Thursday, September 23, 2010

Color Guard excels in first performance

“The reason I like color guard is because it’s something different, it’s not a regular thing like band or volleyball,” says co-captain Hanna West. 
Jennifer Schulze says she likes color guard because it’s just plain fun.
Their favorite thing they like about color guard is, says Schulze, “It’s okay if we mess up we can get right back in.” 
West says her favorite part is learning new moves.
Their least favorite part about color guard is the marching and getting hit with the flag.
When they practice they look happy and proud at what they are doing. And nobody can wait until they perform at East Middle School’s first pep rally Thursday, September 23rd. Members of color guard are listed below.
7th grade Alize Iverson, Keisha Grunden, Bonnie Johnson, Kayla Johnson, Cara Marshall, Kelly Parker, Madeline Webber, Katelynne Yonkers, and 8th grade Shana Cover, Tyauna Robinson, Jennifer Schulze, Hanna West, and Ashlee Youngblood have all very much enjoyed the first year of East Middle School color guard, coached by Ms. Lara Stamper.


Hannie! said...

Why'd you quote me Val?!?

shanac. said...

I'm co-caption with hanna