Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drama Department stages "Ruby's Magical Christmas"

Staff Writer

The long hard work put in by students in the East Middle School Drama Department paid off Friday, December 10, as they performed the play "Ruby's Magical Christmas."

A matinee performance was held for the students, with an evening performance for parents.

 Sarina Shofner played the role of Ruby, the main protagonist in the play, who is the daughter of Dorothy, the well-known character who visited Oz. Shyann Long played Tori, Ruby’s little sister.

    The two sisters are living in the streets along with two other homeless people, one of them being our own Mr. Brian Neugebauer, who played the obviously intoxicated man who searches for the two little girls and was most definitely a crowd favorite with the students.

    One night, Ruby is looking through the trash and spots something shiny nearby- a lamp. She rubs the lamp and a genie appears, played by Avery Tanner, and says she will grant her one wish. But to earn this wish, she must tell the genie what the true meaning of Christmas spirit is. The genie sends her to Oz to discover what Christmas spirit really is.

    This play went very well, and the applause afterward seems to indicate the students thought so as well. If there is to be another play that will be directed by Ms. Cox in the future, most people will definitely look forward to it. Also, special thanks to Maricela Santillan for help with the make-up.

(Photos by Jordan Jensen) (Videos by Alexis Gifford)

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