Thursday, December 11, 2008

Middle school dance is Friday

Room 210 Staff Writer

The Joplin middle school eighth grade Christmas dance will be held on Friday, Dec. 12, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Admission to the dance will be a small amount of $3. The theme of the dance is “black light” and South Middle School Student Council leader Mr. Rocky Biggers recommends wearing “either really bright clothing so that you glow, really dark clothing so that no one will be able to see you, or a mix of dark and light so that people can see the glowing part of you but they can’t see the part that doesn’t glow.” He said that what he would he would wear is “all black clothing with white tennis shoes and white gloves.”

Principals, student council leaders, police officers, and some parents from all three middle schools will be at the dance to “keep track of everything.”
Food and beverage items such as punch, soda, and cookies will be available. Polaroid will also be at the dance taking group photos, couple photos, and individual photos, as well.
The Memorial Middle School Student Council has decided to take a count of everyone who attends the dance and then take the count times three and give the right amount of money to the right school. Mr. Biggers thought that this was a perfect example of “no taxation without representation.”
Most of the money that the Joplin middle schools make from the dance between concessions and admission will be used to pay for dance expenses. These expenses include food, beverages, decorations, and the police officers. After the expenses have been paid, the middle school student councils will know exactly how much money they have left and then they can make their choices on what to do with it.

Seventh grade basketball team selected

Room 210 Sports Writer

The South Middle School seventh grade basketball team was chosen following two days of tryouts last week.

Team members are: Charlie Brown, Quantal Brown, Keantavious Burns, Khaled Graham, Lane Grimes, Chase Hall, Tyson Hardee, Wesley Hooks, Colton Johnson, Dillon McVay, Preston Miller, Jesse Sammet, Eli Taylor, Michael VannSlyke, and Trevor Walker.

Twilight falls on SMS

Room 210 Staff Writers

Recently, all you hear about at South Middle School is Twilight, Twilight, Twilight! Everyone has read the book, seen the movie, or at least heard the books and movie are amazing.
All the girls are in love with either Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, to popular characters in this story. One seventh grader referred to Edward as “spicy”. Fans of the movie and books agreed that all the characters looked just like they pictured them in the books.
Students at South who have not seen the movie are very excited to see it. It is definitely the talk of the school. Thanks to the great movie and non-stop talk about Twilight, you can see the books being read everywhere. “The Twilight books are always out. I have a ‘reserved list’ going all the way to February!” says Mrs. Turner, the school’s librarian.
Everybody’s favorite scenes from the movie are the baseball scene, where Edward takes Bella to his family’s baseball game out by the woods, and the fight scene, where Bella and James meet and Edward has to save Bella and kill James. Also, Twilight fans’ favorite character is Edward followed by Jacob, of course!
So Twilight has been a huge hit! Fans can’t wait until December 2009 for the sequel New Moon. Hopefully that will be just as good as the first one!

Biggers takes lead in Penny Wars

Room 210 Staff Writer

As the Penny Wars continue at South Middle School, Mr. Rocky Biggers has taken the lead with $ 37.98, Mrs. Barbara Rooker is second with $ 28.26 and Mrs. Jamie Washburn is last with $ 25.43.

The rules have been changed this year, however. Now all the money you place in a jar is counted as a vote. This upsets a lot of students who have placed a lot of silver and paper money in the jars of people they don’t want to see dressed up as an elf. Hurry everyone put money in for the one you want! The last day is Dec. 18th at 3 p.m.

You may be wondering where the money is going. On the last day of school before Christmas Break, Student Council takes the money to go buy toys for kids. Then, they hand the toys over to the Fire Department. Student Council has no idea who gets the toys.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Boy`s Basketball Tryouts

On December 4th and 5th, South will hold 7th and 8th Grade Boys` Basketball Tryouts.
They will be in the Gymnasium at 5:00 p.m. Come out and do your best to join our team and bring home victory! Go Eagles!

Lunch menus for December 9-12

The Lunch Menu for Monday is Mozzarella Cheese Sticks or Pizza Bar,
Tuesday is Nacho Grande or a Burrito,
Wednesday is Baked Potato Bar or a Chili Cheese Dog with Cinnamon Roll.
Thursday is Finger Steaks,
Friday is Nachos or Enchilada Casserole with Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Funeral services set for Stormy Hinklin

(The following information was provided by Parker Mortuary)

Stormy Lynn Hinklin, age 12, Joplin, passed away at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, November 30, 2008 at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, after a sudden illness.
Stormy was born September 10, 1996 in Joplin to Peggy J. Williams and the late Charles E. Hinklin and had lived in Joplin all of her life.

