Monday, May 31, 2010

Citizens of the Year named during Awards Assembly


Citizen of the Year awards were presented during the Awards Assembly Friday, May 28, in the auditorium.

Those receiving were the awards were sixth graders Logan Whitehead and Justin Shyker; seventh graders Ashley Youngblood and Ethan Crider, and eighth graders Haleigh Hawkins and Oswaldo Gomez.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reception held for Jean Williams

Longtime East Middle School secretary Jean Williams, who is retiring, was honored with a reception following the close of school Friday, May 28.

Goodbye, Mr. Mitchell

Staff Writer

Our dear beloved principal, Mr. Ron Mitchell is leaving to become principal at Lamar High School.

The times we have had with our principal will never be forgotten. He puts a smile on all of our faces and he will do the same thing at Lamar. It all started when he decided to become a principal.

As a teacher he was able to reach 25 students, but as a principal, he gets to educate all students.

He has been our principal, first at South, then at East, for nine years. and we have had so many memorable times, especially the reading promotions. He has dressed like a cheerleader, danced to "Thriller," had his legs waxed and his head buffed, and this year, dressed in a pink gown with a blonde wig, all to encourage students to read books.

We will all miss Mr. Mitchell, but we wish him happiness and good luck in Lamar.

(Photo: Mr. Mitchell with Mrs. Jean Williams and Ms. Sue Macy at a surprise celebration at El Charro's Friday, May 21. The accompanying videos are from the same event.)

Drama class performs at talent show

Teachers win annual competition with quiz bowl team

The teachers' team pulled away in the second half to defeat the seventh and eighth grade quiz bowl team during an assembly Wednesday in the school auditorium.

The teacher team included Mr. Rocky Biggers, Mrs. Angel Mense, Mr. Mike Wallace, Mr. Brian Neugebauer, Ms. Areke Worku, and Mr. Jarrett Cook.

Playing for the quiz bowl team were Drew Cox, Laela Zaidi, Jaired Collins, Celeste Graves, Megan Walls, Kenya Schmidt, Rylee Hartwick, Evan Blue, Hannah Huffman, Alexis White, and Alexis Gifford.

In the preliminary match a different group of teachers defeated the sixth grade quiz bowl team.

Taryn Parker performs during Talent Show

Jordyn Ganes rocks the show

Communication arts, writing, journalism awards presented

Awards for top students in communication arts, writing, quiz bowl, and journalism were presented by Mr. Randy Turner during the Talent Show/Awards Assembly Friday at East Middle School:

Top Communication Arts students- Cayley Hardison, Ian O'Flaherty
Top Writers- Chanci McGowen, Katey Rhodes, Nicole Walker
Top Researchers- Celeste Graves, Taryn Parker, Adison Wright
Most Improved Writer- Mikayela Richey
Outstanding Achievement in Quiz Bowl- Drew Cox
Outstanding Achievement in Journalism Club- Laela Zaidi
Outstanding Achievement in Writing- Madeline Webber

Courtney Huggins presented Mr. Ron Mitchell with the Inspirational Principal award, while Taryn Parker presented Mrs. Kim Frencken with the Most Inspirational Teacher Award.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Neugebauer, Weaver make bid for stardom in teacher skit

The annual teacher skit/dance was a highlight of the Talent Show/Awards Assembly today with star-marking turns by eighth grade math teacher Mr. Brian Neugabauer and seventh grade reading teacher Mrs. Linda Weaver.

(Video work and information provided for Talent Show/Awards Assembly by Jaired Collins, Celeste Graves, and Laela Zaidi)

Kim Frencken named most inspirational teacher

Sixth grade block teacher Mrs. Kim Frencken was named Most Inspirational Teacher at East Middle School during the Awards Assembly/Talent Show today. The award was presented by her former student, eighth grader Taryn Parker, who wrote the paper nominating Mrs. Frencken for the honor.

Mrs. Frencken is the first teacher at East Middle School to receive the honor, which began three years ago at the old South Middle School. Previous winners at South were Mr. Rocky Biggers, Ms. Kathy Weaver, and Ms. Debbie Moore.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drama class puts on final production

The drama class, under the direction of Ms. Lara Stamper, put on its final performance of the 2009-2010 school year Monday during seventh hour.

The production, "Snow Yellow" was a parody on the famous fairy tale.

Eighth graders tour Joplin High School

East Middle School eighth graders had a small dose of the future today as they toured Joplin High School. Four buses took the students there following first hour. After a performance from a rock band that included South Middle School alumni Chase Cox and Colby Ritter, both of whom graduated from JHS Sunday, the students had an opportunity to meet with representatives of various high school organizations, and then ate lunch in the cafeteria, before returning to East in time for fourth hour.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twenty-nine inducted into National Junior Honor Society

Twenty-nine East Middle School students were selected as charter members of the National Junior Honor Society during candelight ceremonies this evening in the auditorium.

The program began with an introduction by Assistant Principal Jarrett Cook, followed by a speech from Joplin R-8 Board of Education member Jim Kimbrough and explanations of the five pillars of NJHS, character, scholarship, citizenship, service, and leadership by sponsors Mr. Rocky Biggers and Mrs. Brandi Davis and Faculty Council members Mrs. Julie Yonkers, Ms. Cheryl Mitchell, and Mrs. Karensue Hensley.

The prospective members lit candles and then pledged to the society and received certificates from Mr. Cook.

