Monday, May 28, 2012

Journalism Club to make presentation to Board of Education

East Middle School Journalism Club will make a brief presentation to the Joplin Board of Education Tuesday, May 29. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. and will be aired on Jet 14.

Club members will talk about their work, including the East Middle School Roundabout website and the Journalism Club Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

JEMS Show Choir performs during assembly

The JEMS Show Choir, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers performed during an assembly Friday, May 11 in the commons area.

Amelia Street performs at talent show

Mr. Nicholas Moore performs at talent show

Video by Darin Clark

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Final Farewell to East Middle School


      School's out!  It has been for about eight hours now, but I couldn't leave East without a proper closure.  I know I speak for most, if not all eighth graders, when I say East will never be forgotten, especially after all the school has been through!

      The class of 2016 was the first class that had the opportunity of going to the real East Middle School, not the warehouse, as sixth graders.  We were lucky enough to call the site of East our home for a whole two years.  Memories of the old building are still etched in the minds of many.  Students still recall images of being in the hallways, classrooms, auditorium.  They will be carried in our hearts forever. 

      Due to the damage from the May 22, 2011, tornado, East was moved to a temporary warehouse.  Nobody knew what to expect of this year.  The class of 2016, serving as eighth graders of the middle school, had no idea what living in a warehouse would be like; we were terrified! 

      As the year progressed, adaptations were made, and the warehouse felt like just another normality in our lives.  Not quite our home, like the old East, but more like an apartment you would rent while being away from home.  Classes were still continued.  Activities were still operated.  Life was as it should be. Even though we were in a new, unfamiliar building, East was with us.  In our students, teachers, and faculty. 

     Of course with all the school work and pressure of succeeding in behavior and attitude, came the urge of students for summer to come.  I remember thinking for countless hours how I couldn't wait for summer.  I couldn't wait to be out of school, to just be lazy!  Many eighth graders were especially looking forward to the joys of high school!  The time for relaxation and vacation was definitely anticipated...and soon enough, the time came.

     This school year went by like a breeze, and before we knew it, the end of school was soon approaching.  This meant the end of middle school for the eighth graders, and the beginning of high school as freshmen.  You would think we would be happy for summer, for a break.

 Yes, we were happy, but we were also sad.  The school year just went by too fast!

 The Last Day Assembly soon approached and so did the time for the farewells and good-byes.  The lasting minutes of the final day were filled with bittersweet moments.  Shouts of joy rang through the commons area for the fact that school was finally over, and we survived!  But among the joy, were many tears and remarks of sadness, of goodbye.  Not only were the eighth graders bidding the year good-bye, they were also giving their last farewells to their fellow peers, teachers, and most of all, their school.

     As the class of 2016 follows the path of life towards high school, I would like to take this moment to say good-bye to East not as the co-editor of the East Middle School Journalism Club, but as a student.  I would like to thank East for all the great memories it has provided us with, all the things we will cherish.

  Thank you to all the teachers and faculty of East.  In some way, you have touched our lives, and your effect has been impeccable!  I would like to give special praise and thanks to Mr. Turner, the Journalism Club sponsor and mentor, for making all this possible.  Thank you to all our fellow schoolmates, the sixth and seventh graders. You have made great peers, and more importantly, friends.  Thank you to everything that makes East what it is, East!  As the saying goes, "East is beast!"  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

  Tears spring to my eyes as I close with my final bid of farewell to East.  Through all the good times and the bad, we have overcome and made this school truly unforgettable.  This is why I will always remember you.

Goodbye East.  I love you.


Goodbye eighth grade

The East Middle School eighth grade class of 2011-2012 officially became high school students today when they left the campus for a final time. In this photo, eighth graders Jennifer Nguyen, Megan Hickey, and Alyssa Wescoat share a final moment as middle school students.

Talent Show Live Blog


           As the eighth grade choir got on to perform one last song for Mrs. Yonkers, tears were in everyone's eyes or at least there was a lump in their throat. That was the last performance of the day and us eighth graders have to accept the fact that we have to leave and we will never have our teachers in class again.
            Jennifer Nguyen, Megan Hickey, and Amy Koch are slightly rocking with sobs. I am even on the verge of tears.
 As Mr. Sexson dismisses us, I don't to leave, because when I leave, I will never see some of these teachers again.