Stormy was currently a sixth grade student at South Middle School and was a member of the student council. She was on the ‘A’ honor roll and was a four year academic all-star; played viola and was a member of the school orchestra. She was a member of Crossroads Baptist Church in Carthage and was active with the youth bus ministry there.

Stormy is survived by her mother, Peggy Coleman; her dads, Carl Coleman and Gary Garde; seven sisters, Autumn and Mary Moorehead, Joplin, Dixie Moorehead, Neosho, Jennifer Phillips and husband, Shannon, Joplin, Shannan Adams and husband, Chip, Carthage, Karen Hampton and husband, Barney, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Sherry Stegall and husband, Johnny, Steel, Missouri; one brother, Charles Hinklin, Blytheville, Arkansas; fourteen nieces and nephews; and numerous aunts and uncles.

Stormy was preceded in death by her father, Charles E. Hinklin; and maternal grandparents, Jack and Judy Williams.

Services will be Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Southside Baptist Church. Rev. Bob Morgan will officiate. Interment will follow at Fairview Cemetery. Pallbearers will be John Jett, Marshal Daniels, Joe Groce, Lonnie Michael, Justin Williams, and Mike Massengill. The family will receive friends from 7-8:00 p.m. Friday at Parker Mortuary.

Monday, December 01, 2008

More photos from Nov. 15 benefit

(From top: first two pictures, Mr. Rocky Biggers, eighth grade history teacher, sings with his group, the Victorymen; Storm Whittington and Lynn Shepherd; Haley Bowers and Hannah Cady; Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communication arts teacher, sings with his group, Natural Disaster; Mrs. Clara Ervin, resource teacher; Ms. Lara Stamper, sixth grade science and drama teacher. Room 210 photos by Raycee Thompson)

Dealing with the death of a student

(The following article is reprinted from eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner's blog, The Turner Report. Stormy Hinklin, 12, a sixth grader at South Middle School died Saturday.)

Nothing is more difficult for a school than dealing with the death of a student.

It was a story I had to cover numerous times during my days at The Carthage Press. Many times it was the result of automobile accidents, some involving drunk driving.

I have only had one time during my 10 years as a teacher when someone who was a student of mine died during the school year. Sixth grader Kelsey Anderson was no longer in my writing class at Diamond Middle School when she died in a trailer fire, but that did not make things any less difficult. Especially considering that school officials did not think it was necessary to call in extra counselors or to prepare students and staff.

Despite the fact that Kelsey was no longer enrolled in my class when she died, I kept thinking of how she rarely spoke in class, and I knew I had not done enough during the nine weeks she had in my class to make an effort to get to know her.

One of the misconceptions about the death of a student is that it will only affect those who knew the student well, those who were his or her friends.

That is not the case.

It is a shattering reminder to students that not even their youth is a guarantee that they will be here tomorrow. For some, it is their first time dealing with death.

Students and staff at South Middle School, where I teach eighth grade communication arts, return from the holiday weekend today to face a sad task. Though staff have been informed, many students are not aware that sixth grader Stormy Hinklin, a Student Council member, is no longer with us.

We knew before the break that despite her youth, she suffered an apparent heart attack several days ago and was in critical condition at a local hospital. Students were working on cards for Stormy before we left for that she will never see.

My heart goes out to Stormy's family. I cannot even imagine having to go through the death of one so young, one who had been so full of life, and had so much to contribute.

I also feel for her teachers and for the sixth graders and Student Council members who will deal with her death today and for quite a while to come. We have a staff meeting scheduled for 7:30 this morning, and counselors will be available for students and staff members who need them.

And even though my eighth graders, for the most part, did not know Stormy, judging from my experience at Diamond when Kelsey Anderson died, I know it is not going to be easy for them.

I never had the privilege of meeting or talking with Stormy Hinklin, and that is my loss.

Her death, a loss for South Middle School and for those who knew her, is a reminder that we need to appreciate life and take advantage of every moment we have on this earth.

(Information on Stormy Hinklin's funeral services and more about her life will be featured later on Room 210 News.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch menus for Nov. 24-25

Monday, November 24
Breakfast- Ham and cheese rollup, fruit juice
Lunch-Hot and spicy chicken on bun, pizza bar

Tuesday, November 25

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs, Hash brown potato
Lunch-Nacho Grande, Tacos

Butterflies galore at SMS

Room 210 Staff Writer

The butterflies attack the second flour of South Middle School!
Mr. Mike Wallace, eighth grade science teacher, did a lesson on adaptation using butterflies. The students in his class had to color paper butterflies to “adapt” to their environment. I participated in this activity in first hour, my advanced science class with Mr. Wallace.

Dylan Caldwell, eighth grade student, said,“I just did what he said, cut the butterfly out, colored it, put tape on it, and put it on the wall where we wanted it. It all started Tuesday, this week. We studied Charles Darwin and that the survivors always ended up the ones with successful reproduction.”

