Sunday, October 03, 2010

Free rice project helps students learn, helps feed others

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This week in Mr. Jason Weaver’s encore class, the students participated in a small classroom competition involving school subject questions.

eMINTS teachers are taught how to use Apple Mac computers, and the school provides the classroom with computers for the students to use. Mr. Weaver uses his eMINTS ability to its full potential.

The encore students worked together at, to learn while they feed people. “ is a website that donates rice to poor countries. Every time you choose the correct answer to a question involving math, science, and vocabulary, the website will donate ten grains of rice,” Mr. Weaver explains. Ten grains of rice may not sound like a lot, but every grain counts.

“Our class estimated that it takes one thousand grains of rice to feed one person. So, if they get one hundred questions right, they will have fed one person.” Mr. Weaver tells us.

“It felt pretty good, knowing that you were actually helping people, not just playing games. It was really exciting tallying up the scores,” Michael Crippen tells us.

After tallying the scores, the students of Mr. Weaver’s encore class raised about thirty-nine thousand grains of rice! In this one classroom, these students fed about thirty-nine people. Although there are over two million people that are hungry, the class knows that they made a difference in thirty-nine people’s lives.

For more information, contact Mr. Weaver at East Middle School.

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