Talent Show Live Blogging


           Serving East over forty years, Ms. Joyce Wall received the Greatest Teacher Award!  She commemorated this event by saying a few words of goodbye after.  Good bye Ms. Wall!  We will miss you!  You will always be remembered!

Talent Show Live Blog


During the teachers' display of swag, multiple teachers danced to choreography that can only be described as Mrs. Stamper's. As the teachers danced, I noticed something: Mr. Moore doesn't have dancing swag. The dance was spectacular.

Talent Show Live Blog


Mrs. Stampers eighth grade class performed a medley of pop songs including "We Are Who We Are," "Born This Way," and "Sexy and I Know It," with goofy choreography that could only be thought up by Mrs. Stamper

Talent Show Live Blogging


          Singing "Safe and Sound" originally sang by Taylor Swift was Victoria Stehm and Audrey Hampton!  They sang incredibly!  Good job!

Mr. Turner presents awards

At the beginning of his awards presentation, Mr. Turner. said it not the building that makes the school, but the people in it. He asked those attending to give themselves a hand, then took this picture.

Talent Show Live Blogging


                 The Iron Eagle Awards were presented to students by Coach Pliler and Coach Lawrence.  These awards were given to students who participated in three or more sports throughout this school year.  The students each received a t-shirt and a picture was taken of them with those exact t-shirts on.  The picture will be blown up into a banner and hung in East, to be forever remembered by those after them.  The only student to participate in four sports was Taran Augustosky.  Congratulations Taran and everybody else that got an award!  You will be forever remembered as the first Iron Eagles!


Talent Show Live Blog


Karly Weber, eighth grader, is mimicking the very tones used by the actual singer of the song, "Someone Like You." She was amazing and deserved the applaud that followed her performance.

Talent Show Live Blogging


           The honor roll awards for straight A's was awarded to different students throughout the grades by Ms. Julie Yonkers and Mr. Jason Weaver.  We had quite a few students get the certificates!  Congratulations!  One student also received a plaque for earning straight A's all three years she's been here...Congratulations!

Talent Show Live Blog


          Zane Grimes is rocking the electric guitar to Metallica's "One." He played phenomenally well. There's no way to have made better. The chords were played perfectly.

Congratulations East Middle School Journalism Team!


              Congratulations East Middle School Journalism Club!  We have now posted over one thousand posts on our website!!! Thank you to all the people that support us and read our website continually!  We really appreciate it!  Thank you so much!

Talent Show Live Blog


Ashley Koch just showed off here ninja skills to the song "Freak Out." Now, I'm scared.

Talent Show Live Blogging


          Receiving the Most Improved Students plaques were students including Alize Iverson, Gary Patrick, and Ashlynn Griffberg!  These awards were presented to the students by Mr. Bud Sexson, our principal, because of their effort towards improving their behavior and schoolwork, improving their lives.  Good job to everyone that got an award!  You really deserved it!

Talent Show Live Blog


Angel Capehart is singing "Get it Right," very beautifully. Doing a great job on the long high notes.

Talent Show Live Blogging

Staff Writer
Our winners was Mrs. Sue, Mrs. Weaver, Lori, and Mrs. Stamper for being great staff. Good job East Middle School staff members.

Talent Show Live Blogging


         Following the perfect attendance awards was Arin Camp, singing a song called "The Climb."  She dedicated this song to all that East Middle School has been through together and how we came back strong from the terrible storm that hit us!  It was very sweet, sentimental, and beautiful to all the students.  Afterwards, she had tremendous applause!  Good job Arin, you did spectacular! 

Talent Show Live Blogging

Staff Write
Austin Talent, Jennifer Nguyen, and Jamie Sullivan were some of the few students had perfect attendance. Good job you guy. Keep it up.

Takent Show Live Blogging

Writing Staff
Amelia Street sang a beautiful song called Beautiful Beautiful. The whole crowd was hushed by Amelia's melody.

Talent Show Live Blog

The Directioners, including Amy Koch, Jennifer Nguyen, Donna Thompson, Kiah Paulsen, Shyann Long, rocked "One Thing," by One Direction.

