Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MacKenszee Roberts to attend Scholars Academy

Joplin High School sophomore Mackenszee Roberts, a former South Middle School student, has been selected to attend the annual Missouri Scholars Academy in Columbia. The following news release was issued by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Three hundred and thirty gifted students from public and private high schools across the state have been selected to attend the 2008 Missouri Scholars Academy which will be held June 8-28 at the University of Missouri campus.

Established in 1985, the Scholars Academy is a unique and concentrated “summer school” for academically gifted rising juniors. Every public and private high school in Missouri may nominate at least one student for the annual state-funded program.

The Scholars Academy is sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, with support from the University of Missouri which has hosted the academy every year since its inception. Scholars live in university dorms for the duration of the academy.

Participants in the Scholars Academy do not earn grades or academic credit. They select one academic subject in math, science, social studies or the humanities as their “major” topic of study at the academy. The program also features a rich variety of lectures, workshops and guest speakers.

This year, students may choose courses that focus on architecture, religion, the Middle East, Japanese language and culture, marine biology, leadership skills, understanding modern art, understanding Socrates, and many others.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Third quarter honor roll released

Students making the third quarter honor roll at South Middle School are:

Eighth Grade- Spencer Abts, Molly Baker, Jonathan Ballard, Kirsti Banning, Lindsey Beall, Joseph Bennett, Emylee Brown, Sara Buck, Tozia Burress, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Marcus Clark, Cecil Cornish, Natasha Coursey, Matthew Cruzan, Brittney DeMasters, Breanne Diles, Derek Dillon, Gareth Evans, Taylor Fetterman, Brittany Frisbie, Devyn Hale, Dustin Hall, Gage Haskew, Jeffrey Haynes, Aron Hembree, Zach Hibbard, Icesus Holland, Brandon Holman, Amie Howard, Rebecca Huff, Josefina Irrizary, Joselyn Irrizary, Jacob Johnson, Amanda Jones, Alex Kangethe, Alex Karns, Sarah Kessler, Tera Knight, Allie Lacey, Blake Lamb, Lauren Layne, Sydney Long, Thomas Loucks, Hunter Lynn, Jacob Lyons, Wade Mathis, Candace McGillvray, Nicholas McIntosh, Ian McPherson, Mary Jean Miller, Brittany Mitchell, Ian Mitchell, Victoria Mitchell, Ann Nguyen, Billy Nguyen, Holly O'Dell, Olivyah Parker, Andrew Perry, Sarah Phillips, Chloe Potts, Justice Pulliam, Shalea Purdy, Blake Putnam, Gilbert Randolph, Bryan Ross, Joshua Ruiz, McKinzy Sadler, Mariah Sanders, Adam Schilling, Daniel Scott, Beau Scroggins, Adrienne Self, Unyajit Sirichok, Candace Smith, Adam Snearly, Shawn Spicer, Brett Stearnes, Bayley Strella, Nathan Stripling, Raven Taylor, Jeffrey Terry, Raycee Thompson, Christian Underwood, Brittany Utley, Greg VanLoon, Kyle Vene, Jamie Walters, Hannah Ward, Casee Wheeler, Nichole Yeoman

Seventh Grade- Torri Ackerson, Calvin Alumbaugh, Dalton Anderson, Jodi Anderson, Victoria Baker, Sierra Bartholomew, Abigail Bass, Eric Bauersfield, Lisa Bromley, Charlee Brown, Casey Burkhart, Austin Burns, Elmer Byrd, Joseph Capehart, Chelsea Clevenger, Alex Cole, Ronald Darby, Aaron Daum, Shaney Delzell, Danielle Doerr, Karissa Dowell, Caroline Dutton, Preston Eafrati, Callum Eldred, Wesley Estes, Judith Fausto, Caleb Garton, Danielle Gideon, Kelsey Gould, Tera Hall, Olivia Hampton, Allison Hankins, Hannah Hare, Shanice Hazley, Elisabeth Heimberg, Alex Hill, Esteban Hinijosa, Kevin Justus, Brandon Laub, Nicholas Laub, Kylie Lewsader, Hunter Mills, Damon Monasco, Alexander Musgrave, Hailey Oxford, Spencer Peterson, Devin Plassman, Thomas Richins, Alexandra Ritter, Bryson Sexton, Victoria Thompson, Theodora Voutiritsas, Elaina Warren, Ethan Warstler, Andrew Welch, Ashley Wescoat, Allison White, Storm Whittington, Alexis Woods, Emily Yarbrough