Lisa Bromley said, “Mr. Wallace told us that animals would change to fit their environment and survive. We all had to get butterflies and color them. Then put them on the hallway walls. The sixth graders then tried to find the butterflies.” All off the students had fun and wished they could’ve did it again after they finished the first set of butterflies.

Mr. Wallace gave us the real reasons why and when this all happened, “We started studying yesterday on that topic. We did it because the students had to learn about how the better adapted the animal(s) are then the most likely they are to survive.” A swarm of butterflies have hit SMS! All next year’s eighth graders will probably have to do the same activity. At least the swarm will be gone … for now!

SMS has first Wrestling match!

Here are the results of the last wresting competition:

John Brewer- Five to Nothing,
Cory Miller- Nine to Nothing lead to Chris Bunch,
Mason Johnson- Four to One- pinned in 2nd period,
Devon Plassman- Five to Zero- pinned to Alex Ran,
Damien Mitchell- Seven to Nothing when he was pinned in 2nd period,
Michael Oiler- pinned Quincy DeChance/ pinned in 2nd period,
Wesley Hooks- pinned Jared Baiter.

You can find their schedule on Room 210 News.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quiz bowl team claims first trophy

South Middle School Team 2 won the Oct. 20 Academic Challenge in Language Arts held at Carl Junction Middle School.

The team, consisting of Joey Capehart, captain; Elaina Warren, Drew Cox, and Abby Bass, won seven games and lost two during the round-robin competition, then defeated Carl Junction I in a playoff. This was the first time South has won the competition. The South I team, consisting of Calvin Alumbaugh, captain; Wes Estes, Lisa Bromley, and Ben Story, took third place.

The team took the traveling trophy to Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School Monday, Nov. 17, with Team 2 tying for third place with Diamond, behind Carl Junction in second place, and College Heights in first.

The next Academic Challenge will be a math competition in January at Diamond Middle School.

(From left, Drew Cox, Joey Capehart, Elaina Warren, Abby Bass; photo by Mrs. Lisa Simmons)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural Disaster performs at benefit show

Eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr, Randy Turner's band, Natural Disaster,performed Saturday night at the benefit music show:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mrs. Ervin entertains at benefit music show

The performance of South Middle School resource teacher Clara Ervin was one of the highlights of Saturday night's benefit music show:

Evolution of Dance performs at benefit music show

The benefit music show Saturday night in the South Middle School Auditorium raised more than $900 to help Columbia Elementary custodian Leroy Wilson with medical expenses.

Anong the highlight performances was "Evolution of Dance" featuring SMS teachers under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper. Among the teachers participating were Mrs. Angel Mense, Mrs. Linda Weaver, Mrs. Kathy Baker, and Miss Areke Worku:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New members welcomed to South family

South Middle School staff welcomed two new members to the family, following presentations at the recent teacher in-service day. Rachael Cook, daughter of Assistant Principal and Mrs. Jarrett Cook, and Brenlea Delzell, daughter of Officer and Mrs. Jared
Delzell, were honored during a reception in the library.

Eighth grade B team defeats North

A last second steal and basket by Danielle Doerr sealed an 18-15 win for the South Middle School eighth grade B team in its season opener against North Monday night.

With sounding holding on to a precarious 16-15 lead, Doerr swiped the ball from North and passed it to Lexi Brown, who fed Doerr for the two-pointer just before the buzzer.

South trailed most of the game before taking the lead for good on a Brittany Hudson basket midway through the fourth quarter. Hudson was South's leading scorer with eight points, followed by Brown with six and Doerr and Allie Ritter with two apiece.

(Photos- Top, Brittany Hudson drives the lane during the B game. Bottom, Morgan Jones plays solid defense during the A game.)

In the A game, North defeated South 20-15. The score was tied 8-8 at halftime, but North ran off the first six points of the second half. Eliza Fausto broke the scoring drought, driving in for a layup, then South pulled to within two when a North player scored at the wrong basket.

The Eagles scored only three more points, a Danielle Doerr basket from a Torri Ackerson assist, and a Faust free throw. Faust led South with five points, followed by Ackerson with four, Sierra Bartholomew with two, and Doerr with two.

South is playing at McDonald County tonight.

Legendary Evolution of Dance scheduled for benefit music show

One night only, Saturday, Nov. 15, the legendary Evolution of Dance, performed by South Middle School teachers, with choreography from Ms. Lara Stamper, will be performed in the SMS Auditorium.

The performance is part of the benefit music program to raise money for medical expenses for Columbia Elementary custodian Leroy Wilson, who is battling cancer.