Talent Show Live Blog

PSA: Caring is not Sharing Germs, a movie performed by Ms. Kathy's 2nd Hour aboutwashing your hands with kids giving instructions on how to wash your hand in robotic voices was very instructive.

Vanishing Hands performed by Ms. Kathy's 6th hour was about a kid that flat-lined after not washing his hands.

Talent Show Live Blogging

The next award is preforming arts Ginger, Joseph Fry, Grace Roach, Katelynne Yonkers, and Ethan Holtz. All of these people have done many things in the performing arts field and they deserve this award for their hard work.

Talent Show Live Blog

Mr. Moore's history lesson on the magical four chords of pop is being performed songs include : "Right here waiting," "It doesn't matter," "The one that got away," "She will," "Country Roads," "Pork and Beans," "Don't stop Believing," "Hey Soul Sister," "Paparazzi," "With or Without," "Let it Be," "Take on Me," "SAve Tonight," "Good Feeling," "If I were a Boy," "Apologize," "Pokerface," "What makes you beautiful," "We're not Gonna Take it,"

Talent Show Live Blog

Congratulations Abi Killinger, Alejandro Santillan, Brittany Dutton and Kerry Statler

Winners of the Athlete of the Year Award.

Talent Show Live Blogging

      Singing "Valerie" Angel Capehart and Michaela West marched out onto the stage with a great appearance!  They sang beautifully, taking turns with solos and singing to impress the huge crowd.  They did amazing!  Good job girls!

Talent Show Live Blogging

Staff Writer
Next up is Brianna Hickey, Anna Nguyen, and Breanna Pace singing What Makes You Beautiful. The girls sang beautifully in front of the entire school.

Talent Show Live Bloggin


         Following Devin Jone's act was Mr. Wallace's science awards!  This year's science awards were presented to eighth graders Austen Still and Jennifer Nguyen!  The winners were awarded with a box of blow pops and a certificate.  Thank you Mr. Wallace!  We will always remember your class!

Talent Show Live Blogging

   Following the Good Citizen Awards was a singing act performed by Devin Jones.  She sang her heart out with "Love" a song about finding the right one.  She did spectacular!  Singing to the audience, she did great and got a standing ovation afterwards!

Talent Show Live Blogging

This years seventh grade Good Citizen Award goes to Alexandra Steltes and Ryan Ball.
These students have worked hard all year to be good. Mrs. Weaver announced all about these students during this assembly.
Mr. Biggers with so much emotion our Female Good Citizen is Bonnie Johnson. And our male citizen of the year is Tyler Viles. Congratulations to our good citizens.

Talent Show Live Blogging


       A few seconds ago, Mrs. Linda Weaver announced the time for Good Citizen honorees to be mentioned.  Mrs. Frencken, sixth grade reading teacher, announced the different sixth grade nominees, including the ones from last year...due to the fact that last year's Last Day Assembly never happened.  Sixth grade female Citizen of the Year was Ambie Armstrong, and sixth grade male citizen was Landon Moore.  Congratulations guys!

Talent Show Live Blogging

Staff Writer
At the moment Mason Finnell is doing many extravagant tricks on his unicycle. Mason has been riding his unicycle for five long years.
The crowd went wild when he did his suspicious shark tank act. In this act Mason lost one of his many "legs."

The Last Hurrah

By Randy Turner Communication Arts Teacher Don't let anyone tell you teachers aren't as happy as students when the final day comes, but we are just as sad to see these young men and women that we have come to know and appreciate over these last nine months. The talent show just began with Mason Finnell riding his unicycle. In two hours and 20 minutes, my eighth graders will be high schoolers. T It seems like just yesterday that school was starting.

The East Middle School Band Concert May 17, 2012

Last night at 7:00pm the East Middle School 7th/8th Grade Concert Band rocked the auditorium at SMS. The auditorium fell to a quiet whisper as Mr. Moore took the stand.
 As Mr. Moore told of our success at the Nevada Music Festival, my palms started to sweat. We started of the concert with the energetic "Canticum."
Then, after introduction from Mr. Moore saying,"It starts out as a sort of chant and then it turns to an energetic tribal thingy," we played "Chant and Tribal Dance."
Then we turned to a string orchestra and played "Eine Klein Nachtmusik."
Then, we took a trip to Africa with "African Adventure."
With the heartfelt story from Mr. Moore of the morning of the Nevada contest when, even though the weather was bad, we all unanimously voted to go to Nevada where we got a first division rating. Then, I struggled to play "Gently Touch the Sky" through the lump in my throat.
Finally, Taio Cruz took the stage as we played "Dynamite." That night was very memorable.

