Saturday, May 31, 2008

Former South students involved in bake sale to help tornado victims

Three former South Middle School students were among Joplin High School students who held a bake sale recently to help area tornado victims.
According to a column that was posted today on the Joplin Globe website, Jacquelin Bogarin, Mayra Castaneda, and Leah Forkner, all of whom will be sophomores this fall at JHS, were among nine students who donated their time and effort to the cause:

The group felt that as members of the community, they had the responsibility to do their part. By trying to help raise money, through donations and their bake sale, to reach out to those in the community who had lost so much.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

School year ends with Awards, Talent Show

Room 210 Staff Writer

The curtain fell on the 2007-2008 school year today with the traditional Awards Assembly and Talent Show.
Among the acts performing in the talent show were: Southside, Christina Gates, Taylor Camden and Christian Underwood, Adam Schilling, Gil Randolph, Sixth Grade Dancers, Merisha Alderman, Mrs. Ervin's TA, Sarah Matthews, Tozia Burris, a teacher act, and Ms. Julie Yonkers, who sang to accompany the final video.
A more complete list of awards will be posted later. Those we have at the moment are:

All A's from sixth through eighth grades
- Molly Baker, Emylee Brown, Sarah Kessler, Thomas Loucks, Brandon Holman, Alex Karns, Raycee Thompson, Bayley Strella, Shalea Purdy, Holly O'Dell

Outstanding Science Students- Thomas Loucks, Sarah Kessler

Most Improved Student, 8th Grade- Caitlyn Pilgrim, Markell Webb

Citizen of the Year, Eighth Grade- Sarah Kessler, Adam Schilling

Top Journalists
- Raycee Thompson, Sarah Kessler

Top Communication Arts Students
- Molly Baker, Raycee Thompson

Top Writers
- Amie Howard, Sarah Kessler

Most Inspirational Teacher-
Mrs. Kathy Weaver, presented by Taylor Johnson


Kessler fares well in national academic competition

Eighth grader Sarah Kessler received a medal recognizing her stellar accomplishments during a national academic competition held earlier this year over the internet. Miss Kessler recorded a higher score than 75 percent of the contestants. Certificates were given to eighth graders Alex Kangethe and Mary Jean Miller and seventh grader Calvin Alumbaugh, who recorded higher scores than 50 to 60 percent of the entrants.
(Photo by Raycee Thompson, Room 210 Editor)

Quiz Bowl team nips faculty squad

Room 210 Editor

The SMS Quiz Bowl team held off a late charge by the faculty to win the annual grudge match 210-190 Tuesday morning.
The seventh grade quiz bowlers, consisting of Calvin Alumbaugh, Joey Capehart, Elaina Warren, and Danielle Doerr, took a 140-40 lead during the first half over faculty members Ms. Lara Stamper, Ms. Areke Worku, Mrs. Karensue Hensley, and Mr. Jason Neugebauer.

The faculty led by Mr. Rocky Biggers, ably aided by Mrs. Angela Mense, Mr. Jason Weaver, and Mr. Seth Wolfshorndl came alive in the second half against eighth graders Alex Kangethe, Matt Cruzan, Sarah Kessler, Mary Jean Miller, and Yainer Oviedo to narrow the final margin.

The 20-point victory came courtesy of Miss Kessler's answering a question about ballet and Kangethe displaying his knowledge of music.

Faculty wins annual Eighth Grade-Faculty basketball game

Room 210 Editor
Staff Writer

The faculty defeated the eighth grade basketball team 56-37 Wednesday in what has become an end-of-school tradition at South.

It was the closest the students have ever come to beating the faculty team. The coach for the student team, Mr. Mike Wallace said, "The students played better this year because we have better athletes and they have been preparing for the game all year."

Yearbook signing held

South Middle School students spent a great deal of the time Wednesday signing yearbooks and saying farewell to the classes that have been their home away from home for the past nine months.
Yearbooks were handed out Tuesday in sixth hour. Seventh hour students signed books on Tuesday since the annual Teacher-Faculty basketball game was held seventh hour on Wednesday.

(Photos- Brittany Frisbie takes time out from her yearbook to smile at the camera; Tori Mitchell and Sarah Phillips entertain Mr. Randy Turner's fifth hour communication arts class with their rendition of "Yellow Submarine." Amber Chacon, Adam Snearly, Amanda Jones, Shawn Spicer, Sarah Kessler, Shane Ellis, and Sarah Phillips pose for a photo. Joselyn Irrizary signs a yearbook.

Cartoonist Club publishes comic book

Room 210 Staff Writer

The South Middle School Cartoonist Club, under the direction of Mr. Seth Wolfshorndl, published a comic book, which was unveiled at the group's last meeting Wednesday.

The book featured contributions from each of the club's members.

(Photos: Taylor Johnson examines her comic book; Casey Sharp gives his a once-over, and Jamie Walters seems to be thoroughly engrossed in hers.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Journalism Club has final meeting

The 2007-2008 South Middle School Journalism Club had its final meeting Thursday after school.
The group will continue putting stories on this website for the next several days.