The program will begin at 6 p.m. with SMS teacher Mrs. Clara Ervin singing, followed by about an hour from the rock/country band Natural Disaster, featuring eighth grade communication arts teacher Mr. Randy Turner. Other acts with connections to South include Storm Whittington and Alex Cole, and Haley Bowers.

The evening will conclude with about an hour of music from the prominent Joplin-based southern gospel group, The Victorymen. The Victorymen's lead singer is Mr. Rocky Biggers, eighth grade history teacher.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thriller of a reading promotion assembly held

Room 210 Editor

If South Middle School students can read 1,200 books between now and Christmas vacation, not just one Michael Jackson but two will visit the school.
A student vote determined that Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal; and Mr. Jarrett Cook, assistant principal, will dance to "Thriller" if the students reach their reading goal. The announcement was made during an assembly today during TA.

(Video by Carson Jones)

During the reading promotion, the reading teachers will give students forms to fill out after the students finish reading their books. The assembly to announce the results of the promotion and whether Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cook will imitate Michael Jackson will be held the last day before winter break.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sixth grade quiz bowl team has first meet

Room 210 Staff Writer

On Oct. 20, Mrs. Lisa Simmons sixth grade quiz bowl team had its first meet at Carl Junction Junior High doing Language Arts.

Though the team did not place at the meet, everyone had a great time, Mrs. Simmons said.
The team was very excited and very nervous, she said.
Team members are:
Caleb Adams, Ryan Beall, Alex Capehart, Jake Cook, Chris Dumas, Paige Earl, Anthony Grubb, Nalynn Gurley, Jalynn Hood, Sharon Jennings, Anna McCann, Miranda Murphy, DeVaughn Simmons, Cheynoah Slate, Chandler Smith, Eric Stone, Aaron Tucker, and Karin Willis. Their next meet will be Nov. 17 at Thomas Jefferson, and the subject will be science.

Lunch menus for Nov. 10-14 provided

Monday, Nov. 10

English Muffin w/
Ham & Cheese
*Hash Brown Potato


Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Bar

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Chicken Nuggets
Scrambled Eggs w/

Nacho Grande

Wed., Nov. 12

Sausage Patty
Fruit Juice

Baked Potato Bar
Chili Con Carne

Special Dessert

Cinnamon Roll

Thursday, Nov. 13

Biscuit & Sausage
*Hash Brown Potato

Meat Balls w/
Teriyaki Sauce
Chicken Nuggets

Friday, Nov. 14


Ham & Cheese Rollup
*Hash Brown Potato

Nacho Grande

Special Dessert

Chocolate Chip Cookie

South Middle School girls basketball schedule

Thursday, Nov. 6- Nevada 7-8 A&B at South
Monday , Nov. 10- North 7 A&B at Mem. Hall
Monday , Nov. 10- North 8 A&B at MMS Gym
Tuesday , Nov. 11- McDonald CO. 7 A&B at Anderson Elem.
Tuesday , Nov. 11- McDonald CO. 8 A&B at Anderson M.S.
Thursday , Nov. 13- Carthage 7 A&B at South
Thursday , Nov. 13- Carthage 8 A&B at South
Friday , Nov. 14- East Newton 7-8 A&B at Triway**

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Top talent from South to perform at benefit talent show

When one of their own faces problems, the people in the Joplin R-8 School District are quick to respond.

Staff and students from Joplin R-8 schools will perform during a benefit music program 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, in the South Middle School Auditorium.

South faculty members scheduled to perform include:

-An hour of gospel music from Mr. Rocky Biggers' group, The Victorymen

-An hour of rock and country oldies from Mr. Randy Turner's group, Natural Disaster.

-Songs from Mrs. Clara Ervin

-Evolution of Dance performance by SMS teachers, led by Ms. Lara Stamper

A suggested donation of $5 will be taken at the door.

Drawings will be held for Natural Disaster CDs and copies of Mr. Turner's books, Small Town News, Devil's Messenger, and The Turner Report.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WOW students observe Harry Potter Day

Room 210 Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually be a witch or wizard in the Harry Potter series? I have! I had a dream once that I was in the Harry Potter movies or books and that I was just a plain witch. I had more magic then anything I have ever imagined, but I guessed that was just a dream. Now, since the Harry Potter Day came out my dream can be fulfilled!

Ms. Lara Stamper, science teacher, who came up with the idea, said, “Well, Harry Potter Day was made for the WOW (What's On Wednesday) students, it was made because I had a brilliant idea and told Mrs. Turner. We also contacted Mrs. Moore and she helped us. You had to have been to WOW and we would have drawn your name out of a hat. The activities were potion making, castle creations, Harry Potter Scene It, and other things. Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Moore, and I were the creators of the Harry Potter thing. I got the idea of it about a month ago. We asked about and they let us hold it in the library.”

