Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on Reading Promotion provided

Room 210 Editor

South Middle School students have only read 397 books after the first two weeks of the annual Reading Promotion. Over the intercom, Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell said we should have read 800 books by now.
Reading Department Chairman Mrs. Linda Weaver said she would like to see more yellow slips (each one signifies that a book has been read) and wants to remind everyone to ask for the slips.
So, if you want to see Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cook get their legs waxed then read some more books. The goal is 1,200.
The final results will be announced Monday, Nov. 19, during an assembly.

Half-day scheduled for Wednesday

Room 210 Editor

School just seems to go on forever right? Well, this Wednesday, Oct. 31, we have a half day. We'll get out at 11:30 am. Students will only go to T.A. - 4th hour.
But, why bother going at all? For three reasons: 1. So the elementary kids can have a party in the morning and then be able to go home. and 2. So we can count this as a full day. We need to have 174 days in a school year and this makes it so we don't have to go past May 26. 3. Lastly so the teachers can have a meeting to go over the M.A.P. scores during the afternoon.
Each school in the Joplin R-8 School District has a meeting for different reasons, but South's staff will go over the M.A.P. scores.
Have a good Halloween, but remember that we have school the following day so don't party too hard.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Second round of clubs completed

The second round of clubs was completed Thursday morning at South Middle School. Ms. Lara Stamper's club explored Harry Potter. More information will be featured in an upcoming article on Room 210 News.

(Room 210 photos by Mary Jean Miller)

First quarter honor roll field trips planned

Room 210 Staff Writer

Skating during school. Sounds like fun!
All you have to do is have A's, B's and no D's Or F's and an A for every C.
Students who meet those qualifications will leave around fourth hour, most likely one day during the week of Nov. 12-16 and go to Northpark Mall for lunch, but they won't leave the food court so they shouldn't count on getting in any shopping.
After that, the students leave to skate. They will return just before seventh hour.
More information about the trip, including which students qualified for it, will be featured later on this website.

TAs participate in pumpkin-decorating contest

Room 210 Editor

Teachers, celebrities, and monsters, oh my! That's exactly how our little pumpkin patch could be described.
The winners for this year's TA Pumpkin Decorating Contest are: Mrs. Ervin's T.A. for most like a south teacher, Mrs. Stamper's T.A. for most like a celebrity, and Ms. Cathy Weaver's T.A. for the scariest pumpkin.

(Photo by Raycee Thompson)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top fundraiser salesmen announced at assembly

Room 210 Editor

The South Middle School fundraiser went very well this year. During an assembly Wednesday morning, Assistant Principal Mr. Jarrett Cook announced that as a school we raised over $7,000! Forty-four students sold at least 15 items and are able to go on a limo ride and receive a free lunch. The winners are:

Sammatha Eshom, Dalton Smith, Tara Fleming, Chelsey Patch, Breanne Diles, Josh Ruiz, Sterling White, Kaci Gowen, Victoria Baker, Chance Ewing, Lynnlee Shepherd, Kortnie Roberts, Elaina Warren, Calisha England, Curtis Nollner, Chris Harpole, Kyle Gradwhol, India Coleman, Hailee Peck, Kevin Justus, Joshua Cochram, Leigh Ann Graig, Levina Hayzlett, Shawn Fronce, Lisa Bromley, Shane Ellis, Emily Merritt, Ashley Taylor, Kyle Thompson, Alexander Tanner, Cailin Brown, Nicole Walker, Khaled Graham, Spencer Layne, Keaton Jones, Sarah Stephens, Kenya Schmidt, Katie Uttley, Mac Owen, Chandler Hendrix, Casey Sharp, and Balton Stayesha.
(Assembly photo by Raycee Thompson; limo photos by Sarah Kessler)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quiz bowl team has strong season opener

The South Middle School Quiz Bowl teams opened strongly during a communication arts competition at Carl Junction Middle School Oct. 15.
The teams won seven matches, led by Joey Capeheart, who answered 14 questions correctly, Alex Kangethe, who had 12, and Calvin Alumbaugh, who chipped in with 10.

Team One, consisting of Capeheart, Alumbaugh, Mary Jean Miller, and Sarah Kessler, captain, won five games and lost four, defeating teams from Lamar, Diamond, and Monett.

Team two, consisting of Kangethe, Amanda Jones, Nicol McDonald, Zac Short, and Matt Cruzan, won two matches.

The next contest, a science meet, is scheduled for late November at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School.

Update from Miss Medlock

(Note: Ms. Sheri Medlock, who taught eighth grade reading at SMS from 2004-2007, is updating us weekly on her experiences teaching in Russia.)

Greetings Friends!