(Photos: Journalism Club, from left, Taryn Parker, Brittany Frisbie, Raycee Thompson, Sarah Kessler, Mary Jean Miller, Alex Kangethe, Aron Hembree, back row, Taylor Haddad;
Mary Jean Miller, Aron Hembree, Alex Kangethe, Raycee Thompson, and Mrs. Angela Mense, sponsor; Sarah Kessler)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poster contest draws students

Room 210 Staff Writer

It’s the new hip, trendy, and totally awesome fad! Everyone’s doing it. What is it, you ask? It’s the water poster project! The Missouri American Water Association is hosting a competition. The grand prize winner gets a $150 gift certificate to Northpark Mall. The second place winner gets a $100 gift certificate to the mall, and 3rd place gets a $50 gift certificate to the mall. Everyone participates, and the posters vary from water conservation to not polluting water to something to do with a duck (the mascot of the Missouri American Water). Who knows who will win?

SMS Band entertains elementary students

Room 210 Staff Writer

The South Middle School Band visited Duquesne and Emerson elementary schools May 20 for a fun activity for the entertainment of the younger grades.
It played “Land Of A 1,000 Dances,” “Around the World in 80 Measures,” “Low Rider,” “You Really Got Me,” “Ponde’ Reply,” and “The Best of Queen.” Mr. Reed Barnes, the band director, had former students from both Duquesne and Emerson play their instrument at the schools. The children had a lot of fun and so did

Former NFL player speaks to student body

Room 210 Staff Writer

All people knew was that a former NFL player was going to speak to the students in a morning assembly May 15. Nobody really knew what he was going to say or what his message was going to be. People soon found out.
“Hi, everybody!” was the energetic greeting given by Don McNeil. He wouldn’t be satisfied until people were screaming “Hello” back to him. McNeil was here to be serious, but he wanted to make sure the kids were listening and listening well.
McNeil started by telling a bit about his career and personal life. He’s played in two Super Bowls (Super Bowl 17 and Super Bowl 19). He received the Player of the Year award twice, and played college level football under the coaching of Coach Bear Bryant and played professional football under the coaching of Coach Don Shula. McNeil played for the Miami Dolphins and received many honors. McNeil has a daughter named Jessica, 10 siblings, and a father who had to raise the 11 kids when McNeil’s mother died of a massive brain hemorrhage when Don was about the age of 6. McNeil’s role models are his two coaches, his father (for teaching him to always make good decisions), and his 3rd grade teacher (for never giving up on him).
McNeil was very exuberant and audience interactive. He regularly asked kids questions. The main question was:
“What’s the number 1 drug you are facing today?”
Many students said things like marijuana, heroin, crystal meth, steroids, and tobacco. All of those were good guesses, but one student guessed right. Alcohol is the number one problem facing youth today.
McNeil didn’t bore the students with a lot of facts, but rather he told them moving true stories about real people. Some of them are as follows:
McNeil has a friend who is addicted to crack cocaine. He stressed that while his friend was crawling along the ground in some alley because he dropped his little baggie, the people who are really suffering are his wife and kids who are wondering if her husband will come home tonight and if their daddy will come home to tuck them into bed that night.

There was this girl who took a vacation to Jamaica for a week. While there, she met a guy. They started doing wrong things like smoking weed and having pre-marital sex. When the week was over and the woman had to return to the states, the man said he would pay for the ticket and everything. When the woman was about to board the plane, the man slipped her a note and asked her to promise not to read it until she was almost home. Well, the woman waited, and when she opened the note, it read:
"I hope you had as much fun as I did. I had a great time. In a couple of weeks, I’m coming to the States! I hope we can do some of the things we did in Jamaica. Can’t wait.
"P.S. Welcome to the world of AIDS."

McNeil has had many people tell him to always make good decisions because it’s very important. That message has become his own. He travels around telling kids his message and encourages them all to make great decisions because it could affect them for the rest of their lives. When asked how many kids he thought he had reached, he replied:
“I hope I’ve impacted thousands of kids' lives.”

Student teacher to teach science at Memorial

Room 210 Editor

Mr. Steven Garrett has concluded his student teaching duties at South Middle School, but he will remain in the Joplin R-8 School District as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher at Memorial Middle School.
Mr. Garrett was the student teacher for Mr. Mike Wallace's 8th grade science class in 3rd quarter and for Mrs. Barbara Rooker's 7th grade math class in 4th quarter. Mr. Garrett said the difference between 7th and 8th graders was this, "Eighth graders can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so they work harder. Seventh graders on the other had still have a whole other year before they have that ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Steven Garrett's career plans are to go on to get his masters degree and continue teaching.

The students grew to know Mr. Garrett and in the words of the students, he was "cool" or "awesome". His last day was May 15th and all the students miss him a lot.
"I enjoyed student teaching at South and I'm going to miss the students. It was a wonderful experience." said Mr. Garrett.

Annual Peer Tutor Picnic held May 16

Room 210 Editor (with a little help)