Harry Potter Day was really fun according to some of the WOW students who went there.

(Photos by Elaina Warren)

Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Team Named

Room 210 Staff Writer

Members of the Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Team were chosen last week on Oct. 23. The players are as follows:

Sierra Bartholomew, Krystal Schultz, Ghenessa Moore, Allie Ritter, Morgan Jones, Mallory Augustosky, Eliza Fausto, Danielle Doerr, Bethani Patterson, Lexi Brown, Kylie Lewsader, Torri Ackerson, Casey Burkhart, Carson Jones, and Brittany Hudson.

Seventh Grade Girls basketball team Chosen

Room 210 Staff Writer

Members of the seventh grade girls basketball team were chosen Oct. 23. Those selected were:

Staycha Barton,Leigh Ann Craig,Christiana Garcia,Kelsey Johnson,Samantha Klim,Emily Merritt,Corrina Padilla,Alivia Plassman,Kenya Schmidt,Marissa Shoffner,Kristen Tyler,Salena Velasquez,and Hunter Winkle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CA Olympics ends first quarter

Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts classes ended the first quarter with CA Olympics, a competition consisting of writing games, including the Dental Floss Festival, No Place Like Poem, and Love Letters Straight from My Heart.

Members of the winning team in each class received a nickel from Mr. Turner's Cup O'Nickels.

SMS Vocal Concert held

The South Middle School vocal students, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers, held their fall concert Monday, Nov. 20, in the auditorium:

Eighth grade football team finishes undefeated, first time in 33 years

Photo and Video
Room 210 Staff Writer

The South/North eighth grade football team completed its undefeated season by destroying McDonald County 31-0 Thursday.

Mac County came into the game with what it thought was the biggest and best line in middle school football, but were pounded all night long by the Eagles front five, made up of Jared Baker, Tucker Wallace, Jake Hardy, Abe Hueller and Cheslie Cook.

Adam St. Peter started the scoring with a touchdown run on the Eagles' first possession. He later scored again to bring his season total to 17 touchdowns.

Tyler Russell scored on a 45-yard Y-reverse and then again on a dazzling, over-the-shoulder catch in the end zone on a Gabe Sachetta pass.

The Eagles' scoring was completed when Josh Stewart slashed into the end zone in the fourth quarter.

The 6-0 record marked the first time a South football team went undefeated since the 1975 season when the team finished 5-0.

(Video- Coach Kasey Pliler introduces the South football players during the pep rally the day of the game.)

(Photo- Mr. Ron Mitchell, SMS principal, waits for a cheer to conclude so he can open the pep rally.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quiz Bowl team takes first place at Carl Junction

South Middle School’s number two quiz bowl team opened its season by capturing first place in a Communication Arts competition at Carl Junction Monday night. It is the first time a South team has won the Traveling Academic Challenge.

The team, consisting of Joey Capehart, captain; Elaina Warren, Abby Bass, and Drew Cox won seven out of nine matches, to tie for first place, then beat Carl Junction 1 in a playoff.

Joey Capehart answered 27 questions correctly, while Drew Cox had 11 and Elaina Warren seven.

South’s number one team took third place in the 10-team competition, and missed forcing a three-way tie for first by only one question. Members of the number one team were Calvin Alumbaugh, Lisa Bromley, Wes Estes, and Ben Story.

Calvin Alumbaugh answered 28 questions correctly.

The team will compete in a science meet at Thomas Jefferson Nov. 17.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Parent-Teacher conferences set for Oct 23-24

Room 210 Staff Writer

Parent-teacher conferences will take place 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 24.

"Parent-teacher conferences are held so parents can meet with their children's teachers and find out how the kids are doing in school, academically and physically," Mrs. KarenSue Hensley, counselor, said. "It is a way to keep communication going between school and home."

All teachers are required to hold parent-teacher conferences, but parents are not required to have one if they did not schedule one. Parents and teachers of kids in kindergarten through 12th grade can arrange one by phone or e-mail or they can meet at school.

Eighth grade football team improves to 4-0 with win over Carl Junction

South-North football team remained undefeated Oct. 9, pounding Carl Junction 26-6.

Adam St. Peter scored three touchdowns to tie his own middle school record of 11 touchdowns in a season. Eagle tight end Tyler Russell also scored on a 40-yard run.

The Eagles' defense was once again dominant, beating Carl Junction into submission. Jared Bader rang up three quarterback sacks, while Rex "T-Rex" Whisner and Gabe Sachetta each pulled down big interceptions to seal the victory.

South-North, 4-0, will play at Nevada.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Writing Club formed at SMS

Room 210 Staff Writer

A suggestion by a sixth grader has turned into the newest club offered at South Middle School.

