Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby shower held for Hendersons

A shower for Kevin and Madelyn Henderson and their baby was held Tuesday after school in the South Middle School Library. Mr. Henderson is a custodian at SMS.

Miss Medlock reports on first week in Russia

Miss Sheri Medlock, eighth grade reading teacher at South Middle School from 2004 through 2007, has taken a job teaching in Russia, and is sending updates on her progress. This one describes her first week:

I've been in Moscow a week now. For the most part, the time has been fairly uneventful. I have looked at one apartment. I met with the head of English First, the school I'll be working for. Rex and Sue have shown me few different stores. But for the most part we have rested, getting over jet lag and coping with the constant heat. That's right, heat. I was promised beautiful weather when I got here. Instead it's been a very humid 90's, and there is no air conditioning anywhere. Who needs air conditioning, right? We're in Russia!
Well, hopefully it will cool over later this week. Also, hopefully I can look at a few more apartments and start to get settled. I'm looking forward to getting to work and seeing what God has in store for me here.
Next week perhaps I'll have something more exciting to report. However, I see now, as I suspected before, that I'll just be living my life, as I lived in Joplin. I'll teach. I'll try to love and serve God puts in my path. I'll speak truth to those I have any influence over. Only, I'll do it in broken Russian.

Groom shower held for Mr. B

A groom shower for teacher's aid Jermaine Boykin, better known as Mister B, was held Wednesday morning before school in the SMS Library.
Mr. Boykin is getting married next month.