The charter members of the East Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society are Whitney Bass, Sriharshini Chitluri, Ethan Crider, Paige Earl, Jonah Ellman, Celeste Graves, Tess Harmon, Cayley Hardison, Ethan Holz, Amy Koch, Chanci McGowen, Madison Meinhardt, Miranda Murphy, Jennifer Nguyen, Christina Ochoa, Taryn Parker, Brittany Patterson, Gannon Purdy, Kymbre Resler, Valerie Royer, Kenya Schmidt, Amelia Street, Kyla Underwood, Kelli VanLoon, Blair Wallace, Alyvia Warstler, Shelby Welton, Adam White, and Logan Whitehead.

Alumni team wins first EMS Quiz Bowl Extravaganza

Staff Writer

Ninth grade alumni of the 2008-2009 South Middle School Quiz Bowl team took home top prize at the first East Middle School Quiz Bowl Extravaganza Thursday, May 13, in the school commons area.

The team, which included Joey Capehart, Danielle Doerr, Calvin Alumbaugh, Sierra Bartholomew, Elaina Warren, and Lisa Bromley defeated a teacher team, consisting of Mr. Mike Wallace, Mrs. Angel Mense, Mr. Brian Neugebauer, Miss Areke Worku, and Mrs. Jamie Washburn, by one question in the championship match.

The annual Faculty-Quiz Bowl team matchup is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday, May 24, in the auditorium.

Spring band concert held Monday night


The first East Middle School Spring Band concert was held Monday night in the school auditorium.

The Beginning Band played five numbers, with the Seventh/Eighth Grade Concert Band following with five more.

Beginning Band members- Taylor Beaver, Hannah West, Amy Hembree, Tanner Bartholomew, Christian Montgomery, Stella Ndauwa, Blake Stearnes, Josiah Garcia, Austen Still, Tokumatsu Platt, Steven Townsend, Justin Armstrong, Adrianna Bland, Erica Ward, Tyauna Robinson, Angelica Suskey, Bonnie Ardrey, Courtney Hunt, Desiree Hawkins, McKinsey Cottle, Chris Geier, Cody Chollet, Tyler Viles, Jimmy Willerton, Ethan Crider, Ryen Downing, Jakob Simrell, Madelynn Martin, Dalton Hill, Austin Lewis, Trace Neihdholdt, Reed Campbell, Danyel Fowler, Cameron Bailey, Ethan Kramer, Blake Lewis, Darin Clark, Matthew Coulston, Damian Abrams, Natal Bay, Harrison Carpenter, Alex Garton, Tristen Howell, Christian Owens, Devin Puckett, Alex Hurrell, Tanin Toland

Seventh/Eighth Grade Concert Band members- Brittney Hamby, Amber Swager, Mikayela Ritchey, Heather Devore, Tess Harmon, Dajhana Porter, Evan Blue, Hannah Huffman, Zach Consier, Brandon Ruark, Ashton Parker, Terrell Gilmore, Denton Williams, Preston Immon, Adam White, Zach Figueroa, Samuel Belnap, Courtney Huggins, Dylan Castillo, Joseph Tate, Delshaun Garth, Zach Anderson, Jeremiah Martin, Greg Lamp, Whitney Bass, Abbie Reynolds, Justin Thomas, Alec Welch, Dakota Ballard, Jordan Bond, Carter Lybarger, Ailan Eldred, Trevor Conrad, Jesus Zaniga, Tony Steppe, Jordaan Nelson, Keiondre Adams, Valerie Royer, Jennifer Schulze, Sevren Eldred, Cannon Jones, Hunter Blanton, Anthony Grubb, Alonzo Byers

The band was directed by Mr. Nicholas Moore.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Drama class plans spectial presentation for Talent Show

Ms. Lara Stamper's drama students are on stage now as tryouts continue for the East Middle School Talent Show, which is scheduled for Friday, May 28, in the school auditorium.

The number features a medley of different dance styles, performed by Ms. Stamper and her students.

Stamper-choreographed dances have been a highlight of SMS talent shows for the past few years and it seems certain the tradition will continue as she takes the act to East Middle School.

Tryouts for talent show held in EMS Auditorium

Eighth graders Mackenzie Shamblin, Cayley Hardison, and Kenya Schmidt are entertaining the judges with their rendition of "Boondocks" as tryouts are being held at this moment for the first East Middle School Talent Show.

The show, which had been an annual event at South Middle School, is combined with the presentation of academic awards.

The tryouts began shortly after school ended and appear destined to last another hour.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Courtesy Week on tap for eighth grade communication arts students

Staff Writer

Mr. Randy Turner’s eighth grade communication arts classes are having Courtesy Week Monday, May 3, through Friday, May 7.

The students watched the 1967 movie  “To Sir With Love" last week. In that movie, the teacher conducted the same courtesy experiment which the East eighth graders will try.

  The students will show courtesy to other students and teachers,  calling adults “Sir or Mam” and calling each other by their last names if they are boys or by Miss ___ if they are girls.

“I will call everyone sir_last name or ma'am_last name, and talk in a British accent.” said eighth grader Brooklyn Vickers.

“It's going to be great!” said eighth grader Cayley Hardison.

“I’m just going to go with the flow, so I’m just going to do what they tell me to,” said eighth grader  Jordyn Ganes.

“I’m going to have fun with that,” said eighth grader Preston Carpenter.

“This is always one of my favorite times," Mr. Turner said. "it gives us something fun to do after MAP testing and shows studnets how easy it is to be polite. We have had years when it works beautifully, and some years when it has not worked as well. It’s going to work this year.”

Kessler, Miller receive I ratings at state

Former South Middle School students Sarah Kessler and Mary Jean Miller sparkled during the all-state orchestra competition last week.

Miss Kessler made a I rating on her violin solo, while she and Miss Miller were part of a violin quartet which also received a I rating.