Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eighth grade basketball season almost finished

Only three minutes remain in the first season for East Middle School eighth grade basketball team. The team is trailing 29-9 in the third place game of the annual Tri-State Tournament. A Mustang turnover with 2:30 left has given East the ball. A bounce pass from Leigh Ann Craig to Kristen Tyler resulted in a basket, putting East into double figures.

The score is 29-11 with less than a minute remaining. East has the ball with 37.1 seconds left. Corinna Padilla has just subbed in for Kristen Tyler, who received a round of applause. The final score- McDonald County 29, East Middle School 11.

Top scorer was Kristen Tyler with six points. Leigh Ann Craig had five. Others playing included Celeste Graves, Alexis White, Corinna Padilla, Shelbie DeWitt, Kelsey Johnson, Mikayela Richey, and Marissa Shofner.


mikayela said...

hey Mr turner you forgot my name Mikayela Richey #14

Randy said...

Sorry about that, Mikayela. That omission has been corrected.