Talent Show Live Blogging


          Emotions start boiling as Mr. Rocky Biggers, an EMS teacher, gives the opening speech to the Last Day Assembly.  He reads his own personal speech, and a very special poem meant to assure the students of EMS that learning always continues...even in summer.  Keep on learning, East! 

Talent Show Live Blogging

Writing Staff
Tears fill the eyes of Jennifer Nguyen as she reads the heart felt notes her loving friends wrote her. She tries to keep back tears as the choir sings their good bye song.
These events haven't happened yet, but everybody who really knows Jennifer knows that she will cry at this sentimental moment.

Talent Show Nerves


          After countless hours of waiting for the last day of school to  come around, it finally did.  And so did the most anticipated Last Day Assembly/Talent Show.  For several weeks, Ms. Yonkers has been working hard after school, preparing the different acts for the large crowd...but I'm not ready!  I am in a group act in the Talent Show, and I'm sad to say that my nerves are going all over the place!  All I can do is hope that I'll do well and hope that the other acts will do so too!  Wish us good luck!  Hopefully I can get through this...

EMS Talent Show


The whole school is here. The excitement is everywhere, everyone waiting for their turn. It's time for the talent show. Even though everyone is nervous, we all want it to be our turn. We all want to go and get it over with. To have all of our friends cheer for us, to have everyone realize how talented we are, to get praise from our friends and classmates. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of the last few acts, which gives me about 2 hours to sit here and get nervous. Luckily, Mason Finnell's unicycling act is first, which should make lighten the mood a little bit. Let's all just hope he doesn't fall into the "shark tank"...

Talent Show Live Blogging

Writing Staff
Today is a day that will go down in East Middle School history. Today we will be having the first ever warehouse edition of the talent show.
At the moment the students are waiting in anticipation for the show to start.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yearbook signing held today at EMS.

Staff Writer 
Today during sixth and seventh hour, the students of East Middle School signed yearbooks. "It was fun!" said eighth grader Austen Still.
Some students wrote heartfelt comments to their dear friends while others wrote "h.a.g.s." or "have a great summer," or even just signed this or her names.
Every student received their choice of a can of soda.

First Field Day a success

Staff Writer

This year the teachers of East Middle School decided to do an experiment. This year unlike the past few years at East the students earned their right for a field day.

"I like how the students earned the amount of time by keeping the lunchroom and hallways clean," said eighth grader Jennifer Nguyen. This year the eighth graders came out on top by earning an hour playing the fun-filled games, and an exclusive game that no other grade received.

 In honor of the eighth grade teacher, Mr. Brian Neugebauer because of the stuffed animal angry bird named Pepe. Mrs. Crystal Stokes' class created the very green pigs out of a hula hoop covered in green plastic and homemade faces. The point of the game was to toss three bean bags through the hole in the green pig. This game seemed to be the most popular out of the five choices.

"My favorite was the egg relay," says the sixth grader Brianna Hickey. The eighth graders also received a special treat of ice cream sandwiches which was Jennifer Nguyen's favorite part of the of the field day event.

Overall, this was a success and hopefully it will be a recurring event.

Behind the Curtains of the Talent Show


    As the last day of school approaches, so does the annual Last Day Assembly, as well as the traditional talent show.  Auditions for the talent show were held on Thursday, April 26, where around nine acts were chosen.
    Ever since then, rehearsals have been held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, preparing the acts for the skeptical judges, the students and faculty of East Middle School.
    Of these acts, are Mrs. Stamper’s drama class, One Direction Infection, Angel Capehart and Michaela West, Angel Capehart, The Directioners, Amelia Street, Audrey Hampton and Victoria Stehm, and Zane Grimes.  
    The talent show consists of six singing acts, two dance acts, and an electric guitar act.  This will definitely be a show to remember.
    Organized by Ms. Yonkers, the talent show will be run with the help of Mr. Biggers and a few student council members.  It will be held in the commons area on Friday, May 18.  Along with the variety of awards being handed out, the talent show will definitely light up the stage!  So rally up the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. to see this grand show!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rock wall added to commons area

A new addition to the commons area at East Middle School is a rock wall. Students in the physical education classes have been climbing it since it arrived a few weeks ago.