Jay Jensen told Mrs. Jennifer Wallace, sixth grade block teacher, that she should start a writing club. That club's first meeting was held Sept. 29 in Mrs. Wallace's room

Eight people showed up for the first meeting. The group members brainstormed ideas to write about, Mrs. Wallace said, and they decided to write mystery and fiction stories.

The club's main goal is to publish at least one book by the end of the school year. They have found a website on the internet to help. They also plan to enter writing contests.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fox Navarre to appear in "The Glass Menagerie"

Joplin High School junior Fox Navarre, a former SMS student, will appear in the upcoming Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre production of Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer-Prize-winning play, "The Glass Menagerie."

Miss Navarre will play the role of Laura Wingfield in the production, which will open Oct. 16 and continue on the 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Phone 417-358-9665 for reservations. The cost is $20 for the performance and dinner.

Miss Navarre was recently a finalist for best actress in Stone's Throw's annual Sally Awards.

Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre is located at 796 South Stone Lane, Carthage.

Jordyn Pierce named JHS Homecoming queen candidate

Joplin High School senior Jordyn Pierce, a former South Middle School student, is one of the candidates for JHS Homecoming queen. The queen will be crowned during ceremonies this Friday night when the Eagles entertain Waynesville.

In the brief video snippet, Miss Pierce, who is serving as a cadet teacher in Mr. Randy Turner's seventh hour eighth grade communication arts class, is shown wearing another type of crown, the one she received during the recent celebration of her 18th birthday.

Mrs. Stamper gives up locks for love

Room 210 Staff Writers

Thousands are diagnosed with cancer every day.

Mrs. Lara Stamper, science and drama teacher, has made an effort to help those suffering from cancer to deal with their loss of hope.

"My sister, my sister-in-law and I made a New Year's resolution to donate our hair to the Pantene Program," Mrs. Stamper said. That program uses the hair to make wigs for those who lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. Mrs. Stamper had her hair cut recently for the cause.

Because of the contributions of Mrs. Stamper, her family members, and others who have donated their locks, there are people who have their confidence back and and are feeling better about themselves.

"It was a spur-of-the-moment decision," Mrs. Stamper said. "I don't know why people are making such a big deal about it.

"I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Mense TA wins seventh grade tug of war contest

Room 210 Staff Writers

Mrs. Angela Mense's TA won the seventh grade TA tug of war contest held Monday morning on the South Middle School playground.

TA members are:

Jonah Allen, Trinity Bennett, Piper Cargile, Shelly Carrier, Nathan Caton, Jaired Collins, Heather Copeland, Febretta Damrill, Tyson Hardee, Cayley Hardison, Keaton Jones, Ar'Letha Madkins, Nick McKay, Dorian Mitchell, Stormi Potts, Karina Rodriguez, Tyler Severns, Angela Spencer, Kristen Tyler, Brittany Wells, Caleb Willis, Dayza Winters

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

High school musical groups perform at Academic All Stars celebration

The Joplin High School Jazz Band and the Sound Dimension vocal group entertained those who attended the Academic All-Star celebration Monday night in the Coulter Auditorium at JHS.

Students from South Middle School and Emerson, Irving, and Eastmorland elementary schools who earned either an advanced or proficient rating in any section of the MAP tests, which were taken last April.

Academic All-Stars honored

South Middle School Academic All-Stars were honored during ceremonies held Monday night in the Coulter Auditorium at Joplin High School.

The students received proficient or advanced scores on at least one area of the MAP tests in April. Those named were:

