Friday, October 19, 2012

A quarter of art and Ms. Hardee

Staff Writer
(Note: The following is a column written by sixth grade Journalism Club member Jennifer Nguyen during the last week of the first quarter.)
It’s been a long 4 weeks and sadly we all have to face that it’s the end of the quarter. Students will be switching electives except if they have gym. But I’m not going to talk about that, what I really want to talk about is Art. 
Everybody loves art and if they don’t, they will now after they have a whole quarter of art with the loving Mrs. Hardee. I currently am in her class and sadly I, and her other students, will soon have to say goodbye. But before all of that happens something fun and phenomenal is happening, we are having an end of the quarter party!! It’s not just an ordinary party, no. We party Hardee!! We don’t party Hardee one day, we party two days! What we are currently doing is we are watching a movie and anybody can bring in snacks and drinks. It’s super fun! I promise you that Mrs. Hardee is an excellent teacher! She’s funny and loveable.

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