Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch menus for Nov. 24-25

Monday, November 24
Breakfast- Ham and cheese rollup, fruit juice
Lunch-Hot and spicy chicken on bun, pizza bar

Tuesday, November 25

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs, Hash brown potato
Lunch-Nacho Grande, Tacos

Butterflies galore at SMS

Room 210 Staff Writer

The butterflies attack the second flour of South Middle School!
Mr. Mike Wallace, eighth grade science teacher, did a lesson on adaptation using butterflies. The students in his class had to color paper butterflies to “adapt” to their environment. I participated in this activity in first hour, my advanced science class with Mr. Wallace.

Dylan Caldwell, eighth grade student, said,“I just did what he said, cut the butterfly out, colored it, put tape on it, and put it on the wall where we wanted it. It all started Tuesday, this week. We studied Charles Darwin and that the survivors always ended up the ones with successful reproduction.”

Lisa Bromley said, “Mr. Wallace told us that animals would change to fit their environment and survive. We all had to get butterflies and color them. Then put them on the hallway walls. The sixth graders then tried to find the butterflies.” All off the students had fun and wished they could’ve did it again after they finished the first set of butterflies.

Mr. Wallace gave us the real reasons why and when this all happened, “We started studying yesterday on that topic. We did it because the students had to learn about how the better adapted the animal(s) are then the most likely they are to survive.” A swarm of butterflies have hit SMS! All next year’s eighth graders will probably have to do the same activity. At least the swarm will be gone … for now!

SMS has first Wrestling match!

Here are the results of the last wresting competition:

John Brewer- Five to Nothing,
Cory Miller- Nine to Nothing lead to Chris Bunch,
Mason Johnson- Four to One- pinned in 2nd period,
Devon Plassman- Five to Zero- pinned to Alex Ran,
Damien Mitchell- Seven to Nothing when he was pinned in 2nd period,
Michael Oiler- pinned Quincy DeChance/ pinned in 2nd period,
Wesley Hooks- pinned Jared Baiter.

You can find their schedule on Room 210 News.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quiz bowl team claims first trophy

South Middle School Team 2 won the Oct. 20 Academic Challenge in Language Arts held at Carl Junction Middle School.

The team, consisting of Joey Capehart, captain; Elaina Warren, Drew Cox, and Abby Bass, won seven games and lost two during the round-robin competition, then defeated Carl Junction I in a playoff. This was the first time South has won the competition. The South I team, consisting of Calvin Alumbaugh, captain; Wes Estes, Lisa Bromley, and Ben Story, took third place.

The team took the traveling trophy to Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School Monday, Nov. 17, with Team 2 tying for third place with Diamond, behind Carl Junction in second place, and College Heights in first.

The next Academic Challenge will be a math competition in January at Diamond Middle School.

(From left, Drew Cox, Joey Capehart, Elaina Warren, Abby Bass; photo by Mrs. Lisa Simmons)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural Disaster performs at benefit show

Eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr, Randy Turner's band, Natural Disaster,performed Saturday night at the benefit music show:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mrs. Ervin entertains at benefit music show

The performance of South Middle School resource teacher Clara Ervin was one of the highlights of Saturday night's benefit music show:

Evolution of Dance performs at benefit music show

The benefit music show Saturday night in the South Middle School Auditorium raised more than $900 to help Columbia Elementary custodian Leroy Wilson with medical expenses.

Anong the highlight performances was "Evolution of Dance" featuring SMS teachers under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper. Among the teachers participating were Mrs. Angel Mense, Mrs. Linda Weaver, Mrs. Kathy Baker, and Miss Areke Worku:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New members welcomed to South family

South Middle School staff welcomed two new members to the family, following presentations at the recent teacher in-service day. Rachael Cook, daughter of Assistant Principal and Mrs. Jarrett Cook, and Brenlea Delzell, daughter of Officer and Mrs. Jared
Delzell, were honored during a reception in the library.

Eighth grade B team defeats North

A last second steal and basket by Danielle Doerr sealed an 18-15 win for the South Middle School eighth grade B team in its season opener against North Monday night.

With sounding holding on to a precarious 16-15 lead, Doerr swiped the ball from North and passed it to Lexi Brown, who fed Doerr for the two-pointer just before the buzzer.

South trailed most of the game before taking the lead for good on a Brittany Hudson basket midway through the fourth quarter. Hudson was South's leading scorer with eight points, followed by Brown with six and Doerr and Allie Ritter with two apiece.

(Photos- Top, Brittany Hudson drives the lane during the B game. Bottom, Morgan Jones plays solid defense during the A game.)