Big events this last week:
We had our second home group meeting. Four came. We discussed the ways God has been faithful in our lives. It was encouraging to hear others' stories.
Sunday, I attended an international English speaking church called ICA. I was deeply blessed by this service and hope to return. They have an early service, so I can go without missing my home church. However, the trip is about an hour away, so I may only go once a month.
I have decided to visit my sister in North Africa in January. This week I bought a ticket!
Victories this week:
I have become more accustomed to my job. Some days I feel unprepared, and yet the lesson still goes smoothly.
This weekend I spent a lot of time with Masha. We were able to discuss serious issues regarding our identity in Christ (one of my favorite topics).
Struggles this week:
The two Russian men who came to the meeting the first Saturday were unable to make it this week.
Personal Walk:
I continue in 1 Peter. I'm now in Chapter 4.
I've also been reading the Psalms.
Prayer Requests:
I have agreed to teach two more classes. One is on Saturday at 11:30. This won't prevent me from attending home group, which starts at 3:00, but it is still a nuisance. In fact, I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to teach the class except for the fact that I was asked to. Please pray that my job won't interfere with my ministry. In fact, pray my job can be a facet of my ministry.
Please continue to pray for my health. Some days I feel fine. Others not at all. I'm learning though that the more I rely on God's strength to do things, acknowledging my own powerlessness, the more I can accomplish.
Pray for the home group which meets tomorrow.
Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements. I feel deeply loved and covered in prayer.
Grace and peace!

South students participate in Special Olympics

Room 210 Staff Writer

You’ve all seen the special needs kids in your classes and the hallways. But on September 28, 2007, you may not have seen them. That’s because they were at Special Olympics Bowling.
Special Olympics are designed for people who want to be in the Olympics, but can’t be due to mental or physical disadvantages.
Recently, the Special Olympics athletes,Christian Underwood, Brittany Utley, Cole Darby, Jacob "JJ" Johnson, Robert Scott, Emily Goucher, Samantha Eshom, Esteban Henojosa, Austin Romano, Austin Oxford, Hailey Oxford, Alexia Westfall, Jeff Haynes, Elisabeth Heimburg, and Taylor Fetterman, and the peer tutors, Chloe Potts, Candace McGillvray, Shawn Spicer, Sydney Long, Thea Voutiritsas, Mary Jean Miller, Allie Lacey, Sidney Snider, Damon Monasco, Alex Karns, Shalea Purdy, and Caleb Garton, got on two buses and went to Carl Richard Bowl for mild competition and a whole lot of fun.
Not only did they bowl with friends from South, but also with friends from neighboring schools such as Memorial and North middle schools. This is the second year to go on the bowling trip, and both years the kids had unmistakable amounts of fun. They enjoyed the bowling, but they also get to see old friends and meet new ones.
At the end of the day, they even received medals and ribbons based on their scores.

(Room 210 photos by Mary Jean Miller)

Communication arts teacher holds book signing

Room 210 Editor

The first Joplin signing for eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner's book, The Turner Report, was held Saturday at Always Buying Books.
The signing was mainly for The Turner Report, but Mr. Turner's earlier books, Small Town News and Devil's Messenger, were also on sale.
Mr. Turner was 14 when he wrote his first book, but it was never published. He said it wasn't his best work. While he was a reporter he never really had time to write a book, he said. Once he started teaching in Diamond, Missouri his students inspired him to take a shot at writing a book again.

Fall pep rally held

Room 210 Editor

The fall pep rally was held Tuesday, Oct. 16 during seventh hour. Volleyball and football players and seventh and eighth grade cheerleaders were introduced and students were encouraged to attend the final two football games for the season.
This year, the eighth graders were able to win the spirit stick by being the loudest. How did they win? Majority of the 8th graders just gave it there all.
"I wasn't here yesterday, but I'm ecstatic that my class could do it without me," Zach Dorris said.
Merisha Laderman said, " Yes, I'm happy that we won and I'm confident we'll win next time as well."

Reading Promotion kickoff assembly held

Room 210 Staff Writer

South Middle School held a kickoff assembly for the 2007-2008 Reading Promotion Oct. 8. This year, the big theme is if students read enough books, Mr. Jarrett Cook, assistant principal, will buff Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell’s head and both principals will wax their legs. Mr. Mitchell might say "shave", but it’s wax. The Reading Promotion has been a tradition that Ms. Linda Weaver, the chairwoman and director of the Reading Promotion, has been trying to keep going at South Middle School.

The whole purpose of the Reading Promotion is to keep kids reading. Kids today are too busy goofing off with their friends, playing video games, or being a couch potato and watching T.V. all the time. We have forgotten what enjoyment reading can bring to us. The promotion has been going on for 10 years, and it’s not about to stop.
"We're just trying to give kids a reason to want to read." says Ms. Weaver, the director of the promotion. All the students of South are allowed to participate in the Reading Promotion, and everybody really enjoys seeing the principals have to do something really ridiculous and funny.

