Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eighth graders compete in Text Talk Slam

Eighth graders in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts class competed in a Text Talk Slam earlier this month.

The students wrote papers using either text talk or language that only teens would use. They performed the papers for the class in the format of a poetry slam. Eight finalists were chosen- Maggie Baker, second hour; Lexie Ruddick, third hour; Jennifer Nguyen and Maddie Thorne (pictured in video), fourth hour; Kaley Moser, fifth hour; Alize Iverson, sixth hour; and Ashton McGehee and Stella Ndauwa.

Videos of the finalists' performances will be placed on a new website, where they will be judged by Mrs. Angel Mense's seventh grade communicatino arts classes. The winning entry will receive $10.

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