Monday, April 18, 2011

EMS students offer President Obama opinions on standardized testing

After hearing President Barack Obama tell those attending a town hall meeting that he thought students are taking too many standardized tests, students in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication classes wrote letters to the president telling them how they felt about the topic.

The students selected the following 21 letters to be sent to the president:

Julia Ayala, Dakoda Ballard, Alec Welch, Jaxon Santiel, Alex Capehart, Evan Blue, Alex Nguyen, Zhenjia Yuan, Mari Santillan, Trevor Conrad, Bethany Martin, Alyvia Warstler, Ronnie Herron, Melissa Danner, Taylor Corp, Paige Earl, Trace Neidholdt, Duane Carpenter, Denton Williams, Tess Harmon, and Rylee Hartwell

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