Sunday, December 17, 2006

SMS Bands hold holiday concert

The South Middle School bands, under the direction of Mr. Reed Barnes, performed their annual holiday concert Dec. 11 in the school auditorium.
The concert featured two numbers by the Jazz Band, four by the Beginning Band, and five by the Concert Band.
Jazz Band members are: Cheyenne Howard, Geoff Aiken, Gareth Evans, Aaron Hodges, Leif Larson, Nathan Morris, Grant Evans, Gil Randolph
Beginning Band members are: Abby Bates, Emily Jenkins, Emma Rice, LynnLee Shepherd, Kelsey Tressler, Kylie Lewsader, Austin Mallory, Michael Oyler, Lauren Temple, Jed Larson, Cory Miller, Tyler Nonemaker, Alex Whittington, Calvin Alumbaugh, Madison Briggs, Isaiah Hicks, Brandon Laub, Spencer Peterson, Orion Quintana, Dakota Smith, Drew Welch, Matt Cruzan, Tera Hall, Cody Miller, Stephen Miller, Dakota Reasoner, Dillon Warlaumont, Tommy Winstead, Brandon Ross, Dylan Caldwell, Dylan Goad, Jordan Ivey, Hunter Mills, Damien Mitchell, Axle Vene, Ethan Wastler, Emilee Wills.
Concert Band members are: Breanna Baker, Molly Baker, Becky Cooper, Steven Denmark, Jessie Kennedy, Lynn Nichols, Tiffany Douglas, Brittany Frisbie, Cody Gilmore, Aron Hembree, Taylor Johnson, Lainie Nicolas, Catherine Stewart, Savanah Sweeton, Dakota Williams, Kisha Adams, Austin Bolt, Zack Cloven, Cheyenne Howard, Andrew Mays, Brittany Mitchell, Bryan Ross, Amanda Webster, Jordan Adame, Joran Bailey, Nathan Baker, Tyler Beall, Nathan Cox, Zac Dunnic, Gareth Evans, Corey Hounschell, Sarah Kessler, Leif Larson, Luke Lenhart, Nathan Morris, Amanda Needham, Casey Sharp, Brett Stearnes, Jeffrey Terry, Kyle Vene, Brian Geier, Will Kessler, Christian Miller, Sam Quinones, Geoff Aiken, Tate Duley, Aaron Hodges, Kelli Newberry, Desean Triplett, Timmy Davis, Daniel Story, Daniel Vanderlip, Jarvious Britt, Levi Crews, Fischer Dowell, Grant Evans, Tyler Graves, Zach Hibbard, Billy Nguyen, Allen Peterson, Blake Putnam, Gil Randolph, Dalton Smith

SMS teacher has second novel published

Room 210 Staff Writer

Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communication arts teacher's second novel, Devil's Messenger, has been published. Books may be purchased from Mr. Turner for $15 apiece and are also available over the internet. More information is available at the book's website.
The book is about a teenaged girl named Cassandra Harper who communicates with her murdered father through instant messenger. The story is a combination murder mystery and horror story.
Mr. Turner's first book, Small Town News, was published in 2005.

LAB members volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

Fourteen members of the SMS Library Advisory Board (LAB) recently volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House in Joplin.
Students participating were: Leah Forkner, Kane McCaslin, Becky Cooper, Cassey Schulze, Shawn Spicer, Jordan Hamilton, Lauren Layne, Bayley Strella, Brittany Frisbie, Gareth Evans, Cindy Pham, Brandon Holman, Kaleb Szulakiewicz, and Amanda Needham.

Five South students selected for color guard

Room 210 Staff Writer

Five South Middle School students have been named to the Joplin Middle School Color Guard. Those selected were Becky Cooper, Amanda Needham, Kelley Leach, Savanah Sweeton, and Cassey Schulze.
The girls were surprised when tryouts were held, thinking they would have more time to prepare since they had missed three snow days, but the tryout was held as planned.
"At first, I thought this was something I could never do," Becky Cooper said," but as the week went on Ms. Palmer (the sponsor) made it more fun and easier. Then the last day of tryouts, we were all super nervous because we didn't know that tryouts were that day. But I had more fun trying out than I did at practice week."
The students will perform at halftime of basketball games.

