Thursday, March 08, 2012

Controlling our freedom of speech

Journalism Club Staff Writer

(The following article expresses the opinion of Darin Clark and does not represent the official viewpoint of the East Middle School Journalism Club.)

So what is free speech? It is the ability to stand up and say what you want without the exception of people standing down on you and diminishing your authority in any way. This school thinks it is above that right.

If I were to swear at someone on the street they may get ticked, but forget about it in a bit and part ways, but all in all it is a matter of what you want to say. Schools just want to have control over  us and run us like little drones with little to no freedom.

We already have school dress codes and a book of rules. I say forget that and say what you want and need to say and don’t worry about the consequences. Just go with it and all will be good in the end. We need to take a stand at this school.                

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