Sixth Grade- Caleb Adams, Chance Baker, Cameron Ball, Corey Ball, Dakota Ballard, Hunter Barnes, Macximina Barron, Grace Bass, Ryan Beall, William Blankenship, Shania Blevins, Evan Blue, Tamerick Branham, Jennifer Brewer, Andrew Brown, Payton Burkhart, Samario Burris, John Byrd, Reed Campbell, Alexander Capehart, Danae Carson, Gloria Castruita, Christian Cervantes, Frankie Connett, Trevor Conrad, Taylor Corp, Ethan Crider, Vise Cusick, Kaylah Dailey, Killian Darden, Christopher Dumas, Paige Earl, Ailan Eldred, Sevrin Eldred, Jonah Ellman, Savanah Fields, Keegan Ganes, Delshaun Garth, Ashlie Green, Austin Green, Nalynn Gurley, Aleah Hardee, Tess Harmon, Veronica Herron, Jordan Hetiback, Colton Hill, Stormy Hinklin, Jalynn Hood, Nicole Howe, Rachel Hursh, Preston Inmon, Anthony Isley, Ian Ivie, Anthuan Jackson, Colt Jackson, Herbert Jackson, Megan Jacobs, Veronica Johnson, Cannon Jones, Bailey Kleeman, Christopher Lawson, Austin Lewis, Nathan Lewsader, Elijah Little, Harrison Marshall, Bethany Martin, Samuel Matson, Anna McCann, Sadie McCash, Zachary McDonough, Tori Merriam, Keondre Morrison, Cory Myers, Trace Neidholdt, Esmeralda Oviedo, Ashton Parker, Jaron Pelham, Asia Pinyan, Keysha Porter, Levi Puckett, Ethan Putney, Jamie Rhodes, Joshua Richardson, Corina Rodgers, Fabian Rodriguez, Ismael Rodriguez, Lora Rooffener, Megan Rowe, Zane Sanchez, Jennifer Schulze, Sarina Shofner, Cheynoah Slate, Jaetea Smith, Destiny Smith, Amanda Snearly, Kyle Stephens, Madison Stripling, Savanna Stripling, Avery Tanner, Summer Tate, Anna Tillman, Kelli VanLoon, Brandon Walker, Tyree Walker, Erica Warner, Alyvia Warstler, Alec Welch, Azia Wheatley, Adam White, Dakota Whitten, Ashten Whittington, Dalton Wickman, Jason Wilder, Denton Williams, Karin Willis, Madison Wilson, Mycah Wisner-German, Mitchell Woods, Theodore "L. T." Wright.

Seventh Grade- Mason Atwood, Joceline Bogarin, Kenneth Braun, John Brewer, Cailin Brown, Brendyn Burns, Preston Carpenter, Heather Copeland, Heather Cowan, Drew Cox, Leigh Ann Craig, Laura Crews, Khristopher Dailey, Kyrsten Damrill, Summer Dean, Gavin DePaul, Shelbie DeWitt, Abigail Dial, Aaron Dunaway, Katelyn Earll, Bain Edens, Oswaldo Gomez, Kenny Gonzales, Kaci Gowen, Kyle Gradwohl, Khaled Graham, Lane Grimes, Bailey Hale, Chase Hall, Cayley Hardison, Sarah Heimberg, Chandler Hendrix, Trystal Hillegus, Wesley Hooks, Courtney Huggins, Brittnie Hunter, Colton Johnson, Keaton Jones, Bradley Kennedy, Spencer Layne, Lauren Leibee, Caitlin Little, Jessica Little, Brandon Marney, Chanel McGowan, Dillon McVey, Emily Merritt, Preston Miller, Michael Munalem, Hayden Ottendorf, Alexandra Oviedo, Amara Pendergraft, Dakota Pilgrim, Stormi Potts, Gannon Purdy, Kahla Quinn, Luke Randolph, David Reed, Kymbre Resler, William Rust, Amanda Schilling, Kenya Schmidt, Trevon Shelton, Marissa Shofner, Eric Spicer, Devon Stahl, Stephen Tatum, Ashley Taylor, Michael VanSlyke, Brooklyn Vickers, Nicole Walker, Rebekah Walters, Martianna Westfall, Caleb Willis, Hunter Winkle, Adison Wright.

Eighth Grade- Torri Ackerson, Joel Adame, Alexandria Adams, Calvin Alumbaugh, Dalton Anderson, Jodi Anderson, Sierra Bartholomew, Abigail Bass, Eric Bauersfield, Lisa Bromley, Alexis Brown, Clayton Brown, Nathan Brummer, Casey Burkhart, Tyler Burkhart, Austin Burns, Hannah Cady, Hollis Cady, Dylan Caldwell, Joseph Capehart, Cheslie Cook, William Cottrill, Cole Darby, Aaron Daum, Felisha Derrick, Danielle Doerr, Laila Douglas, Karissa Dowell, Caroline Dutton, Shelby Eaton, Calisha England, Wesley Estes, Eliza Fausto, Lonza Feaman, Kelsey Gould, Tera Hall, Allison Hankins, Hannah Hare, Kvonne Harris, Shanice Hazley, Isaiah Hicks, Alex Hill, Anna Johnson, Carson Jones, Morgan Jones, Paula Jones, Kevin Justis, Kylie Lewsader, Sherry Marlett, Dustin Martin, Tianna McCarthy, Dominique Michael, Hunter Mills, Damien Mitchell, Damon Monasco, Alexander Musgrave, Curtis Nollner, Mackenzie Owen, Michael Oyler, Spencer Peterson, Devin Plassman, Orion Quintana, Dakota Reasoner, Stefon Rich, Thomas Richins, Alexandra Ritter, Joseph Ryser, Gabriel Sachetta, Bryson Sexton, Benjamin Story, Shane Striegel, Logan Terry, Victoria Thompson, Kristin Tippett, Axle Vene, Theodora Voutiritsas, Elaina Warren, Ethan Warstler, Andrew Welch, Ashley Wescoat, Allison White, Alex Whittington, Storm Whittington, Emilee Willis, Tommy Winstead, Alexis Woods, Jacob Wyrick, Emily Yarbrough

Monday, October 06, 2008

Voutiritsas receives $500 scholarship

SMS eighth grader Thea Voutiritsas received a $500 scholarship during Academic All Star ceremonies at Joplin High School tonight.