Winter choir concert held

Photos by Marina Dudley
"With a Joyful Song," the South Middle School Choir Concert was held Thursday in the school auditorium. Students had an opportunity to see the program earlier in the day during TA.
The sixth grade choir opened with six numbers, "With a Joyful Song," "O Come O Come, Emmanuel," "Mary Sat-a-Rockin," "Candlelight Silent Night," "A Winter's Day," and "Gonna Catch That Santa."
Haley Bowers performed a solo.
Sixth grade choir members are:
Torri Ackerman, Jodi Anderson, Haley Bowers, Clayton Brown, Lexi Brown, Ethan Bryan, Courtney Burns, Hannah Cady, Tracie Cottrill, Shaney Delzell, Felisha Derrick, Calisha England, Eliza Fausto, Riley Gass, Allison Hankins, Shelby Ingram, Mason Johnson, Carson Jones, Morgan Jones, Shani Knight, Morgan Lamar, Ghenessa Moore, Jade Moore, Kassidee Myers, Gus Ortega, Hailey Oxford, Stefon Rich, Krystal Schulze, Jordan Shumaker, Taylor Shutte, C. D. Smith, Clay Sweeton, Kaylee Tressler, Storm Whittington, Shannon Williams, Tiffany Williams.

The Concert Choir performed eight numbers- "A Holiday Madrigal," "The Snow Begins to Fall," "Born, Born in Bethlehem," "Breath of Heaven," "O Come, Little Children," "Twas the Night," "Blue Christmas," and "Frosty the Snowman."
Featured soloists were: Sarah Matthews, Molly Sanders, Taylor Camden, and Alex Karns.
Concert Choir members are:
Andrea Alexander, Cierra Asher, Jacqueline Bogarin, Tozia Burris, Cameron Bryan, Taylor Camden, Nikki Carter, Gina Casada, Beau Carroll, Jordan Chambers, Tolby Clemons, Christen Cool, Cecil Cornish, Tanner Crawford, Takada Davis, Ashley Dean, Hannah Doerge, Ariana Dudley, Shane Ellis, Rachel Etheridge, Tara Fleming, Rachael Foster, Leah Forkner, Makenzie Freeman, Jared Fuller, Christina Gates, Tessa Gordon, Justene Gowing, Jordan Hamilton, Kole Hammond, Paige Harmon, Alexis Hawk, Colten Hawkins, Jamie Hartje, Lacy Heiskell, Ashley Henson, Christy Hernandez, Joe Huddleston, Rachelle Hughbank, Andrew Ideker, Alex Johnson, Shaynee Johnson, Selena Jordan, Alex Karns, Katie Kemmery, Dylan King, Tera Knight, Lauren Layne, Kelley Leach, Grant Lewis, Loryn Ligon, Tessa Luper, Breanna Martin, Sarah Matthews, Adriana Maturino, Shelby McDonald, Tori Mitchell, Amber Morris, Holly O'Dell, Nayelli Ortiz, Kelsey Pace, Sarah Painter, Cindy Pham, Katie Phelps, MacKenzy Pierce, Tymber Pope, Dylan Prauser, Tyra Raby, Samantha Rice, Rachel Richins, Hannah Rosario, Jesse Rowe, Abby Sadler, Mariah Sanders, Mollie Sanders, Adam Schilling, Cassey Schulze, Kaylee Sexton, Shelby Shumaker, Alicia Shofner, Angela Sliger, Amber Smith, Hailey Smith, Sydney Snider, Shanna Striegel, Kaitlin Sullivan, Taylor Tressler, Emily Tripoli, Hannah Ward, Samantha Warren, Kris Watts, Sarah Wells, Ashley Whittington, Kendra Wilson, Tamera Wirick, Katie Wood, Shandera Workman, Jaclyn Wright, Nichole Yeoman.