Sixth Grade- Tiffanie Alexander, Desirae Anaya, Mason Atwood, Trinity Bennett, Joceline Bogarin, Kenneth Braun, Alexander Bryant, Meagan Camden, Preston Carpenter, Kasen Chew, Damian Cochran, India Coleman, Heather Copeland, Drew Cox, Leigh Ann Craig, Khristopher Dailey, Gavin DePaul, Shelbie DeWitt, Abigail Dial, Aaron Dunaway, Katelyn Earl, Bain Edens, Sammatha Eshom, Oswaldo Gomez, Kenny Gonzalez, Kaci Gowen, Khaled Graham, Lane Grimes, Bailey Hale, Chase Hall, Erica Handy, Aleecia Hardin, Cayley Hardison, Haleigh Hawkins, December Hedge, Sarah Heimberg, Chandlar Hendrix, Stesha Hiebert, Wesley Hooks, Courtney Huggins, Colton Johnson, Keaton Jones, Bradley Kennedy, Spencer Layne, Jessica Little, Joanna Lopez, Amanda Marvin, Chanci McGowen, Nicholas McKay, Bethany Meehl, Emily Merritt, Robert Metsker, Preston Miller, Jacie Mitchell, Morgan Osburn, Alexandra Oviedo, Austin Oxford, Taryn Parker, Hailee Peek, Amara Pendergraft, Alivia Plassman, Stormi Potts, Gannon Purdy, Cole Putney, Kahla Quinn, Luke Randolph, Kymbre Resler, Amanda Schilling, Keyna Schmidt, MacKenzie Shamblin, Marissa Shofner, Scott Simmons, Eric Spicer, Devon Stahl, Shaffer Stevens, Christian Still, Alexander Tanner, Stephen Tatum, Ashley Taylor, Cheyenne Thomason, Kylee Tipton, Kristen Tyler, Zachary VanLoon, Michael VanSlyke, Georgina Velazquez, Brooklyn Vickers, Nicole Walker, Trevor Walker, Lesley Wallace, Megan Walls, Rebekah Walters, Robert Walters, Alexia Westfall, Caleb Willis, Dayza Winters

Final exams set in algebra

Room 210 News Editor

On May 6, all eighth grade advanced math students will start taking the final exam for algebra, (the exam will last for about 2 class periods). The final exam for algebra is a test over everything the students have covered over the year. Mr. Brian Neugebauer, teacher, compared the exam to the MAP, except this test will cover what the advanced math students have been covering, because it was made for algebra students, not eighth grade math students.

The government recently decided that since algebra is a high school class middle schoolers taking algebra should be held to the same responsibilities of covering the material and knowing it. From here on out, if this works well with this year's students, all algebra students in middle school will be required to take the final exam for algebra.

This year, the exam will count for 15 percent of the eighth grade algebra students' grade for fourth quarter. Next year, the exam will count for 25 percent of the eighth grade algebra students' grade for fourth quarter. Whether a student does well on the exam or not will not affect his or her placement for next year, but this test will help teachers see if a student may need to retake the class again. This test now helps parents and teachers have a better idea of where a student should be, Mr. Neugebauer said.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Groundbreaking held for new South Middle School

Room 210 Staff Writer

Imagine yourself walking into the new South Middle School. Well, that vision
will soon become reality because in 2009 the South Middle School will be finished.
The groundbreaking, which was held March 27, was not just breaking ground, there is a lot more to it. Mr. Ron Mitchell, South Middle School principal, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.
"A lot of people went there," Mr. Mitchell said. "There was the superintendent, architects, R. E. Smith (the contractor), and the principals of all the district. Everybody had gold shovels who were doing the groundbreaking. They didn't really have to dig into the ground. R. E. Smith already dug up some dirt."

Dr. Jim Simpson, superintendent, Mr. Mitchell, the boss of R. E. Smith, and a school board member spoke at the groundbreaking. Mr. Mitchell is excited about the new
South because the rooms are going to be bigger, there is not going to be a
gravel playground anymore, and students will have a new school because the old
South is 87 years old and not very safe.

"It was built to last a long time, but we need more room." All the teachers at South and some new teachers are going to teach at the new South, Mr. Mitchell said.

Students from Cecil Floyd, Stapleton, and Irving will go to the new South Middle school.

(Joplin R-8 School District photos)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Joplin R-8 superintendent hired

(From the Joplin R-8 School District website)

The Joplin Board of Education has named Dr. C.J. Huff as the new Superintendent of Joplin Schools. The selection follows a comprehensive search by the Missouri School Boards' Association, interviews of several top applicants, and a unanimous vote by Joplin's Board of Education. Dr. Huff will begin leading the district on July 1, 2008.

Dr. Huff is currently the Superintendent for Eldon R-I School District in Eldon, Missouri, where he has served for four years. He began his career as a third grade teacher in Pleasanton, Kansas, and began his administrative responsibilities as an assistant principal in Bolivar, Missouri. He is now completing his tenth year in school administration.

Dr. Huff received his Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Pittsburg State University, his Masters and Specialist Degree from Missouri State University, and his Doctorate degree from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Kessler, Strella tops among eighth grade science fair contestants

Room 210 Staff Writer

The 8th grade winners for this year's science fair project were Sarah Kessler and Bayley Strella, both of Mr. Wallace's class.
Sarah Kessler's experiment was about the refraction of water with and without sugar. " First, I mixed up several water/sugar solutions and then I measured the differences of the index of refraction when a laser light was shone through a prism holding the solutions. I discovered that the more sugar there is dissolved in a liquid, the more the light refracts," Sarah said.
Sarah thought of this idea from an online site and her love for science, she said. Her favorite branch of science is physics. Sarah said, " No matter how complicated your science fair experiment is, you can always ace your project because it's all about presentation in a very scientific way.

Bayley Strella's experiment was about what diet affects earthworms' growth. It was eggshells and coffee grounds. She found the idea for this in a book. The experiment took about five weeks and she did so by taking a clear container and putting it next to a glass door so that they could receive sunlight.

Freshman cheerleaders selected

Room 210 Staff Writer

Freshmen. In high school. To the 8th graders, this is a big step. But there are some who like to go higher than just the title of Freshman.
Some of these people are Sara Buck, Taylor Camden, Emylee Brown, Candace McGillvray, and Mary Jean Miller. These are the names of the new freshman cheerleaders at Joplin High School. Out of 25 girls, only 16 made it. Congratulations to the new Freshman Cheerleading Squad!