Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sixth graders Ship Wrecked

Staff Writers

Gordon Korman’s first non-comedy work, Ship Wreck is a story of six troubled kids forced to participate in a character building experience learning after a tragic ship wreck to work together in order to survive.

Mrs. Kim Frencken's sixth grade reading classes are studying the book.

     Characters in Ship Wreck are Luke, Lyssa, Will, Ian, and J.J., Charla, all sent on the Phoenix for different reason. Luke is in trouble for possessing a firearm found in his locker. Will and Lyssa fight way too much, even for brother and sister, put in the hospital and were sent to the Phoenix. Ian watched way too much television, instead of spending time with real people. Charla suffers a stress related nervous breakdown. J.J. is a spoiled, troublesome brat.

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