Monday, April 02, 2012

East Middle School captures three awards at Joplin Schools Technology Fair

East Middle School had its best showing ever at the Joplin Schools Technology Fair Monday night, winning two first places and one second place, in competition with the other two Joplin middle schools and Joplin High School.

The East Middle School Journalism Club took first place in the communications category with this website, East Middle School Roundabout, as well as the club's Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the book the club is putting together about the Joplin Tornado and our first year attending school in a warehouse.

The Journalism Club was represented by co-editors Jennifer Nguyen and Amy Koch, eighth graders Karly Weber, Darin Clark, Alize Iverson, and Megan Hickey, and sixth grader Katy Brown.

The other first place came in the collaboration category, thanks to the work done by eighth graders in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts class on the third quarter civil rights research project. Keisha Grunden, Stella Ndauwa, Jamie Sullivan, Megan Hickey, and Jennifer Nguyen represented the class, showing the internet research, e-mail contact with those connected with the divil rights movement, and their work on the website Room 210 Civil Rights, which features research papers and videos from the project. The technology aspect of the project was also represented by Stella Ndauwa's power point on Brown v. Board of Education.

East took second place in the creativity category, thanks to Ms. Lara Stamper's first semester drama class, with its horror movie "From the Pond." The movie was initially shown to the student body at an assembly in the commons area Nov. 4. Cassie Williams represented the cast of "From the Pond," at the show.

The winners are listed below:

1st Place: The Eagle by Wes Brownfield's class at Stapleton
2nd Place: Colonial American Prezis by Wendee Hughes' Primary Gifted Class 

1st Place: The Hammer iMovie by Abbie Durr's class at Columbia
2nd Place: eBooks by Shelly Tarter and Alana Bell's class at Irving

1st Place: Edmodo and Class Wiki by Jaime Lorimer's Class at Columbia
2nd Place: Edmodo by John Wilcox's class at West Central

Critical Thinking:
1st Place: Bill Nye the Science Guy Spoof by Heather Asbell's Class at Cecil Floyd
2nd Place: Journalism Club by Jamie Lorimer's class at Columbia

1st Place: East Middle School Roundabout by Randy Turner's class at East Middle School
2nd Place: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Janet Myers' class at JHS

1st Place: French Revolution by Tammy Arteaga's class at JHS
2nd Place: Student Created iMovies by Lara Stamper's class at East Middle School

1st Place: Civil Rights Era Project by Randy Turner's class at East Middle School
2nd Place: Dracula Prezis by Kathleen Reiboldt's class at JHS

Critical Thinking:
1st Place: Inspiration Mind Map by Danielle Yen's class at JHS
2nd Place: Student Response Systems by Jody Williams' class at North Middle School

All first place winners received a $20 iTunes card for their class and second place winners received a $10 iTunes card.
Winners of the random drawing for a Flip Video Camera were Danielle Yen of JHS and Jamie Lorimer of Columbia.

Congratulations to all who participated!  It was a great night!

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Good job guys. You did great!!