Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teachers move belongings out of tornado-stricken East

East Middle School teachers put on their hardhats and returned to their classrooms today for the first time since a tornado destroyed part of the school May 22.

Teachers were allowed to remove their personal belongings, so construction can begin to get East ready to go by Aug. 17, when classes are scheduled to begin.

Students' belongings were removed from lockers and will be returned to them June 9 during get-togethers at the two Joplin bowling alleys. More information about those gathering can be found on earlier posts on East Middle School Roundabout.

(Photos: Teachers take stuff outside, all textbooks were destroyed,Mr. Cook salvages a photo, and a look at Mrs. Mense's room. In the video, workers and teachers remove items from the seventh grade hallway.)

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Anonymous said...

It's very sad... It shakes me a bit while looking at these posts. I watch these videos, and all that I can think of is the enormous devastation,the huge piles of debris that appeared to never stop growing...

I remember going to the local McDonalds or Starbucks, so that I could use their free Wi-Fi (we had no internet), so that I could check for even small updates on this blog/ Facebook.

Thank You all for keeping me informed even at this chaotic time.