The program concluded with two numbers, "Jinglin' Bells," and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," by The Southern Belles, South's show choir.
Members of the Southern Belles are:
Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Hannah Doerge, Tara Fleming, Leah Forkner, Christy Hernandez, Tera Knight, Lauren Layne, Tessa Luper, Sarah Matthews, Tori Mitchell, Cindy Pham, Tymber Pope, Hannah Rosario, Mariah Sanders, Mollie Sanders, Shelby Shumaker, Taylor Tressler, Kendra Wilson, Katie Wood, Jaclyn Wright, and Nichole Yeoman.

The program was under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

See You at the Pole gathering held

South Middle School students and teachers participated in the annual See You at the Pole prayer gathering Wednesday.
The observance, which is a voluntary, and not a school-sponsored activity, is held each year on the final Wednesday of September.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SMS volleyball teams fall to Neosho

Room 210 Sports Editor

The South Middle School seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams lost to Neosho Thursday.
The seventh grade A team lost 25-19, 25-12, while the B team fell 25-13, 25-11.
In the eighth grade matches, the A team lost 25-5, 25-19, while the B team came up on the short end of a 25-18 score.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

SMS volleyballers fall to CJ

Room 210 Staff Writer
South Middle School's seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams lost to Carl Junction Monday night.
The eighth grade fell 25-12, 25-10, despite the serving of Breanna Baker, while the seventh grade lost 25-14, 19-25, 25-9, despite nine serve points by Bayley Strella. The seventh grade B team lost 25-19, 25-10.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Former SMS student teacher enjoying Carthage job

Room 210 Staff Writers

Mr. Jacob Osborne, former student teacher at South Middle School, is now teaching at Carthage Junior High School.
Last year, he was a student teacher in Mr. Jason Weaver's world history class, so he could teach geography. Being a real teacher is different for Mr. Osborne.
"I have been treated differently by my students," he said. "I think that is because whenever I was a student teacher, the students were used to Mr. Weaver and the way he ran his classroom. Student teaching gave me an opportunity to figure out how I wanted to run my classroom.
Another big difference is that at Carthage there are two different teachers for every subject in every grade. That means he is not the only geography teacher. "This has been a huge help to me because the other teacher and I are working on every lesson so we can try to put both of our ideas together to make a good lesson," he said.
Mr. Osborne says Mr. Weaver taught him a lot. "He taught me to teach lessons without using the textbook; there are also certain organizational things that Mr. Weaver taught me. I also have my gradebook set up the same way that he does."
Mr. Weaver said he enjoyed working with Mr. Osborne "because I had the chance to teach someone what I was never taught." Mr. Weaver was also affected by his experience with a student teacher. "It helped me become a better teacher because he would ask me questions and even though I knew how to answer them it made me realize how to do better at it myself."
Since Carthage is Mr. Osborne's hometown, he feels a certain loyalty to the district. "I hope to stay here in Carthage," he says. "I liked Joplin a lot and I wouldn't trade my time student teaching there for anything."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seventh grade spikers defeat College Heights

Room 210 Staff Writer

The South Middle School seventh grade volleyball team defeated College Heights for the second time in less than a week Monday night, 25-18, 25-27, 25-9.
The host College Heights team beat the SMS eighth graders 25-10, 25-8. The eighth grade B team lost 25-18. The seventh grade B team also lost.
Members of this year's SMS volleyball teams are:
Eighth grade- Christen Cool, Rachael Foster, Shaynee Johnson, Kelley Leach, Leah Forkner, Victoria Smith, Breanna Baker, Cassey Schulze, Makenzie Freeman, Mikaila Craig, and Seychelle Jackson.
Seventh grade- Molly Baker, Kirsti Banning, Emylee Brown, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Allie Lacey, Sydney Long, Nicole McDonald, Tori Mitchell, Ann Nguyen, Holly O'Dell, Mackenzy Pierce, Chloe Potts, Bailey Strella, Jamie Walters, Cassee Wheeler, Nichole Yeoman.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quiz Bowl prepares for 2006-2007 season