Vocal music department entertains at assembly

Photos by Chris Springer

The East Middle School Vocal Music Department, under the direction of Ms. Julie Yonkers, performed at an assembly first hour Friday.

The concert included numbers by the sixth grade chorus, Concert Choir, and The EMS show choir, the JEMS.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Governor providing money for safe room for new East Middle School

(From Gov. Jay  Nixon)

Gov. Jay Nixon today visited Emerson Elementary School to announce that his administration is providing $2.8 million to the Joplin Schools.  The overwhelming majority of these funds will help construct severe weather safe rooms to benefit students from five local schools.
"When severe weather strikes, preparation is key to saving lives," Gov. Nixon said.  "This investment in safe rooms at the Joplin Schools will help ensure that we are prepared to act quickly to protect Joplin's children in the event of severe weather in the future.  This is another step in our ongoing commitment to help Joplin recover, rebuild and move forward nearly one year after the devastating tornado.  We will continue to stand with the people of Joplin at every stage of this recovery process."
Of the funds announced by Gov. Nixon today, $2.3 million will go toward construction of safe rooms to benefit students from five local schools: Cecil Floyd Elementary, Emerson Elementary, New Irving Elementary, East Middle, and Joplin High.  These safe rooms will be constructed through a partnership of the state, local and federal governments.
The total project cost is $26.3 million.  The federal government will pay 75 percent of the cost ($19.7 million); local officials will pay $4.2 million; and the state will pay $2.3 million.
The remaining $527,500 will assist with the demolition of 90 properties surrounding the Joplin High School campus, which will allow construction of the new high school to proceed.
"We appreciate Gov. Nixon's ongoing support of the Joplin Schools and our entire community throughout this recovery process," said C. J. Huff, superintendent of Joplin Schools.  "Immediately after the storm, Gov. Nixon said he'd be standing with us every step of the way, and he's lived up to his word - even one year after the tornado.  Investing in these safe rooms is an investment in the safety of our children and the future of our community."

Friday, May 11, 2012

STUCO Plants Trees


    At eight in the morning, o Saturday, May 5, the East Middle School Student Council could be found no where but at Missouri Southern State University, learning the process of planting trees.  They were attending an event that had been planned and marked in their schedules for event that would benefit to the rebirth of Joplin, especially its trees!
    This event was organized by Missouri Southern and Crowder FBLA and PBL leaders.  At the opening ceremony, which was held in the MSSU Legett and Platt Center, speeches were made by FBLA and PBL representatives, Dr. Bruce Speck, and Dr. C. J. Huff. A video was shown to educated volunteers on the proper way to plant trees, and many thanks was given to the handful of people in the "green shirts" (volunteers) that came to help with the charitable event.
   Concluding the ceremony, volunteers split into groups and received plenty of water, plus a packet assigning the groups homes to plant the trees at.  The STUCO split into three with chaperons Mr. Biggers, Ms. Smith, and Mr. Walser.
   After tons of digging, patting, and watering, the volunteers were served a delicious lunch at the Forest Park Baptist Church.  Thanks to the many volunteers that day, ten percent of the trees that Joplin lost during the tornado were replenished!  Eighth grade student council member, Megan Hickey, even commented saying, "I was glad that the dry, brown hills would soon be lush and green again."

STUCO Members that Attended the Event

Amy Koch, Megan Hickey, Shelby Welton, Jimmy Willerton, Tyler Viles, Ethan Holz, Amy Walser, Annie Le, Bridget Ingham, Emma Willerton, Anna Nguyen, Jake Yarnell, Sam Ingram, and Jennifer Nguyen.

Live Blogging from EMS choir concert

         Already going into second hour, the show choir girls are now performing "I Feel Like a Woman," having just finished "Trouble."  This will be the last choir performed by both choirs this year, not including the school tour the concert choir will be doing on Monday.

