meeting Monday, the Joplin R-8 Board of Education voted to increase the school district's commitment to technology, authorizing an investment in laptops for all teachers and smart boards in all classrooms.
More information can be found in these articles printed in the Joplin Globe and the Joplin Daily.

Cashion essay was winner of Joplin Elks Contest

As reported earlier, eighth grader Jessica Cashion was the Joplin winner in the annual Elks Lodge Essay Contest. The text of her winning essay is printed below:

"What I See When I Look Up at the American Flag"
By Jessica Cashion

When most look up at the flag they only see pieces of colored cloth sewn together to make a pattern. Few take time to see the flag is a symbol for freedom; a reminder of all the nation has been through. When I look at the American flag, I remember it has been through tough times in history.
The Revolutionary War was about America gaining independence. The Civil War divided us, but after each war, America remained united and our flag has flown with pride.
So we should pause, remember and give America a renewed sense of pride. Our flag stands for freedom. It gives us opportunities that do not exist anywhere else in the world. It reminds us we have the freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, petition, and the press clearly stated under the First Amendment.
The flag stands for the sense of security that is the Armed Forces. Soldiers are trained to protect and serve. Those who lost their lives should be revered, and our veterans should be honored because they served under the American flag for a cause in which they believed. To them, it is not just a piece of cloth; it is the symbol of a great nation; one for which they have lived and died.
When we look at our flag, we should see it as our veterans do, not just as a piece of cloth, but as a symbol of our nation…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

SMS Orchestra students to perform at NEO

South Middle School orchestra students, under the direction of Ms. Linda Kay Hailey, will perform at the annual NEO Music Festival Thursday, April 6.
Students scheduled to perform are:
Jessica Cashion, Mayra Castaneda, Michael Daugherty, Mallory Fuller, Amie Howard, Alex Kangethe, Sydney Long, Faith Mowry, Zoe Mowry, Alex Needham, Anh Nguyen, Chelsey Osburn, MacKenszee Roberts, Bayley Strella

Barnes is April winner for 'My Teacher Rocks'

Mr. Reed Barnes, SMS band teacher, is the April winner in the "My Teacher Rocks" contest, sponsored by Continental Auto Mall, KSNF and the Joplin Globe.
He was nominated for the honor by eighth grader Shelby McMillen. More information will be featured later on this website.

Twenty finalists named in SMS Essay Contest

Twenty finalists have been named in the third annual South Middle School Essay Contest.
The list includes 13 eighth graders, one of whom is defending champion Doug Pumphrey, five seventh graders and two sixth graders.
Finalists, in alphabetical order are: Andrew Allen, Christian Allen, Vone' Britt, Jessica Cashion, Mayra Castaneda, Halie Endicott, Jessica Erwin, Michelle Holden, Corey Hounschell, Zoe' Mowry, Fox Navarre, Melaina Nicholas, Doug Pumphrey, MacKenszee Roberts, Bobby Roland, Mollie Sanders, Savannah Sweeton, Mary White, Craig Yeoman and Tamara Zajac.

Kessler qualifies for state math competition

SMS sixth grader Sarah Kessler took third place at the resent Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics Competition by finishing third in concepts at a competition in Carl Junction.
She qualified for the state competition, which will be held Saturday, April 22.