Room 210 Staff Writer

The 2006-2007 South Middle School Quiz Bowl team got off to a rocking start Wednesday, Aug. 30, with mind boggling questions like, "The capitol of Wyoming is.." and "Who is the former senator from Indiana who later became vice president of the United States?" The buzzers were ringing off the hook.
Mrs. Kathy Weaver is already working to hard to fill the shoes of Mr. Jason Weaver. Mr. Weaver was unable to continue with Quiz Bowl due to added responsibilities this year.
Mr. Randy Turner, co-sponsor for the last two years, is serving in that role again. "We hope to do better this year since we have students who have already had a year in quiz bowl."
Returning from last year's team are: Leif Larson, Arthur Brown, Steven Williams, Kane McCaslin, and Dylan Prauser. Other team members who attended the first meeting included: Christen Cool, Kelley Leach, Victoria Smith, Ken Zhang, Shelby Nicole McDonald, Mackenzy Pierce, Holly O'Dell, Alex Kangethe, Cheyenne Howard, Sharah Howard, Sarah Kessler, Ashley Whittington, Steven Denmark, and Beau Carroll.
The team's first competition is expected to take place in October.

The pop is gone

Room 210 Staff Writer

Students have noticed that the pop in the machines at South Middle School has been switched to water.
SMS Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell said the change was made by the Coke and Pepsi companies and was done worldwide.
"It's a good thing," he said, adding that he hoped students would make healthier choices and would ask their parents for less money for lunch.
Joplin High School has small diet soft drinks, but the elementary schools have only less sweet juices and water.
Mr. Mitchell may think the change is a good one, but not all students agree.
Eighth grader Alicia Shofner said, "I want those pop machines back."

(Photo: Students can still buy pop when they attend after-school activities such as Tuesday night's season-opening volleyball match at Memorial. Members of the SMS Library Advisory Board are shown manning the concession stand.)

Math teacher works to fight multiple sclerosis

Room 210 Staff Writers

Eighth grade math teacher Mrs. Valerie Doerr will bike to help people with multiple sclerosis.
THe M150 Bike Race will take place Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16 and 17. All participants can bike a total of 100 miles each day from Republic to Carthage and back.
Mrs. Doerr says 100 miles is the furthest she has biked, but she has reached 39.0 miles per hour. She has been biking all of her life.
Her inspiration for biking comes from one source. "It would have to be my dad," she said. "He was always riding and I've loved it since I was a kid."

Clubs start at South Middle School

Room 210 Staff Writer

Clubs started Tuesday, Sept. 5, at South Middle School, and will continue for the following three Tuesdays.
"The purpose of clubs is to let kids have fun at school and explore their personal interests," said Mr. Gregg Klinginsmith, assistant principal. "All of the teachers came up with the ideas for their clubs."
Clubs being offered include:
Checkers, Yahtzee, Spanish, team activities, board games, creative art, card games, arts and crafts, Hollywood history, block it, t-shirt painting, creative writing, mind trap, games, drawing/coloring, knitting, flag football, German, chess club, boggle and scrabble, card games, conservation, internet scavenger hunt, scrapbooking, yugio, basketball, trivia club, crochet, and uno.
Mr. Klinginsmith said, "If I was a middle schooler, I would join flag football."

Seventh grade volleyball teams sweep College Heights

South Middle School's seventh grade volleyball teams opened their season Tuesday night with wins over College Heights. The eighth grade team lost. The teams return to action next week.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Quiz Bowl meeting set for Wednesday

The first meeting of the South Middle School Quiz Bowl team will be held after school Wednesday, Aug. 30, in the library, according to Mr. Randy Turner, one of the team's sponsors.
An explanation of what quiz bowl does will be provided to the students and they will have an opportunity to get on the buzzers and try to answer trivia questions. Refreshments will be served.
Quiz Bowl is open to students in grades seven and eight.

