Friday, December 23, 2011

A Journalism Club Christmas Special


What are some special Christmas traditions at your house? Do you sit around the fireplace and roast marshmallows? Maybe you and your family are the type who like to curl up on the couch and watch TV on Christmas Eve. Or maybe you stay up real late waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney (or through the door if you don't have a chimney).

Christmas is a time filled with tons of special traditions and rituals that make up one special day. Some people even have the tradition of being spontaneous, meaning that things just come along unplanned , and in surprises.

Well, what the East Middle School Journalism Club really wanted to know is, what are some of East's traditions?

What are some of the East faculty and students going to do this year for Christmas? And what everyone really wants to know, what does East want for Christmas?

Mrs. Giles (Springer),the sixth grade math teacher, said she would be spending Christmas this year in Oklahoma with her sister. One of her Christmas traditions is having her father read the Christmas Story out of the Bible to her before opening presents. And, she really, absolutely wants tickets to the Raiders-Chiefs game!

Walker Lutes, seventh grader wants to spend some quality time with his family, and that's exactly how he plans to spend his Christmas that, and playing lots of games. His Christmas tradition is carrying on the belief of old St. Nick.

Who is going to have lots of guests at her house on the big day? Mrs. Sue Macy, secretary to the principal, plans on having her kids and grandkids at her house, where they will perform some important traditions. First, they are going to eat then they will play games and play with her grandkids' toys. Mrs. Macy says she can't thihk of anything she wants for Christmas. She feels she already has everything she needs. We will have to give her hugs instead.

A Kindle Fire, one of the latest technological creations, is what Mrs. Alana Maddock, school nurse, wants this year for Christmas. Hopefully, she will get what she wants while she is hanging out at her daughter's house this year. One of her special holiday traditions is to go light looking every Christmas Eve.

Mr. Jason Weaver, assistant principal, plans on staying up really late on Christmas Eve with his family, while watching Christmas cartoons, movies, and eating junk food in his pajamas. Oh, and everyone opens a few presents. This is a creative Christmas tradition that is carried through his family. And on the next day, meaning Christmas day, Mr. Weaver and his family are going to spend time with family member he does not normally see. But like Mrs. Macy, Mr. Weaver does not know what he wants for Christmas. Hugs for him, too.

Some people have birthdays on Valentine's Day. SOme have birthdays on Presidents' Day. But one certain seventh grade math teacher has a birthday on Christmas- Mrs. Worku.

One of her Christmas traditions is celebrating her birthday and visiting family at different houses each year on the magical day of December 25. This year, she plans to do just that while she is up in Kansas City visiting her parents. What is on her wish list? New outfits for her puppies!

It looks like Mrs. Angel Mense, East's seventh grade communication arts teacher and Journalism Club sponsor, has a lot scheduled for her Christmas this year. First, she is going to go to many gatherings, including a dinnet hosted by her mom with her in-laws on Christmas Eve. There they will exchange gifts, then on Christmas, she plans on holding a dinner of her own at her house. She tries to set the table with a different napkin fold every year. Santa also comes to her house on Christmas, bringing presents for her daughter, Ava. A sweet Christmas tradition that she started with her family is doing something nice for someone who needs it.

Mrs. Mense also loves getting presents (she feels like a kid when she does) and wants clothes, picture frames, movies, sharpie pens, and Starbucks gift cards this year.

While we are freezing in mid-December Missouri weather, Amy Koch, fellow eighth grade Journalism Club member and editor, is tanning in the warm sun somewhere in the Bahamas. Yes, she is really on a cruise to the Bahamas. Plus, she gets to spend a few days at Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Lucky! Usually, one of her Christmas traditions would be watching the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and opening s few presents with her grandparents from Kansas City, but since she is in the Bahamas this year, she opened her prenents earlier. To all of Amy's friends out there, she really wants crosses and "green" (money) for Christmas.

This concludes the first East Middle School Journalism Club Christmas Special. We hope everyone has a safe and truly fun holiday this year.

Merry Christmas!

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