Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teachers, students share views on Acuity testing

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East Middle School students took the first Acuity test of the 2009-2010 school year Sept. 17.
Acuity is a test that helps students prepare for the MAP test. East Middle School students have to take Acuity once a month until the MAP test comes along, and then they take it once after the MAP test is already over with.

Ms. Lara Stamper, science and drama teacher, said, “ If Acuity is done right, it could be a tool to test students’ knowledge. The reason we take Acuity is because we’re trying to improve instruction of our students and Acuity can help us find specific areas that need improvement.” She thinks that too many Acuity tests can have a negative effect and can take away from instructional time with students. She is also unaware of any research proving this will help any of the students doing the Acuity, but hopes that Acuity people have looked up if it was useful to any kids.”

Jennifer Wallace, sixth grade block teacher thinks “It feels like Acuity takes too much instructional time.“

Aleah Speller, sixth grader, said, “They’re boring.”

Mrs. Linda Weaver, seventh grade reading teacher, thinks Acuity “gives students extra practice to see what the process is like for taking the MAP test” and gives valuable information for the teachers to use to assess in what areas students need additional lessons.”

Mrs. Angela Mense, seventh grade communication art teacher, says it can be a useful resource “if you use it as a teaching tool in the classroom.” She also says, “You can’t just administer the test and forget about it; you have to decide what needs to be emphasized in the classroom.”

Ms. Julie Yonkers, vocal music teacher, said, “It’s necessary to know what the students know and don’t know.”

Corrina Rodgers, seventh grader, thinks Acuity is fun and prepares you for the MAP Test. “It lets us practice what we’ve been doing. “
Eighth grader Brooklyn Vickers doesn’t really like Acuity testing, but she likes the reason the school does Acuity. “we have to take Acuity because teachers need to know exactly what they need to teach their students.”

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