Kunce mentioned as one of keys for JHS football

Former SMS student Travis Kunce, a Joplin High School junior, is named as one of the keys to a successful season for the JHS football team in this Joplin Daily article.

Former South students excel in JHS volleyball opener

Former South Middle School students Ali Stauffer and Lindsey Hamm excelled in the opening matches for Joplin High School varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams.
The varsity, jayvee, and freshman teams defeated Carl Junction.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Practices start for SMS sports teams

Practices have begun for the South Middle School football, volleyball, and cheerleading squads. South and North middle schools will have a combined football team this season.
The volleyball team will open its season Tuesday, Sept. 5, when it plays host to College Heights in the Memorial Middle School gymnasium.
The seventh grade football team will play Memorial at Memorial 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12. The eighth grade team will play Memorial there 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Journalism Club to meet Thursday after school

The South Middle School Journalism Club will hold its first meeting of the 2006-2007 school year Thursday, Aug, 24, after school, according to Mr. Randy Turner, advisor.
The club is responsible for the publication of the South Spotlight newspaper, maintaining the Room 210 News website, and is expected to be involved in production of a news program for Jet 14, the Joplin R-8 School District television station, this year.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Clayton Stehm has role in production of "Anne of Avonlea"

Former SMS student Clayton Stehm is one of the cast for the production of "Anne of Avonlea," scheduled to begin Thursday, Aug. 24, at Stained Glass Theatre in Joplin.
Stehm will play the role of Paul Irving.
Performances are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sundays through Sunday, Sept. 10.
Tickets are $6 for adults, $3.50 for children aged 4 to 13. Children under four are admitted free.

Friday, August 18, 2006

SMS assistant principal profiled in Carthage Press

New South Middle School assistant principal Mr. Gregg Klinginsmith was featured in a Carthage Press article this week.

"I wanted to make a bigger impact in the school district, students,” Klinginsmith said. “As a teacher, you effect students in a classroom. As an administrator, you can affect a whole building of students."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Former SMS cheerleaders place at regionals

Joplin High School junior varsity cheerleaders, including former South cheerleaders Jordyn McCutcheon, Brittany Meehl, and Skye Smith took fourth place out of 14 squads at the Missouri State Cheerleading Regional competition held recently at Ozark High School.

Open house held at South

Students received schedules and parents had a chance to meet with teachers during the annual open house held Monday night at South.
The session began with parents meeting in the auditorium to hear Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, welcome them and quickly go over rules and regulations. Following his remarks, parents and students went through an abbreviated schedule, starting with TA and going through each of the seven class periods.
School will begin Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Librarian featured in Joplin Daily article

South Middle School librarian Mrs. Bonnie Turner was featured in an article that was posted today on the Joplin Daily website.
Mrs. Turner is teaching science at the Fifth Grade Academy, the article said.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

JHS Football Camp runs smoothly

for Room 210 News

The JHS Eagles Football camp went very well. Everyone seemed to adapt to the new defense and were ready to do some work after Coach Buckmaster told us how "sluggish" we looked doing the drills, and not showing up on time.
The entire Eagles football team did awesome for a first camp to kick-off the season. Of course, the freshman have to learn a lot because it's completely different from middle school sports.
We are now in our summer weights sessions, until late July... then there is another camp.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Student's mother writes about European trip

Former Room 210 student Zac Goad's mother, Stephanie Goad, writes about her European trip in a column in today's Joplin Globe.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Globe article explores 50th Street property

The property on 50th street that Joplin R-8 officials have suggested as the location of a new middle school is studied in an article in today's Joplin Globe.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Some MAP tests being scored in Webb City

Seventh grade communication arts MAP tests are being scored this week and next at Webb City High School, according to a news release from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Outdated photos added to Room 210 News