One middle school student and one elementary student were drawn from among those receiving academic honors.

(Photo: Thea Voutiritsas and Kylie Lewsader display Thea's $500 scholarship.)

Joplin R-8 Schools accredited with distinction for fifth straight year

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has designated the Joplin R-8 School District as being "accredited with distinction," Superintendent C. J. Huff told those attending the Academic All Stars celebration at Joplin High School tonight.

"Accredited with Distinction" is the highest honor awarded by the state. This is the fifth straight year Joplin has reached the top.

The Academic All-Star celebration featured students from South Middle School and Eastmorland, Emerson, and Irving elementary schools who achieved either advanced or proficient in at least one segment of the annual MAP tests, which were held in April.

The program featured a brief speech by Missouri Southern State University President Dr. Bruce Speck. and performances by the JHS Jazz Band, under the direction of Major James Osborn, and Sound Dimension, under the direction of Susan Ideker.

Eagle Time begins at SMS

Eagle Time for students with no Cs or Ds on their mid-quarter reports has begun at South Middle School. Sixth graders have Eagle Time during TA on Tuesdays, while seventh graders have it on Wednesdays, and eighth graders on Thursdays. The accompanying photos were taken Thursday during eighth grade Eagle Time.

(Room 210 photos by Elaina Warren)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neugebauer TA wins eighth grade tug of war contest

Mr. Brian Neugebauer's eighth grade TA won the annual Tug-of-War Contest Monday morning. The seventh and sixth grade contests will be held later. The video features the second place team, Ms. Lara Stamper's TA, as it fights to the finish against the Neugebauer juggernaut.

Members of Mr. Neugebauer's winning team are:

Krystal Schulze, Steven Putman, Taylor Shutte, Gracie Thornberry, Torri Ackerson, Tyler Burkhart, Morgan Osborn, Austin Boyd, Curtis Nollner, Anna Johnson, Courtney Burns, Hollis Cady, Caleb Garton, Tianna McCarthy, Hannah Hare, Shane Striegel, Sierra Bartholomew, Michael Oyler, Nathan Brummer, Billy Cotrill, Candice Smith

Seventh grade volleyball team beat Memorial; eighth grade falls

South Middle School's seventh grade volleyball team defeated Memorial in both the A and B matches Monday night. The accompanying video features the eighth grade A volleyball squad.
The eighth grade team fell in straight sets in the A and B matches.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football teams remain undefeated, recognized during assembly

Story and Photos by
Room 210 Staff Writers

The South/North Middle School seventh and eighth grade football teams remain undefeated following its first home game Thursday night. South Middle School's members of that team were recognized during a pep assembly Thursday afternoon in the South Middle School Auditorium.
Also recognized were members of the South volleyball team and the SMS cheerleaders.

Room 210 Interview: Rooker receives experience as principal

Room 210 Staff Writer

Last week, Mrs. Barbara Rooker, sixth grade math teacher, had a chance to fill in as an administrator while Assistant Principal Mr. Jarrett Cook was gone. She is the subject of the latest Room 210 interview.

ROOM 210- What was it like being the assistant principal the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Busy. Very busy. There’s a new challenge every day. But it’s fun.

ROOM 210- Do you want to be a principal some day?

MRS. ROOKER- Yes I do.

ROOM 210- Have you missed teaching math the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Yes I have. I miss my students.

ROOM 210- Has it been exciting the past few days?

MRS. ROOKER- Kind of. You never know what will happen next.

ROOM 210- What was the best part?

MRS. ROOKER- Kicking off the assembly (the pep rally). I liked pounding on the microphone, and everyone was looking around wondering where it was coming from.

(Photo by Ben Story)

Hat Day held Friday

Photos and Story by
Room 210 Staff Writer

Spirit Week at South Middle School concluded Friday with Hat Day. Spirit Week activities were sponsored by the SMS Student Council.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday was inside-out day at South

Room 210 Staff Writers

Inside-Out Day was held Tuesday at South Middle School as part of Spirit Week. The week began with everyone wearing the jerseys of their favorite professional football teams.
Big events remaining this week include the home football game against Columbus Thursday night with a pep rally that afternoon.