Live Blogging from EMS choir concert

          The concert choir finished off with the song Sha-la-la-la Locker's Stuck, with narrator Audrey Hampton.  Afterwards, a performance by the EMS showchoir, the JEMS, was made.  The JEMS, consisting of both eighth and seventh grade girls, sang and danced to numbers such as Girl's Night Out and I Feel Like a Woman.

Live blogging from EMS Concert Choir performance

       The EMS sixth grade choir and concert choir held an assembly during first hour today.  Directed by choir teacher/instructor Ms. Julie Yonkers with accompaniment by Mrs. Musick, the two choir groups stood on risers set in the center of the commons area and sang for all East to hear.  The sixth grade choir sang songs such as I Lost My Homework and Across the Sky.  One song sang by the sixth grade choir featured soloist Sydney Alejandro.  The concert choir (seventh and eighth grade) sang songs like Shenandoah, Let Me Fly, and Rocking Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu.  The crowd of enthusiastic students and teachers cheered the two choirs on while clapping to the music and shouting comments of praise.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quiz Bowl's Last Ride for 2012

      By AMY KOCH

      Last Tuesday, the Quiz Bowl had its last meet. It was parents against teachers against students.
            The six rounds of questions frustrated and annoyed the contestants, but with each correct answer, they let out a whoop of excitement.
After the rounds were over, the final scores were tallied and announced. All the teams waited in anticipation as first place was announced.
            “The Misfits!” one of our parent groups let out cheers as they accepted the “Nobel East Prize.” Our other two parent groups and one former-student group took second, third and fourth place and the teacher group took fifth. In sixth place, our own Quiz Bowl kids cheered sarcastically and high-fived each other on their 26 points.           
            Jennifer Nguyen said, “It was very exciting and mind-blowing at the same time! I’ll definitely miss the EMS Quiz Bowl next year.”
            Overall, the night was a blast and all the contestants are excited to come back next year for another shot at the “Nobel East Prize!”

Thursday, May 03, 2012

EMS students dance the night away

Staff Writer

East Middle School had a dance on April 27th for all EMS students. The theme was a spring luau end of the year dance. Students put on their leis, shorts, or a summer dress, and dance the night away to the latest pop tunes. "I was so beast at the Wobble!" said Audrey Hampton of 7th grade.

 The special night was put on by the EMS PTO (parent/student organization) with the help of the Bridge whom let the dance be held in the Foundry.

Drawings were made randomly throughout the 2 hours and 30 minute dance for prices such as ITunes gift cards, movie tickets, Silver Dollar City passes, and much much more!

Brianna Hickey and Breanna Pace of 6th grade (who both won passes to the Joplin pools) said "Our favorite part was when What makes you Beautiful by One Direction came on, we screamed it!"

Talent Shows Auditions Held

East Middle School Talent Show Auditions
      On Thursday, April 26, the East Middle School Talent Show Auditions were held in Ms. Yonkers room after school.  The Talent Show will be held at the Last Day Assembly on the last day of school, Friday, May 18.
Katie Brown

Technolympics, the Sports of the Future


            Last Thursday, April 26, the first ever East Middle School Technolympics were held in the EMS gym!  Students attended the technology related event throughout the school day.  From first to third hour, eighth graders took turns playing the cool, tech games set up.  From third to fifth hour, seventh graders had their share of fun in the gym.  And lastly, from fifth to seventh hour, the sixth graders continued battling for total victory in the different events/games.
            When students arrived in the Pitt State remodeled gym, they were divided into groups of twenty-four.  From there, they were divided into teams of twelve from the twenty-four people.  Each team was assigned a team captain and a team card, stating the team color and number.  After this, the fun began.
            The teams traveled together from event to event, rotating every few minutes.  The overall goal was to get a better score than the other teams and conquer a medal in the events for your team.  Different events included wheelchair racing, hover crafting, and boat racing.
            At the end, a ceremony was held in which a third, second, and first place medal was awarded to team captains for winning or scoring the highest in certain events.  Overall, the time spent in the Technolympics was very exciting, fun, and informing at the same time.  Eighth grader Chris Springer commented on the event saying, “It was pretty cool.”  Christi Montgomery, another eighth grader said, “It was really interesting.”