"It’s a school-wide deal," says Ms. Weaver. The end of the 2007-2008 Reading Promotion will be on Monday, Nov. 19. So remember to read as many books as you can!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Parent-teacher conferences planned

Room 210 Staff Writer

Parent-teacher conferences will be held 3:15 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, and 7:30 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 19, at South Middle School.

That means no classes for students on Friday. A majority of the students are going to sleep in and then hang out with friends, unless they are going with their parents to the conferences.

Conferences can be arranged throguh an e-mail or a phone call. Some students are not worried about the conferences. Eighth grader Chelcy Reed said, "I don't care if my parents go or not because I'm making good grades."

First year eighth grade reading teacher Miss Andrea Taylor is looking forward to conferences. She is hoping to be able to encourage her students to work harder. "It'll be nice, fresh start to the second quarter."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cartoonist Club members selected for 2007-2008

Cartoonist Club members for the 2007-2008 school year have been selected.
Those chosen were: Elisha Derrick, Kevin Justus, Jared Fuller, Casey Sharp, Derek Dillon, Taylor Johnson, Aaron Kraft, Christina Gates, Jamie Walters, and Junior Ochoa.
The club sponsor is Mr. Seth Wolfshorndl.

Quiz Bowl demonstration held at R-8 Board of Education meeting

The South Middle School Quiz Bowl team showed off its knowledge in a demonstration before the Joplin R-8 Board of Education Tuesday night.
After an introduction from Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell and an overview of the program from sponsor Mr. Randy Turner, eight Quiz Bowl members played a brief game, answering eight of 10 questions correctly.
Quiz Bowl members participating were: Alex Kangethe, Mary Jean Miller, Sarah Kessler, Matt Cruzan, Zac Short, Joey Capeheart, Calvin Alumbaugh, and Danielle Doerr.
The Quiz Bowl team co-sponsor is Mrs. Kathy Weaver.

(Photo by Mrs. Kathy Weaver)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Twelve hundred book goal set for annual reading promotion

Room 210 Staff Writer

South Middle School students will have to read 1,200 books if they want to see Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell or Assistant Principal Mr. Jarrett Cook having their legs waxed.
The annual Reading Promotion began today with a kickoff assembly in the auditorium. Promotion Coordinator Mrs. Linda Weaver announced the goal, with cheerleaders encouraging reading with a routine, and the band under the direction of Mr. Reed Barnes pepping up the crowd.
The results of the promotion will be announced during an assembly Tuesday, Nov. 20.

(Photos: Top, SMS cheerleaders and band pumped up the crowd during the Reading Promotion Kickoff. Bottom, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cook prepare to meet their fate. Photos by Raycee Thompson)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Show Choir, Concert Choir featured in first Room 210 News videos

The South Middle School Concert Choir and Southern Belles, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers presented their fall concert Monday night in the SMS Auditorium.

The Concert Choir performed six numbers, followed by the Southern Belles, South's show choir, entertaining the audience with a medley of '50s and '60s tunes. Concert Choir members performing solos were: Hannah Cady, Tanner Crawford, Sarah Matthews, and Tozia Burris.

Members of the Concert Choir are:

Torri Ackerson, Jodi Anderson, Gina Andujar, Sierra Bartholomew, Kendra Bauersfield, Lindsey Beall, Haley Bowers, Madison Briggs, Charlee Brown, Clayton Brown, Lexi Brown, Ethan Bryan, Courtney Burns, Tozia Burris, Hannah Cady, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Marcus Clark, Cheslie Cook, Cecil Cornish, Tracie Cottrill, Tanner Crawford, Shaney Delzell, Felisha Derrick, Laila Douglas, Ariana Dudley, Caroline Dutton, Shane Ellis, Calisha England, Justin Fleming, Tara Fleming, Jared Fuller, Christina Gates, Eleena Gonzales, Kelsey Gould, Jordan Hamilton, Allison Hankins, Taylor Harris, Erika Hinojosa, Ashley Dudley, Rachelle Hughbank, Shelby Ingram, Anna Johnson, Carson Jones, Heather Jones, Kevin Justus, Katie Kemmery, Shani Knight, Tera Knight, Lauren Layne, Elisha Mansour, Sarah Matthews, Dominique Michael, Tori Mitchell, Ghennesa Moore, Jade Moore, Kamaira Morgan, Travis Morris, Holly O'Dell, Brianna Oxford, Sarah Painter, Bethani Patterson, Katie Phelps, Mackenzy Pierce, Kayla Pinkerton, Melody Plank, Justice Pullam, Cady Reddell, Emma Rice, Barbara Rodriguez, Jade Roeder, Abby Sadler, Mariah Sanders, Adam Schilling, Krystal Schulze, Adrienne Self, Shelby Shumaker, Taylor Shutte, Mindy Sirichok, Candace Smith, C. D. Smith, Brittany Utley, Katie Uttley, Hannah Ward, Storm Whittington, Tiffany Williams, Nichole Yeoman.

