Friday, May 18, 2012

The East Middle School Band Concert May 17, 2012

Last night at 7:00pm the East Middle School 7th/8th Grade Concert Band rocked the auditorium at SMS. The auditorium fell to a quiet whisper as Mr. Moore took the stand.
 As Mr. Moore told of our success at the Nevada Music Festival, my palms started to sweat. We started of the concert with the energetic "Canticum."
Then, after introduction from Mr. Moore saying,"It starts out as a sort of chant and then it turns to an energetic tribal thingy," we played "Chant and Tribal Dance."
Then we turned to a string orchestra and played "Eine Klein Nachtmusik."
Then, we took a trip to Africa with "African Adventure."
With the heartfelt story from Mr. Moore of the morning of the Nevada contest when, even though the weather was bad, we all unanimously voted to go to Nevada where we got a first division rating. Then, I struggled to play "Gently Touch the Sky" through the lump in my throat.
Finally, Taio Cruz took the stage as we played "Dynamite." That night was very memorable.

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