Thursday, May 31, 2007

Evolution of Dance one of Talent Show highlights

One of the highlights of the Talent Show on the last day of school was the Evolution of Dance number featuring a host of talented South Middle School faculty members. Front row, from left, Mrs. Barbara Rooker, Ms. Lara Stamper, Mrs. Gala Moss; second row, Mrs. Angel Mense, Ms. Yonika Powell, Mrs. Clara Ervin, Ms. Maribel Chairez; back row, Mrs. Deanna Valenti, Ms. Lucinda Oxford, Mrs. Valerie Doerr.

South faculty says goodbye to Mr. Russell

South Middle School faculty members said their final goodbyes to Mr. Mark Russell during the awards assembly and talent show May 24, the last day of school.
Mrs. Gayle Daniels sang a farewell song to Mr. Russell, and Mr. Randy Turner read the following poem:

A Tribute to Mark Russell

For a final time, we say goodbye
to someone we all know.
He has made a difference in our lives
and we hate to see him go.

It's not to say he's been here long
and to keep this program from draggin'
I'll omit the stories of how he came to South
in the back of a covered wagon.

It was way back in the '80s
when he first came to our school
with white shirt and tie, and tight black pants,
Mr. Russell was Mr. Cool.

In Mr. Russell's class, the rules were strict;
his word, once said, was law.
He checked north and south for a running mouth,
the smallest infraction he invariably saw.

His room was dark as night they say,
the darkest of all of our teachers.
You'd do it, too, with that ugly crew,
that group of sixth grade creatures.

His former students love the man
for his dedication to teaching science
and how it took him half an hour
to figure how to work each class appliance.

When dark, black cloud would come our way
and lightning crossed the sky,
it was Mr. Russell who kept us all informed,
though no one knew just why.

One day, he ran up and down the halls,
no student could have been as rowdy.
"No snow, no tornado, no rain," he said,
he warned us about partly cloudy.

And now we pay him tribute
on his last day in these halls
and give a cheer, for the work done here,
and feel sad that his retirement calls.

And now he'll spend his days and nights,
working on his farm.
Here at South we folks, will miss his jokes
and that old Mark Russell charm.

No longer will we hear those words
that so often touched our heart.
Mr Russell, have a good day, we're glad you came this way
...and thanks for shopping Wal-Mart.

(Photo: Mrs. Daniels sings to Mr. Russell during the Talent Show.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Talent show, awards featured on final day

The 2006-2007 school year came to a close at South Middle School, with the half-day featuring the annual Talent Show and Awards Assembly.
Among the awards presented:

Student of the Year
Sixth Grade- Olivia Hampton, Drew Welch; honorable mention- Thea Voutiritsas, Elaina Warren, Abby Bass, Alexis Woods, Victoria Baker, Storm Whittington, Karrissa Dowell, Clayton Brown, Austin Finn, Ethan Warstler, Ben Story, Hunter Mills, Kevin Justus, Sakota Smith

Seventh grade- Mariah Sanders, Logan Perry; honorable mention- Molly Baker, Tozia Burris, Shalea Purdy, Taylor Camden, Sarah Kessler, Raycie Thompson, Mary Jean Miller, Marcus Clark, Matt Cruzan, Gareth Evans, DeSean Triplett, Wade Mathis

Eighth grade- Savanah Sweeton, Nathan Morris; honorable mention- Victoria Smith, Mollie Sanders, Breanna Baker, Blanca Castaneda, Samantha Weaver, Faith Mowry, Kelsey Pace, Grant Evans, Sylan Prauser, Dustin Hill, James Hill