The photos that accompany this post are seven months old, but I wanted to share them with you. I just received a CD with photos on it from the Joplin signing of my novel, Small Town News," which took place in November at Hastings.
Several of you were kind enough to show up and it was very much appreciated. I had a great time (and not just because I sold a few books), so thanks again!
(Photos: From top left, Mr. Randy Turner with Skye Smith, Derek Rider, and Ashley Kissee; with Fox Navarre; with Andrea Steere, with Lindsey Hamm, and with Mr. Jason Weaver; photos by Michelle Nickolaisen)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

JHS singers featured in Joplin Daily

A photo and article on the Joplin High School singers, including several former South students, was posted today on the Joplin Daily website.
A Mixed Double quartet (pictured) including former South students Nikki Burkett, Daniel Burkett, Jordan Hudspeth, and Derek Rider, received a I rating.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yearbook signing signals end of school year

Yearbooks for the 2005-2006 yearbook at South Middle School were handed out fifth hour Thursday. Students spent the afternoon signing their books and taking pictures of their last moments in middle school.
(Photos, from top: Danielle Kleeman prepares to sign a yearbook; Christian Young looks over his yearbook, as Derek Nolte watches; Felicia Spicer checks over her friends' photos; Roni Leonard, Rose Garduno, and Fox Navarre have their picture taken by a friend.)

South's second My Teacher Rocks winner featured

The May winner in the My Teacher Rocks contest, South Middle School counselor Mrs. Karensue Hensley's photo and information have been posted on the website. The page includes the photo of Mrs. Hensley and eighth grader Shelby Conrad that accompanies this article, plus the text of Miss Conrad's winning essay.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bannasch selected for Missouri Scholars Academy

Joplin High School sophomore Serena Bannasch, a former SMS student, has been selected to attend the annual Missouri Scholars Academy, scheduled for June 11 to July 1 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
The Academy, which is in its 22nd year, serves 330 academically gifted students who will be in 11th grade this fall.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

School board to ask for more input on middle school issue

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education will ask residents for more input before making any decision on what kind of a middle school building issue to present to voters.
For more information check out the Joplin Globe article.

Awards presented during final assembly

The 2005-2006 school year concluded at South Middle School Friday with the annual Talent Show and Awards Assembly. Among the awards presented were:
Perfect Attendance- Kyle Graciano, Eli Moran, Steven Denmark, Christopher Diles, Cory Burton, Jared Fuller, Brittany Hulette, Sarah Kessler, Holly O'Dell, Tamara Tracy
Peer Tutor Awards- Brock Hunter, Grant Lewis, Steven Denmark, Kylie Hurrell, Allen Peterson, Amanda Needham, Cindy Pham, Arlissa Arwood, Lauren Bynum, James Hill, Loryn Ligon, Hannah Doerge, Dustin Hill, Shelby Conrad, Becca Mascher, Mattheu Smith, Jacquelin Bogarin, Shandera Workman, Gina Casada, Victoria Smith, Katelynn Wood
Science Fair Winners, Sixth Grade- Mollie Baker, gold; Holly O'Dell, gold; Nicole Yeoman, gold; Anh Nguyen, bronze; Taylor Camden, bronze; Bailey Strella, gold; Amie Howard, silver
Science Fair Winners, Seventh Grade- Corey Hounschell, gold; Craig Yeoman, gold; Taylor Munich, silver; Fisher Dowell, silver; Savanah Sweeton, bronze; Will Thrasher, bronze; Blake Ward, bronze
Better Water Week Poster Contest winners- Grand Prize, $150 gift certificate, Jessica Cashion; eighth grade winner, $100 gift certificate, Halie Endicott; seventh grade winner $100 gift certificate, James Michel; seventh grade runner-up, $50 gift certificate, Kelsey Pace; sixth grade winner, $100 gift certificate, Phillip Szulakiewicz; sixth grade runner-up, $50 gift certificate, Alex Deer. All gift certificates were from Northpark Mall.
Band Award- Corey Hounschell Junior High Honor Band participant.
Citizens of the Year- Eighth grade, Mary White and Brock Hunter; seventh grade, Mollie Sanders and Grant Ellis; sixth grade, Amy Howard and Richie Lyons
Journalism Club awards- Alex Needham, Dylan Prauser
Eighth Grade Communication Arts Awards- Best Writers- Jessica Cashion, Fox Navarre; top students- Jacob Brummer, Mayra Castaneda, Creative Writing- Mary White
More awards will be posted at a later date.
(Photos by Ashton White)

