Friday, June 03, 2011

Rylee Hartwell: The first East Middle School will continue to live on


(Rylee Hartwell was an eighth grader at East Middle School during the 2010-2011 school  year.)

It was May 22, 2011, the summer fever had set in, we were ready to get out of school, or I certainly was, I was ready for high school. Things had been jam-packed that past week we were tying things up in the majority of our classes and lts just say things were starting to go hay-wire.

 When I left East Middle School little did I know this would be the last time I would see it in the state it always has been. To say East was a good and enjoyable place was an .I loved the teachers, students, and building that we had all liked together. School was enjoyable, we had numerous clubs such as Quiz Bowl, Color Guard, Journalism, Newspaper, Show Choir and quite a few others. These were all very prestigious things for a prestigious school.

 Last evening was the first time I could visually see the complete damage, that wrecked havoc on East Middle School. It was a sight of complete astonishment to me, East was gone.

Lessons of hard work, integrity have always been taught to me at home. All of these things were also taught at East Middle School throughout our days there. Even though our building may not be there, our ideas and lessons will last us all through life, and this is what makes East Middle School great not our buildings or posessions but the lessons that will make the first East Middle School continue to live on.

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