Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seventh graders start season with wins over Neosho

Staff Writer

The East Middle School Eagles seventh grade started out their season by thumping the Neosho Wildcats last night. The B and A team both had thoroughly successful games against the Wildcats.

The B team triumphed with a stunning 22-0 win in the first game. Dakota Mavis scored two touchdowns down the middle while Trenton Jarret proceeded increase the constant edge that the Eagles had. Dustin Freeman and Anthony Grubb delivered a quarterback sandwich to Neosho’s team in the end to score for the defense. The player of the game was Johnny Maturino, who lead the B team in rushing, first downs, lead blocks, and rock solid defenses.

The Wildcats received yet another disappointing defeat when the EMS A team blasted them away with a final score of 20-6. The score at the halftime was a threatening 0-0; however player of the game, Adam Norsworthy, darted down the side of the field for an 80 yard touchdown in the third quarter. He then scored an amazing interception return. The team leader Jack West showed great speed when he scored a fantastic touchdown of his own.

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