Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thompson, Douglas, Jones win annual Eighth Grade Poetry Contest

Poems by Laila Douglas, Morgan Jones, and Victoria Thompson have been selected for inclusion in the annual

The poems were selected as the winners in the annual South Middle School Poetry Contest. The poems are printed below:


Finding out isn't the hardest part,
Moving on will break my heart.

I have to ignore the jokes about getting high,
and no matter how bad it hurts, I don't cry.

I ignore the idiots who want to hurt me,
I walk away, and they let me be.

The whole time I have one question on my mind,
and the answer is hard to find.

Do you want me to forget what you've done,
or are you sick of me trying to run?

Trying to move on is driving me insane,
because I know you'll never be the same.

Finding out wasn't the hardest part,
moving on is breaking my heart.


The old her is gone, completely abolished.
The new her, stripped and polished.
She got off track;
given another chance she'd take it all back.

Her old skin is shed,
tired of the life she's led,
sick of being uncontent,
finding unhealthier ways to vent.

Her addictions led to desperation
and then to separation, aggravation,
sin just won't release its hold.
She just kept going despite what she was told.

She knows what she wants; this isn't it.
She doesn't know how to fix it.


I am a girl who has been put through a lot.
I wonder will things ever be the same.
I hear my parents yelling back and forth.
I see them throwing punches and screaming cuss words at each other,
I want them to just be nice when they're around me.
I am a girl who has been put through a lot.

I pretend I can't hear and just don't belong,
I feel the sadness deep down inside.
I touch my heart to make sure it's still there,
I worry why they bothered to even have me,
I cry because I think they don't love me,
I am a girl who has been put through a lot.

I understand things always go bad,
I say to God, "Please help me through this."
I dream I had better parents,
I try to help them work things out,
I hope that God can help us out.
I am a girl who has been put through a lot.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SMS staff tours East Middle School

I am still having trouble getting used to the idea that in less than three months I will no longer be a South Middle School teacher.

That title has been a huge part of my identity for the past six years, and it is a title I carry with pride. But that will all come to an end June 1 when the 2008-2009 school year comes to a close. On that day, I will turn in my key, and make sure my belongings are all boxed and ready to be moved to East Middle School.

After parent-teacher conferences Friday, the SMS staff toured East Middle School, the first time we had been there since the lion's share of the construction was completed.

There is no other way to say it- We were stunned. We knew things were going to be far bigger and better than in our little school, but we had no idea how much better.

When Lara Stamper, our sixth grade science and drama teacher saw her science room for the first time, the tears began to flow. If she hadn't already seen the science room, the same thing would have happened when she saw her drama classroom a few moments later. "My science room was a little overwhelming," she said.

We began our tour in the office, then we looked at an ISS room that is not located in what we lovingly call "the dungeon." The thoroughly modern lockers that line the hallways will be a vast improvement over the haphazard collection we have now. It will be a welcome change to have lockers that work.

The classrooms are far bigger and have room for all of our books, though they will be in cabinets and not on shelves. (Believe me, I am not complaining.)

For the first time, our students will have a gymnasium and it is gargantuan, compared to the combination gym/stage we have now. There is enough room to hold two physical education classes, and we will actually be able to have volleyball and basketball games here.

The auditorium is state of the art with speakers galore. No longer we will have to suffer all summer with the muddy audio when the end-of-school talent show is aired repeatedly on Jet 14.

My favorite part of the tour was watching my fellow staff members react to each new revelation. Lara had exactly the right word; it was overwhelming. Joyce Wall pretty much said it for everyone:

"I never believed in my life that I would be working in a brand-new school like this."

(The video shows construction taking place in the auditorium as the tour continues.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

SMS science fair held

The annual Science Fair was held for South Middle School students Feb. 23, 24, and 26, in the cafeteria.

Students worked on their projects during third quarter and presented them to the public on those evenings.

Sixth grade winners were:

Bronze- Anna Tillman, Alyvia Warstler

Silver- Jace Braker, Lexi Nollner

Gold- Ethan Crider, Ashton Parker

Seventh grade winners were:

Bronze- Alex Bryant, Chanci McGowen
Silver- Emily Merritt, Amara Pendergraft
Gold- Amanda Shilling, Ilham Bodal

Eighth grade winners were:

Bronze- Tanner Heritage, Gabe Sachetta
Silver- Drew Welch, Hannah Cody
Gold- Damon Monasco, Ethan Warstler

(Photos: Science teachers Mr. Mike Wallace, Mrs. Joyce Hale, and Mr. Brent Thompson are shown judging sixth grade science fair entries.)

Book Fair concludes

The annual Book Fair concluded today at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.

The fair was open in Room 109 every day this week, with students going during their reading classes and buying books and other items provided by Scholastic.

Proceeds go to the South Middle School reading program.

(Photos by Jordyn Pierce)

Principals' Day observed at South Middle School

South Middle School staff showed their appreciation for Principal Ron Mitchell and Assistant Principal Jarrett Cook recently on Principals' Day.

Staff helps Mrs. Williams celebrate birthday

South Middle School staff members helped Mrs. Jean Wiliiams celebrate her brithday March 3 with a cake and gifts.

First "Are You Smarter Than a Map Tester?" held

The first "Are You Smarter Than a Map Tester?" a community outreach effort of South Middle School, was held Feb. 27.

Parents and students were treated to a chili supper, followed by games for the students and informational sessions on the MAP test for adults.

The evening concluded with drawings for prizes.

A second "Are You Smarter Than a Map Tester?" is scheduled for Thursday, March 26. The event will include a spaghetti fund.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

SMS Track Begins!

Room 210 Staff Writer

SMS Track practice has exploded into life among young athletes! Under the supervision of Coach Rocky Biggers, the South Middle School Track Team prepares for its first meet on Tuesday, March 31, in Carthage.

Practices start right after school in the auditorium, then at Junge Stadium.