Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neugebauer TA wins eighth grade tug of war contest

Mr. Brian Neugebauer's eighth grade TA won the annual Tug-of-War Contest Monday morning. The seventh and sixth grade contests will be held later. The video features the second place team, Ms. Lara Stamper's TA, as it fights to the finish against the Neugebauer juggernaut.

Members of Mr. Neugebauer's winning team are:

Krystal Schulze, Steven Putman, Taylor Shutte, Gracie Thornberry, Torri Ackerson, Tyler Burkhart, Morgan Osborn, Austin Boyd, Curtis Nollner, Anna Johnson, Courtney Burns, Hollis Cady, Caleb Garton, Tianna McCarthy, Hannah Hare, Shane Striegel, Sierra Bartholomew, Michael Oyler, Nathan Brummer, Billy Cotrill, Candice Smith

Seventh grade volleyball team beat Memorial; eighth grade falls

South Middle School's seventh grade volleyball team defeated Memorial in both the A and B matches Monday night. The accompanying video features the eighth grade A volleyball squad.
The eighth grade team fell in straight sets in the A and B matches.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football teams remain undefeated, recognized during assembly

Story and Photos by
Room 210 Staff Writers

The South/North Middle School seventh and eighth grade football teams remain undefeated following its first home game Thursday night. South Middle School's members of that team were recognized during a pep assembly Thursday afternoon in the South Middle School Auditorium.
Also recognized were members of the South volleyball team and the SMS cheerleaders.

Room 210 Interview: Rooker receives experience as principal

Room 210 Staff Writer

Last week, Mrs. Barbara Rooker, sixth grade math teacher, had a chance to fill in as an administrator while Assistant Principal Mr. Jarrett Cook was gone. She is the subject of the latest Room 210 interview.

ROOM 210- What was it like being the assistant principal the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Busy. Very busy. There’s a new challenge every day. But it’s fun.

ROOM 210- Do you want to be a principal some day?

MRS. ROOKER- Yes I do.

ROOM 210- Have you missed teaching math the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Yes I have. I miss my students.

ROOM 210- Has it been exciting the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Kind of. You never know what will happen next.

ROOM 210- What was the best part?

MRS. ROOKER- Kicking off the assembly (the pep rally). I liked pounding on the microphone, and everyone was looking around wondering where it was coming from.

(Photo by Ben Story)

Hat Day held Friday

Photos and Story by
Room 210 Staff Writer

Spirit Week at South Middle School concluded Friday with Hat Day. Spirit Week activities were sponsored by the SMS Student Council.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday was inside-out day at South

Room 210 Staff Writers

Inside-Out Day was held Tuesday at South Middle School as part of Spirit Week. The week began with everyone wearing the jerseys of their favorite professional football teams.
Big events remaining this week include the home football game against Columbus Thursday night with a pep rally that afternoon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seventh grade spikers defeat College Heights

The SMS seventh grade volleyball team defeated College Heights 23-25, 25-20, 25-14 tonight.
It was the first win for rookie coach Natalie Womack's squad.
Seventh grade volleyball players this year are: Megan Camden, Leigh Ann Craig, Abby Dial, Brittnie Hunter, Kelsey Johnson, Chancie McGowen, Emily Merrit, Chelsie Patch, Salena Perez, Alivia Plassman, Kym Resler, Mackenzie Shamblin, Stephanie Sommer, Kristen Tyler, Salena Valezquez, Hunter Winkle.

The eighth grade team lost to College Heights 25-20, 26-24.

(In the video, the seventh grade team scores its final point and celebrates its victory over the Cougars. In the photos, Chancie McGowen prepares to serve; Hunter Winkle, Leigh Ann Craig and Kelsey Johnson get ready for game two.)

The secrets of the big door

Room 210 Staff Writers

Did you ever notice this door in the auditorium?
If you didn’t, there is a big wooden door on the stage. William Hedrick,business teacher said it is used for storage. Mr. Hedrick said it was built when the school was built in 1926.

The door was a big mystery for most people at South. It has been here since the school was first built. Coach Daniels told Room 210 News that door was used for the curtains before it was put into use for storage.

Spirit Week set at South Middle School

Room 210 Staff Writers

Are you pumped for Spirit Week?

I know we are! Spirit Week is a week of fun for South Middle School and it will be held Monday, Sept. 22, through Friday, Sept. 26.

Thanks to our student council and principal we are able to support our football team. Every day we change up our style and mix it with crazy items like inside out day to confuse our opponents, socks to sock it to ‘em, and jerseys to show spirit and on Friday we will be wearing hats as in ‘hats off’ to eagles for our respect as they’ve been bringing home the victory!

Cheerleaders Allison Hankins and Elaina Warren say they are very excited and happy to be showing their school spirit and support. They will be participating every day.

Keeping up an original tradition, Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, also supported his team as he was in football, track, baseball, and basketball in his high school years. Psyched for our game against Columbus, Mr. Mitchell said, "We seem better this year; it’s cool and exciting because nothing beats a winning football team.

