Thursday, May 03, 2012

Technolympics, the Sports of the Future


            Last Thursday, April 26, the first ever East Middle School Technolympics were held in the EMS gym!  Students attended the technology related event throughout the school day.  From first to third hour, eighth graders took turns playing the cool, tech games set up.  From third to fifth hour, seventh graders had their share of fun in the gym.  And lastly, from fifth to seventh hour, the sixth graders continued battling for total victory in the different events/games.
            When students arrived in the Pitt State remodeled gym, they were divided into groups of twenty-four.  From there, they were divided into teams of twelve from the twenty-four people.  Each team was assigned a team captain and a team card, stating the team color and number.  After this, the fun began.
            The teams traveled together from event to event, rotating every few minutes.  The overall goal was to get a better score than the other teams and conquer a medal in the events for your team.  Different events included wheelchair racing, hover crafting, and boat racing.
            At the end, a ceremony was held in which a third, second, and first place medal was awarded to team captains for winning or scoring the highest in certain events.  Overall, the time spent in the Technolympics was very exciting, fun, and informing at the same time.  Eighth grader Chris Springer commented on the event saying, “It was pretty cool.”  Christi Montgomery, another eighth grader said, “It was really interesting.”

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