Thursday, September 09, 2010

Drama students offer inspirational tribute to 9-11 victims

Staff Writer

In honor of those who died in the tragedy that occurred Sept. 11, 2001, East Middle School drama students held a performance Thursday, Sept. 8.

Under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper, the students put on footage of 9-11 and a reenactment of what some of the people might have gone through that day.

The audience was impressed and emotional and the teachers were proud of the respect the students showed.

"The reason we do these performances," Ms. Stamper said, "is so we don't forget. We shouldn't forget all the great volunteers and people who risked their lives to save people they'd never met."

Ms. Stamper also told students about a program the school is doing where it will "adopt" troops in Iraq. The students will start by sending letters to the troops.

(Video by Rylee Hartwell)

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