"It just makes the whole school feel better."

Sixth graders experiment with Skittles

Room 210 Staff Writer

On Aug. 27, Mrs. Joyce Hale's seventh hour science class performed a skittles experiment to help introduce the scientific method.
Using four different cups, they put different liquids one in each cup. These liquids are Water, Tonic-water, Twist-up, and Vinegar.
Every group had different color skittles than the other groups. Mrs. Hale picked out the different liquids by looking around her house. She had only done the experiment before with water. These groups were groups of four picked by the children.
Some of the group/s suggestions included using chocolate candies and using different types of pop.

Student Council cleans up around school

Story and Photos
Room 210 Staff Writer

South Middle School Student Council members do their part to make the community surrounding the school look clean and inviting.

On a regular basis, the council members pick up trash around the school. It has been a Student Council project for the last several years.

Eighth graders learn about presidential race

Mr. Rocky Biggers' fourth hour eighth grade social studies students explain why they chose their candidates for this year's presidential election which will be held Nov. 4. Those who are voting for John McCain are on the right:those who are voting for Obama are on the left.
Room 210 News will have more on students' reaction to the presidential race in the near future.

Bears attack South Middle School

Room 210 Staff Writers

On Sept. 18, we had a bunch of people bring their favorite teddy bears to school. We thought it would be fun if we could all bring our stuffed friends!
People who joined in the fun include Carson Jones, Madison Briggs, Allie Ritter, Ghenessa Moore, Courtney Burns, Shaney Delzell, and Kelsey Gould. Why bring your teddy bears to school? "We thought it would be cool if all the eighth graders brought their teddy bears to school... and all the sixth and seventh graders would be jealous!" Madison Briggs said.

(Pictured, left to right: Carson Jones, Allie Ritter, Courtney Burns, and Madison Briggs.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eighth grade volleyball team defeats North in season opener

The SMS eighth grade volleyball team opened its season Thursday night by sweeping North Middle School in matches played at Memorial.
The A team swept North in straight sets, while the B team won two out of three.

In the top video, the eighth grade A team scores the final point in game one. In the second, the cheerleaders root for the team.

Jasper joins SMS faculty

Room 210 Staff Writers

This year is Ms. Megan Jasper’s first year teaching seventh grade social studies. She recently sat down for an interview with Room 210 News.

Q: Do you like teaching this grade?
A: Yes I love this grade.

Q: How is the school year going so far?
A: Really good. I like meeting all the students.

Q: Do you like what you are teaching?
A: Yes I think it is the best subject ever!

Q: Do you like all of your students?
A: Yes but some times they can get real rowdy.

Q: How do you like being an E-Mints teacher?
A: It is completely different but its very cool.

Q: How do you think the school year will go?
A: Very well everybody will get to know each other and have a great and fun time.

Q: Why do you like teaching?
A: I like it because I get the weekend off and I get to get a brake from the students. I also think it is the best job ever.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
A: Mr. (Jason) Weaver (former SMS social studies teacher) will come in and help me with E-Mints. Social studies is one of my favorite subjects I hate math because all my math teachers were really bad.

(Photo by Ben Story)

Drama class presents inspirational 9-11 program

The SMS drama class, under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper, presented an inspirational program today in observance of the seventh anniversary of 9-11. More information about the program will be featured later on Room 210 News:

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Special education teachers meet

South Middle School special education teachers met after school Tuesday to discuss the 2008-2009 school year.

Joplin Middle School Association forming

Memorial Middle School Principal Steve Gilbreth spoke to SMS administrators and faculty Thursday about the new Joplin Middle School Association. (Room 210 photo by Ben Story)

SMS volleyballers prepare for opener

In this video by Ben Story, South Middle School volleyball players prepare for their Sept. 11 opener at Memorial Middle School, when they will play host to North.

South alumnus Jessica Hill, JHS volleyball to open tonight

All-Ozark Conference senior Jessica Hill, a South Middle School alumnus, will be in the starting lineup when the Joplin High School team opens its 2008 season tonight at home against Carl Junction.

Hill is a three-year starter for Coach Sandy Shelley.

Quiz Bowl holds first meeting

Room 210 Staff Writer

The South Middle School Quiz Bowl team met Wednesday in Mr. Randy Turner's room. Meetings will be held Wednesdays after school and Tuesdays before school.

For the first time, South will have a sixth grade quiz bowl team, also.

"I'm glad Quiz Bowl is starting because I am going to be a captain this year," eighth grader Joey Capehart said.

Team members are:

Eighth grade- Calvin Alumbaugh, Joey Capehart, Wesley Estes, Danielle Doerr, Ben Story, Elaina Warren.

Seventh grade- Alex Capehart, Drew Cox, Taryn Parker

Sixth grade- Chris Dumas, DeVaughn Simmons, Cheynoah Slate, Aaron Tucker