Thursday, November 03, 2011

Eighth graders win first Talon Ticket battle

Staff Writer

Halloween 2011 was not just candy and trick-or-treating; it was also ice cream and fun at school. The students of East had a Talon Ticket contest where everybody won.
Students get Talon Tickets when they show duty, honor, peace, and pride in their school. When they earn one they put it in a bucket for their grade. The 8th graders came in first with the 6th grade close behind and the 7th grade coming in third. But they all won something.

8th grade got to have a social hour during their second and third hour. During that hour (the class periods were shortened so it really was only an hour) the students got to have ice cream and play outside.

The 7th grade also got ice cream and were allowed to hang out for half and hour.

Sixth grade got to have an hour for a social.

During these socials people hung out, played around, turned in their candy grams for candy, and had to do no work for that class period. The students continue to receive Talon Tickets and they continue to fulfill their duty, to show pride, to share peace, and display honor.

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