Top AR Point Earners- Calvin Alumbaugh, sixth grade, 638.9 points; Samantha Rice, seventh grade, 269.2 points; Hunter Bailey, eighth grade, 500.8 points. Students earning over 100 points- Aaron Daum, Felisha Derrick, Danielle Doerr, Austin Fenn, Kelsey Gould, Olivia Hampton, Alex Hill, Curt Nollner, Tori Thompson, Elaina Warren, Emily Yarbrough, Abby Bass, Erin Johnson, Damon Monasco, Alex Asher, Laila Douglas, Caroline Dutton, Isaiah Hicks, Anna Johnson, Hunter Mills, Blake Price, Thomas Richins, Gabe Sachetta, Dakota Smith, Thea Voutititsas, Molly Baker, Mylissa Asher, Ethan Carder, Ysabeau Carroll, Nikki Carter, Lane Hampton, Dusty Hill, Kylie Hurrell, Alex Johnson, Dylan King, Matt Lemieux, Rachel Richins, Mollie Sanders, Catherine Stewart, Daniel Story, Merisha Anderson, Jonathan Ballard, Lindsey Beall, Tanner Crawford, Matthew Cruzan, Zachary Dorris, Gareth Evans, Brittany Frisbie, Brandon Holman, Andrew Ideker, Alex Kangethe, Alex Karns, Amanda Kennedy, Sarah Kessler, Tera Knight, Luke Lenhart, Wade Mathis, Sarah Matthews, Mary Jean Miller, Ian Mitchell, Travis Morris, Holly O'Dell, Shalea Purdy, Mariah Sanders, Dalton Smith, Shawn Spicer, Nathan Stripling, Isaiah Stout, Raycie Thompson, Greggory VanLoon, Casee Wheeler

LAB Students

This year, LAB (Library Advisory Board) students donated more than 100 service hours and more than $1,000 to the Joplin community. Those organizations that were supported included the Ronald McDonald House of the Four States, Joplin R-8 School Bond, and the Carol Miller Basketball Benefit Fundraiser.
Eighth graders- Breanna Baker, Christen Cool, Becky Cooper, Leah Forkner, Christy Hernandez, Kane McCaslin, Amanda Needham, Cindy Pham, Dylan Prauser, Cassey Schulze, Tim Scroggins, Victoria Smith
Seventh graders- Molly Baker, Shane Ellis, Gareth Evans, Brittany Frisbie, Jordan Hamilton, Brandon Holman, Lauren Layne, Richie Lyons, Choe Potts, Shalea Purdy, Shawn Spicer, Bayley Strella

Winners in SMS Essay and Short Story Contests

Essay Contest- 1. Victoria Smith, 2. Taylor Tressler, 3. Faith Mowry, 4. Demi White, 5. Breanna Martin, 6. Jordan Chambers, 7. Raycee Thompson, 8. Dylan Prauser, 9. Colten Hawkins, 10. Rachelle Hughbank
Short Story Contest- 1. Rachel Richins, 2. Tim Scroggins, 3. Hannah Doerge, 4. Brian Geier, 5. Dylan Prauser, 6. Christy Hernandez, 7. Christen Cool, 8. Matt Lemieux, 9. Laila Douglas, 10. Victoria Nolan

Top Journalism Club members- Dylan Prauser, Savanah Sweeton

Top Eighth Grade Communication Awards students- Dylan Prauser, Ashlee Stephens

Top Eighth Grade Writers
- Faith Mowry, Victoria Smith

Students who will have poems published in Teacher's Selection: Anthology of Eighth Grade Poetry- Becky Cooper, Jaclyn Wright

Conservation Poster Winners
Grand prize- Mollie Sanders; First place- Thomas Richins, sixth grade; Mariah Sanders, seventh grade; Tiffany Douglas, eighth grade; runners-up- Bethany Patterson, sixth grade; Nathan Stripling, seventh grade; Cindy Pham, eighth grade.