In the A game, North defeated South 20-15. The score was tied 8-8 at halftime, but North ran off the first six points of the second half. Eliza Fausto broke the scoring drought, driving in for a layup, then South pulled to within two when a North player scored at the wrong basket.

The Eagles scored only three more points, a Danielle Doerr basket from a Torri Ackerson assist, and a Faust free throw. Faust led South with five points, followed by Ackerson with four, Sierra Bartholomew with two, and Doerr with two.

South is playing at McDonald County tonight.

Legendary Evolution of Dance scheduled for benefit music show

One night only, Saturday, Nov. 15, the legendary Evolution of Dance, performed by South Middle School teachers, with choreography from Ms. Lara Stamper, will be performed in the SMS Auditorium.

The performance is part of the benefit music program to raise money for medical expenses for Columbia Elementary custodian Leroy Wilson, who is battling cancer.

The program will begin at 6 p.m. with SMS teacher Mrs. Clara Ervin singing, followed by about an hour from the rock/country band Natural Disaster, featuring eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner. Other acts with connections to South include Storm Whittington and Alex Cole, and Haley Bowers.

The evening will conclude with about an hour of music from the prominent Joplin-based southern gospel group, The Victorymen. The Victorymen's lead singer is Mr. Rocky Biggers, eighth grade history teacher.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thriller of a reading promotion assembly held

Room 210 Editor

If South Middle School students can read 1,200 books between now and Christmas vacation, not just one Michael Jackson but two will visit the school.
A student vote determined that Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal; and Mr. Jarrett Cook, assistant principal, will dance to "Thriller" if the students reach their reading goal. The announcement was made during an assembly today during TA.

(Video by Carson Jones)

During the reading promotion, the reading teachers will give students forms to fill out after the students finish reading their books. The assembly to announce the results of the promotion and whether Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cook will imitate Michael Jackson will be held the last day before winter break.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sixth grade quiz bowl team has first meet

Room 210 Staff Writer

On Oct. 20, Mrs. Lisa Simmons sixth grade quiz bowl team had its first meet at Carl Junction Junior High doing Language Arts.

Though the team did not place at the meet, everyone had a great time, Mrs. Simmons said.
The team was very excited and very nervous, she said.
Team members are:
Caleb Adams, Ryan Beall, Alex Capehart, Jake Cook, Chris Dumas, Paige Earl, Anthony Grubb, Nalynn Gurley, Jalynn Hood, Sharon Jennings, Anna McCann, Miranda Murphy, DeVaughn Simmons, Cheynoah Slate, Chandler Smith, Eric Stone, Aaron Tucker, and Karin Willis. Their next meet will be Nov. 17 at Thomas Jefferson, and the subject will be science.

Lunch menus for Nov. 10-14 provided

Monday, Nov. 10

English Muffin w/
Ham & Cheese
*Hash Brown Potato


Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Bar

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Chicken Nuggets
Scrambled Eggs w/

Nacho Grande

Wed., Nov. 12

Sausage Patty
Fruit Juice

Baked Potato Bar
Chili Con Carne

Special Dessert

Cinnamon Roll

Thursday, Nov. 13

Biscuit & Sausage
*Hash Brown Potato

Meat Balls w/
Teriyaki Sauce
Chicken Nuggets

Friday, Nov. 14


Ham & Cheese Rollup
*Hash Brown Potato

Nacho Grande

Special Dessert

Chocolate Chip Cookie

South Middle School girls basketball schedule

Thursday, Nov. 6- Nevada 7-8 A&B at South
Monday , Nov. 10- North 7 A&B at Mem. Hall
Monday , Nov. 10- North 8 A&B at MMS Gym
Tuesday , Nov. 11- McDonald CO. 7 A&B at Anderson Elem.
Tuesday , Nov. 11- McDonald CO. 8 A&B at Anderson M.S.
Thursday , Nov. 13- Carthage 7 A&B at South
Thursday , Nov. 13- Carthage 8 A&B at South
Friday , Nov. 14- East Newton 7-8 A&B at Triway**

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Top talent from South to perform at benefit talent show

When one of their own faces problems, the people in the Joplin R-8 School District are quick to respond.

Staff and students from Joplin R-8 schools will perform during a benefit music program 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, in the South Middle School Auditorium.

South faculty members scheduled to perform include:

-An hour of gospel music from Mr. Rocky Biggers' group, The Victorymen

-An hour of rock and country oldies from Mr. Randy Turner's group, Natural Disaster.

-Songs from Mrs. Clara Ervin

-Evolution of Dance performance by SMS teachers, led by Ms. Lara Stamper

A suggested donation of $5 will be taken at the door.

Drawings will be held for Natural Disaster CDs and copies of Mr. Turner's books, Small Town News, Devil's Messenger, and The Turner Report.