Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Field Day a success

Staff Writer

This year the teachers of East Middle School decided to do an experiment. This year unlike the past few years at East the students earned their right for a field day.

"I like how the students earned the amount of time by keeping the lunchroom and hallways clean," said eighth grader Jennifer Nguyen. This year the eighth graders came out on top by earning an hour playing the fun-filled games, and an exclusive game that no other grade received.

 In honor of the eighth grade teacher, Mr. Brian Neugebauer because of the stuffed animal angry bird named Pepe. Mrs. Crystal Stokes' class created the very green pigs out of a hula hoop covered in green plastic and homemade faces. The point of the game was to toss three bean bags through the hole in the green pig. This game seemed to be the most popular out of the five choices.

"My favorite was the egg relay," says the sixth grader Brianna Hickey. The eighth graders also received a special treat of ice cream sandwiches which was Jennifer Nguyen's favorite part of the of the field day event.

Overall, this was a success and hopefully it will be a recurring event.

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