Perfect Attendance
Sixth Grade- Haley Bowers, Caleb Garton, Alex Hill, Taylor Parker, Charrles Smith and Shane Striegel
Seventh Grade- Tolby Clemons, Sarah Kessler, Jacob Lyons, Bayley Strella and DeSean Triplett
Eighth Grade- Shanna Striegel

Peer Tutors
Andrew Ideker, Mary Jean Miller, Victoria Smith, Kylie Hurrell, Savanah Sweeton, Jackie Bogarin, Amanda Kennedy, Blake Lamb, Hannah Doerge, Holly O’Dell, Cindy Pham, Rachael Foster, Katie Wood, Gina Casada, Wade Mathis, Shawn Spicer, Sarah Kessler, Sydney Long, Bayley Strella, Steven Denmark, James Hill, Taylor Mulik, Chloe Potts, Taylor Camden, Breanne Diles, Mariah Sanders, Jordan Chambers, Thea Voutiritsas, Brittney Hudson, Alex Karns, and Tamera Wirick

Powell, Chairez leaving; Wallace moves to new post

Room 210 Staff Writer
Another year has come and gone just like that. We all take a step up on life, including two teachers who are leaving South Middle School- Ms. Yonika Powell, the computer teacher, and Miss Maribel Chairez, the seventh grade math teacher.
Ms. Powell has been at South for three years. She says she is going home and looking for another teaching job. If she does not land a teaching job, she will seek a different kind of work.
"My favorite memories at South are the smartboard story and playing basketball with the students, " she said. "What I am going to miss the most is the lunch bunch, the students, other teachers, coaching and the special class."

Ms. Chairez has also been at South for three years. She is going to teach eighth grade math at Harrisonville Middle School. She says her favorite memories were winning the seventh grade teacher of the year. "Knowing that the kids loved me makes me feel loved," she said. Ms. Chairez said she was going to miss the funny looking staff. "Everyone gets along. It's hard finding good people to work with." She added, "I am going to miss all of the students."

Ms. Powell and Ms. Chairez both said they are going to miss fighting over the 12 parking spaces in front and their BFFS from school.

Along with those two teachers leaving, we have another teacher coming to South, who is already familiar with the students. In fact, she works downstairs in the office. Mrs. Jennifer Wallace is going to be a new sixth grade block teacher, replacing Mrs. Joyce Hale, who will replace Mr. Mark Russell, who is retiring as sixth grade science teacher.

This will be not be Mrs. Wallace's first teaching experience. She taught second grade for one year and fifth grade for two years. She says she has always wanted to be a teacher.
She said she loves to teach. In school, she liked math because you can have right and wrong answers. She loves reading and history. "When you're a teacher, you see you're helping other people," Mrs. Wallace said.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memories from a group of our former eighth graders

Thanks to Shaynee Johnson for sharing these photos with Room 210 News. Shaynee, Tamera Wirick, Breanna Martin, Alicia Shofner, Cassey Schulze, and Makenzie Freeman, spent their last day as South Middle School students today and will be moving on to Joplin High School next year. Best of luck to the girls and their classmates (including J. T. Taylor, who guest stars in one of the photos).

Spreading sunshine

Kelley Leach, who spent her last day as a South Middle School eighth grader today, is a person who cares about others and is willing to devote her time to helping good causes.
In the accompanying photo, Kelley is shown in her clown regalia ready to help the folks at the Oak Meadows Apartments with a little humor and a little face painting.
Kelley served Room 210 News and the South Middle School Journalism Club as sports editor. Her contributions helped make the 2006-2007 school year a successful one for the club.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Money presented to essay, short story contest winners

Winners in the South Middle School essay and short story contests received $120 in prize money last week. This is the fourth year the writing contests have been held. The first place winner in each contest received $20.

(Photo: The winners in the SMS Essay Contest, from left, Faith Mowry, third place, Victoria Smith, first place, and Taylor Tressler, second place)

Faculty basketball team defeats eighth graders

The South Middle School faculty basketball team beat the eighth grade team today in the second annual contest.
The event also featured teachers acting as cheerleaders for their basketball team, with eighth grade cheerleaders receiving their final opportunity to cheer at the middle school level.