Hair today, gone tomorrow: no mo' 'fro

A fixture of South Middle School hit the stage floor during the talent show Friday when eighth grader Aaron Ebbs' signature Afro was shaved off, leaving him with a Mohawk.
The sacrifice came as a result of a bet between Ebbs and Mr. Mike Wallace, science teacher, on the outcome of the first eighth grade/faculty basketball game. If the faculty had lost, Wallace was going to shave his head, but the faculty won the game, which was held during seventh hour Thursday.
(Photos, from top, Mr. Wallace begins work on Aaron Ebbs' Afro; the finished product; the cheerleaders hard at work; a scene from the basketball game. Room 210 photos by Maddison Billings and Mr. Randy Turner)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mr. Russell's father passes away

Mr. Hudson Monroe Randall, 91, Joplin, father of South Middle School sixth grade science teacher Mr. Mark Russell, died Thursday night.
The following information was in his obituary:

Hudson Monroe Russell, age 91, of Joplin, passed away at 11:40 p.m. Thursday, May 18, 2006, at Missouri Veterans’ Home in Mount Vernon, Mo.
Born Oct. 26, 1914, in rural Aurora, Mo., he was the son of the late Ora G. and Elsie Hudson Russell and had lived in Joplin since 1949. He was a graduate of Joplin Business College. He served a four year enlistment in the United States Navy beginning in 1934, and reenlisted at the beginning of World War II, serving until Dec. 7, 1945. For 23 years he worked at the former Joplin Furniture Co., retiring as credit manager. He was a member of the Presbyterian churches in Aurora and Sarcoxie and Bethany Presbyterian Church in Joplin.
On Aug. 24, 1947, he married Charlene Purviance at the Presbyterian Church in Sarcoxie. She survives.
Additional survivors include a son, Mark Monroe Russell and his wife, Suzanne McCune Russell, of Jasper, Mo.; two grandchildren, Caleb and Molly Russell; a brother, Dale Russell, of southern California; two nieces, Laurie Russell and Jo Anne Homuth, of Washington State. A brother, John E. Russell; and two sisters, Nell Russell Hamlin and Mary Russell, preceded him in death.
Funeral services were held Monday at Parker Mortuary Chapel with Rodney Peters, Minister and Rev. Brock Watson officiating. Interment followed in Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery. The family served as pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers were members of the Kum Dubl Sunday School Class and World War II Veterans of the family and church.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Middle school survey results released

Joplin R-8 voters appear to approve a plan to build two middle schools and keep the number at three. They also don't want to have a school built on property the district owns at 50th Street.
Those were among the results of a survey commissioned by the R-8 Board of Education, which held a work session Friday to go over the information.
Find out more at the following links:
Joplin Globe article
Second Joplin Globe article
Joplin Daily article

Friday, May 19, 2006

Middle school survey results to be discussed

In a special meeting scheduled for noon today in the administration building, Joplin R-8 Board of Education members will review results of the middle school survey that was recently sent to area patrons.
In the survey, patrons were asked whether they would support building a new middle school and remodeling North Middle School for an estimated $26 million, or if they would rather build two middle schools and remodel North for an estimated $42.5 million.
The results of the survey will be released following the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Jim Simpson told the Joplin Daily.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

