Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Longer writing answers removed from MAP tests

Staff Writer

There have been recent rumors going around the Joplin Schools that the constructive response questions on the MAP test will be removed for the next few years. These rumors were recently confirmed, causing rejoice among many students, and disappointment to many teachers and staff members of East Middle School.

“I think that this will hurt the MAP tests, the constructive response questions show the true intelligence of the student,” eighth grader Ronnie Herron tells us.

A few teachers think this could be a positive move by removing the constructive response questions. “I think students struggle on the constructive response questions on the Math section, so that will help them out. Most students can get the answer right, but can’t explain how they got it, so I think it will help them,” seventh grade Math teacher Ms. Areke Worku tells us.

Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Brian Neugebauer has a different opinion. “I think that it’s a bad move, because it’s important to see what the students do to get the answer. With multiple choice questions, you can guess, and possibly get an answer correct. Showing work is important, especially in my class.”

Many teachers of East Middle School agree that the Communication Arts constructive response questions are even more important. “I think students are much more capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas for their answers when they have an opportunity to use their own words to answer a question. My concerns are that students will have a limited vocabulary words in which to select their best answer, this will lead to more students misunderstanding the question or answer, due to limited vocabulary. Rather than not knowing the answer, they need to use their own words to explain the correct answer,” seventh grade Reading and Communication Arts teacher Linda Weaver tells us.

Principal Mr. Bud Sexson sums it up with the statement: “I feel that the most important test a student takes is the next one. Next year, next month, next hour, this is the same for the MAP tests.”

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Anonymous said...

Well, that may look like a good idea now to the students, but in the long run, they are going to wish that they had practice with the longer writing answers. It comes in handy later in life. =D