Southern Belles members are:

Jodi Anderson, Haley Bowers, Lexi Brown, Courtney Burns, Tozia Burris, Hannah Cady, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Shaney Delzell, Tara Fleming, Carson Jones, Tera Knight, Lauren Layne, Sarah Matthews, Tori Mitchell, Holly O'Dell, Sarah Painter, Krystal Schulze, Nichole Yeoman

(Photos from top: Concert Choir, Hannah Cady performs a solo, Southern Belles)

(Videos from top: Southern Belles, Concert Choir)

Friday, October 05, 2007

SMS reading teacher is published writer

Room 210 Staff Writer

When she was growing up, Miss Andrea Taylor, South Middle School eighth grade reading instructor, never imagined herself becoming a teacher. She actually wanted to be a zookeeper or Supreme Court justice. She has always wanted to be a writer, though, and has been published in a magazine.
Miss Taylor went to college at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. She worked at the Bridge at one time, but then decided that she might enjoy teaching more. She substituted before she actually became a regular teacher. Her friends said she'd be a great teacher so she went for it.
So far she really enjoys South. Ms. Taylor attended North Middle School and Memorial Middle School when she was our age.
"I learned that this is a part of life that matters, but there are always going to be other parts. Like that one quote, 'Don't sweat the small stuff, it's just small stuff.' "

Update from Russia

(Miss Sheri Medlock, former SMS reading teacher, is teaching in Russia, and is providing us with weekly updates.)

Greetings friends!

Big events this week:

* I had a good time at the Wolfes' home group. We are discussing the Purpose Driven Life.
* Church Sunday was also very good. After church Masha and I took a walk. She showed me an Orthodox church. Then Rex, Sue, John, Masha, and I played cards. The best part of this evening for me was that Masha and I are continuing to develop a friendship.
* Yesterday I had a language lesson with Masha. After studying Russian for an hour, we spent sometime discussing spiritual things. It was good and encouraging for both of us, I think.

Victories this past week:

* I continue to acclimate to my new environment.
* I've spent a lot of time praying this week for the home group that we are starting on Saturday. This time has renewed my purpose for being here.

Struggles this past week:

* As always, I struggle with headache and other pain. But God continues to give me grace.
* Still no books.

Daily Walk:

* I continue to memorize 1 Peter.
* I'm also finishing Richard Foster's Streams of Living Water. This weekend I read a chapter discussing the inerrant of Scripture. But he also pointed out that only Christ is supreme. That the Bible is a tool to point to Christ. This renewed my passion for reading the Word, but also my passion for knowing Christ more intimately.

Ahead this week:

* Saturday morning Masha is taking me sight-seeing. Again, we continue to develop a friendship. I pray that I can be an encouragement to her in her walk with the Lord.
* Saturday we start the home group, with or without the books. It is my prayer that we will decide to be more then just another group. I pray that the believers who come will decide to love and honor one another. I pray that we will be a place of fellowship and outreach.

Prayer Requests:

* Pray I will be a witness of Christ to my students and to the other teachers.
* Pray for Saturday. Pray that those who have stated they will come show up. Pray for the decisions we make as a group.
* Pray we get the books.

Grace and peace,

TA: an important part of the school day

Room 210 Staff Writer

Every morning we get out of bed, throw on some clothes, comb our hair, and then head out to school. When we get to school, what is the first thing we do? We go to our TA classrooms.

Mr. Jason Weaver, one of the TA leaders at South Middle School, said, "The purpose of TA is to build community." Throughout the year, TA classes will compete in several activities that include team competitions such as tug of war and free-throw basketball shooting contests. TAs will also work together to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Center in Web City and they will collect canned goods for the Salvation Army.

These activities aren't the only things that TAs do. Each TA is required to make a banner to hang outside its classroom and, if they choose, TAs may compete for points with a "TA challenge." These challenges can consist of anything from making a scarecrow for Halloween, to naming the freedoms listed on the Bill of Rights.
The 20 minutes spent in TA each morning can be beneficial to the student in many other ways, as well. For example, if a student doesn't finish his or her math homework, then he or she can finish it during TA. TA also gives students a chance to socialize with friends and just relax. TA is a very important part of the school day at SMS.