Room 210 Staff Writer

Have you ever looked back on the years of elementary and middle school and looked at how much everyone's changed?
Everyone has changed a huge amount! No matter whether it be the way they look, act, who they hang out with or how much they've matured. The end of the year is here and for some of us, we're moving on to a different school. But for some there will be new faces at the school.
Go get a yearbook from years past, sit down and take a look at how much everyone's changed because there might be a chance you might not ever see them again.

A farewell to eighth grade

Room 210 Staff Writer

For a few years, we shared a few tears, a few laughs, a couple of jokes, a handful of fights.

For a few years, we stayed side to side. We were and are still unbreakable. What we all share is something to be proud of.

For a few years, we all played a couple of games, whether it be spiking the volleyball, shooting some hoops, a "nice" game of football, a run around the track. a few comes on and "yeah,we are betters" or even a wrestling match to see who's stronger. We all shared the wins and losses along the way.

For a few years, we began as friends. Some of us ended as enemies, but we all loved each other at one time.

For a few years we fought, whether it be with each other or with one of the teachers. We always got through it all.

For a few years, we had our jokes and laughs, with or at each other, but now it's all about to end.

For just one year, we are on top of the food chain and we are high-powered eighth graders. Now we have to step down and let next year's eighth graders have their fun.

For a few years, we shared the memories, a few tears, a few jokes, a couple of fights, but we all made it through. Do you want to know why?

Because we are the Eagles of 2011 and we soar high.

To all the Eagles in the past, present, and future.

Mrs. Hale to teach sixth grade science

Room 210 Staff Writers

Mr. Mark Russell's final day as sixth grade science teacher at South Middle School will be Thursday, May 24. Who will fill his shoes?
Mrs. Joyce Hale will move from sixth grade block to the sixth grade science position. "I don't believe I will be able to fill his shoes 'galoshes,' but I'll do my best," Mrs. Hale said.
Mrs. Hale has a great passion for science and is very excited about her new placement. Her first job was teaching fifth and sixth grade at different schools.
Everyone is going to miss our old weatherman, but we have the next best person to take over.

Final CA Olympics held

Eighth graders in Mr. Randy Turner's communication arts class said goodbye to two class staples- the Cup O'Nickels and CA Olympics Tuesday as first through fifth hours competed in writing games.
The winning team each hour played for the Cup o'Nickels with each member of the first-place team receiving a shiny nickel.
CA Olympics were played three times during the school year to give students a welcome break from the regular grind, but still allow them to practice their writing skills.

(Photos: Student-written skits included Victoria Smith as an American Idol contestant performing in front of judges Faith Mowry and Katie Wood in the top photo, and doctors Layne Hampton, Dusty Hill, and Dylan Smith operating on a reluctant Tim Scroggins in the bottom photo.)

Yearbooks handed out to South students

After a long and anxious wait, SMS students received their yearbooks at the beginning of sixth hour Tuesday.
The students spent sixth and seventh hours signing the books, and will have the opportunity to do so today during TA and first through fifth hours. The second annual faculty-eighth grade basketball game will be held during sixth and seventh hours.

(Photo: Eighth graders Rachael Foster and Tamera Wirick continued their signing and examination of the yearbook after school Tuesday.)

Wolfshorndls prepare to welcome new arrival

Room 210 Staff Writer

A different kind of baby shower was held Tuesday morning in the South Middle School Library.
South faculty held the event for Seth and Laura Wolfshorndl, who have a baby coming their way. Unlike most expectant parents, the Wolfshorndls already know exactly what their little girl, Grace Savannah Wolfshorndl, will look like...since the shower was to celebrate the completion of adoption proceedings and the upcoming arrival of the newest member of the SMS art teacher's family.

In an e-mail to faculty members, Mr. Wolfshorndl said:

In case you haven't heard, we are on the verge of getting to go get Grace. Any day the orphanage will be calling us and telling us to buy tickets. We should be over there in a few weeks. If you want to follow our progress (and see a ton of pictures) you can go to and check out our blog for Grace.

(Photos- Grace Savannah Wolfshorndl; her soon-to-be parents at Tuesday morning's shower)