Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mrs. English: I want to put that tiara on Coach Pliler's head

Staff Writer

"Slim to none, closest I’ve come to pink is someone wearing pink next to me." Coach Pliler said. All together East has read 425 books. Students at East Middle School have until the end of next Thursday to read a total of 1,200 books. If they do, Coach Pliler will wear a pink dress.
Most teachers think East can make the reading promotion. But gifted teacher Ms. Cheryl Mitchell thinks that the students are not going to be able to read the rest of the books needed by next Thursday.
Most of our teachers want to see Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Cook, and Coach Pliler in pink dresses.
"I want to personally put a tiara on each of them!" Mrs. Nina English said. In Mrs. English’s block classes, they are so excited they are trying to read The Giver and some holiday books. In her class, they are counting their pink slips everyday, also trying to read 400 books by next Thursday.
The reading assembly will be held Friday, Dec. 18.

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