SMS Vocal Department spring program a smash hit

The South Middle School Vocal Department ended its 2005-2006 schedule on a high note Thursday night performing before a near-capacity crowd in the school auditorium.
The program included the five numbers from the sixth grade choir, with solos by Sarah Matthews, Jordan Chambers, and Alan Schilling; eight numbers by the Concert Choir, with solos by Becca Mascher, Arlisa Arwood, Grace Randolph, Lauren Bynum, and Spencer Moss, and four numbers by the Southern Belles with solos by Becca Mascher and Lauren Bynum.
The program concluded with the Mass Choir performing "God Bless the U.S.A. with soloist Spencer Moss.
Sixth Grade Choir members are: Merisha Alderman, Andrew Allen, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Tolby Clemons, Tanner Crawford, Kayra Dickey, Breanne Diles, Ariana Dudley, John Elick, Shane Ellis, Tara Fleming, Ashlee Ford, Jared Fuller, Christian Gates, Nicole Heese, Chelsea Hernandez, Jessica Highley, Erika Hinojosa, Rachelle Hughbank, William Ideker, Amanda Jones, Alex Karns, Katie Kemmery, Tera Knight, Jedidah Larson, Lauren Layne, Shelby-Nicole McDonald, Sarah Matthews, Holly O'Dell, Katie Phelps, Mackenzy Pierce-McCutcheon, Abby Sadler, Mariah Sanders, Adam Schilling, Beau Scroggins, Shelby Shumaker, Alex Smith, Adam Snearly, Sydney Snider, Molly VanSlyke, Cassie Wooldridge, Nichole Yeoman.
Concert Choir members are: Arlisa Arwood, Shakota Ball, John Beaman, Cheyenna Beck, Jaquelin Bogarin, Dakota Brigance, Aaron Brown, Lauren Bynum, Cameron Bryan, Gina Casada, Beau Carroll, Joanna Cole, Christen Cool, Samantha Cox, Mikaila Craig, Takada Davis, Hannah Doerge, Karly Dorland, Aaron Ebbs, Amber Ellis, Rachel Etheridge, Leah Forkner, Rachael Foster, Makenzie Freeman, Jacob Gammill, Justene Gowing, Paige Harmon, Jamie Hartje, Alexis Hawk, Colten Hawkins, Lacy Heiskell, Breanna Hendrix, Ashley Henson, Christy Hernandez, Jenny Hill, Joe Huddleston, Emily Houston, Alex Knapps, Kelley Leach, Breezy Leatherman, Roni Leonard, Grant Lewis, Loryn Ligon, Alyssa Loyd, Tessa Luper, Breanna Martin, Becca Mascher, Adriana Maturino, Kim McKeehan, Chelsea Moore, Amber Morris, Spencer Moss, Jessica Myers, Cheyla Navarre, Nayelli Ortiz, Jacob Oviedo, Kelsey Pace, Arlena Parks-Williams, Cindy Pham, Tymber Pope, Tiffany Porter, Dylan Prauser, Grace Randolph, Rachel Richins, Hannah Rosario, Jesse Rowe, Mollie Sanders, Cassey Schulze, Kaylee Sexton, Ashley Slaughterbeck, Abbi Smith, Amber Smith, Ashlea Smith, Hailey Smith, Matt Smith, Rochelle Stanley, Shanna Striegel, Briannetta Stringer, Kaitlin Sullivan, Shelby Sullivan, Dustin Trebbe, Taylor Tressler, Emily Tripoli, Christina Underwood, Wes Underwood, Miranda Veith, Sammy Warren, Caleb Wheeler, Ashley Whittington, Kendra Wilson, Tamera Wirick, Shandera Workman, Katie Wood, Jaclyn Wright, Tamara Zajac.
Members of the Southern Belles are: Arlisa Arwood, Lauren Bynum, Hannah Doerge, Leah Forkner, Christy Hernandez, Jenny Hill, Emily Houston, Breezy Leatherman, Tessa Luper, Becca Mascher, Amber Morris, Cindy Pham, Mollie Sanders, Abbi Smith, Ashlea Smith, Taylor Tressler, Kendra Wilson, Katie Wood, Jaclyn Wright, and Tamara Zajac.