Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Water fountains shut down due to boil order

Room 210 Staff Writer

Starting on Saturday January 12, a boil order was issued for Joplin, including South Middle School.
On the first day of school after the boil order, the Missouri American Water Company donated water bottles to the schools in the Joplin district, because it was primarily the company's fault.
On the second and third day, it was Wal-Mart who donated the water.
The reason for the boil order was that the rain caused a flood and mud that clogged up the company's system.
The students reported no problems. Surprisingly with 600 kids, there were no spills,” Principal Ron Mitchell said.

Eighth grade science fair is Feb. 28

Room 210 Editor

The science fair is coming up again and it seems pointless right?
Well, it actually isn't. We have science fairs so we can learn the scientific method first hand. The scientific method consists of: Question/Problem, Hypothesis, Experimental Design, Data, and Conclusion. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes it can be hard to find a topic on which you can practice these steps. Mr. Turner has links for science fair ideas on if you need help.

The eighth grade science fair will be on Thursday Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. The judges usually expect more advanced topics from eighth graders. For example, Sarah Phillips will be testing what makes teeth decay faster, Coke or Pepsi? Adam Schilling will be testing which element to a plant is most important, soil, water, or sunlight? And Shalea Purdy will test the effects of iodine.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hale TA wins free throw contest

Story and Photo
Room 210 Editor

Mrs. Joyce Hale's TA
took first place in the annual TA Free Throw Shooting Contest. Joselyn Irizarry is shown sinking a free throw while Aleena Gonzales waits to shoot for Mr. Brian Neugebauer's second place TA.
Each Freethrow was worth 1 point. Here are the winners:

6th Grade:

1st: Norris
2nd:Hedrick, Valenti, Wallace

7th Grade:

1st: Martin
2nd: Ryan, Worku, Daniels

8th Grade:

1st: Hale
2nd: Neugubauer
3rd: Turner

Quiz Bowl finishes 5-4 at College Heights; Alumbaugh sets school record

Seventh grader Calvin Alumbaugh set a school record by answering 40 questions correctly at the South Middle School Quiz Bowl team finished 5-4 during the Math Academic Challenge at College Heights Christian School Monday.
South Team One, consisting of Alumbaugh, Sarah Kessler, Joey Capehart, and Mary Jean Miller defeated teams from Lamar, Monett, and Diamond. Miss Kessler answered eight questions correctly.
Team Two, consisting of Alex Kangethe, Matt Cruzan, Danielle Doerr, Nicol McDonald, and Elaina Warren finished 3-6. Kangethe correctly answered 10 questions.
For the season, South Team One has a record of 18 wins and nine losses. The next academic challenge, in history, is scheduled for February 18 at Lamar.

Eighth graders win spirit stick during pep assembly

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Room 210 Editor

The eighth grade won the spirit stick during the winter sports pep assembly held Monday in the SMS auditorium.
The accomplishments of basketball players, wrestlers, and cheerleaders were recognized, and the seventh and eighth grade cheerleaders performed dance routines.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sixth grade science fair set for Feb. 25

Room 210 Staff Writer

The sixth grade science fair will be held Monday, Feb. 25, in the South Middle School cafeteria.
The purpose of the Science Fair, Ms. Lara Stamper, sixth grade science teacher, said, is to prepare kids for the M.A.P test, which has the performance event, that includes the Science Fair.
All of the science teachers judge the Science Fair. These teachers are: Ms. Stamper, Mr. Mike Wallace, Mr. Brent Thompson, and Mrs. Joyce Hale. The judges evaluate the Science Fair according to the rubric, which has guidelines for grading.
The top three who have the best projects get medals. Ms. Stamper says that Anh Nguyen, an eighth grader, had one of the most spectacular Science Fair projects when she was in sixth grade.

Politics is important to students, too

Room 210 Editor

Most of us think, "I'm just a teenager, I can't vote till I'm 18 so why should I care?"
Well, you should, because you need to inform yourselves and get into the habit of it. We also learn things at school that have to deal with voting that our parents should know. As well as the fact that we can influence our parents.
As you know there are two major parties Democrat and Republican and some are independent.
They all have different points of view on different topics. Just because you are Republican doesn't mean that you can't vote for a Democratic or Independent candidate. Being with a certain party just means you usually agree with their beliefs.
In the upcoming election the big educational issue is the No Child Left Behind act. It's a law that states that all the schools have to get students to score at a certain level or the schools don't get funding. It's a really great idea, but not every kid is going to be able to score in that range. Therefore some of the candidates for president want to get rid of it.
You may not be able to vote now, but it'll be important in future. Like Mr. Rocky Biggers, eighth grade social studies teacher, advised:

"Kids need to start watching or reading the news, because this election could end up affect their jobs in the future or their education."