Thursday, December 10, 2009

Students prepare for science fair

Staff Writer

With the East Middle School Science Fair coming up in the third quarter, there has been some stress on the students from the teachers to do better than before since, like everything else we do here, this is our first ever science fair.
Mr. Wallace, eighth grade science teacher, said, “The best science fair project I ever saw, was one about how a student saw how different densities of liquid affected light rays by shining a laser through different densities of liquid.”
To some people, it would seem better to turn in everything at once, but Mr. Wallace said that although that would make his job easier, eighth graders need to be reminded constantly that they need to turn stuff in at a certain deadline.
The science fair would be made a lot easier for students and teachers if students could use the computer. “That would be great for the teachers,” Mr. Wallace said, “but it would only be good for teachers to check and grade it, because on a public scale, it would be better for everybody to come and view the projects in the commons area than it would be to check it online.”
The first East Middle School Science Fair will be Feb. 23.

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