Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Choir Auditions held April 21st


Picture this: Music filled up the room. A nervous smile breaks through from the young girl’s face. She quickly pushes away her negative feelings, knowing that this is what she wants. This is her whole high school career, thinks the girl. She opens her mouth, and, oh, this girl’s voice was strong. She started to sing. She smiled then lost herself in the song. Her life is to entertain. She’s here to perform.
The date is April 21. Middle School students blossoming into High School students try out for The Joplin high school’s show choir. There are different types of choir that the people have to try out for. They are: Sound Dimension, Touch of Class, The Choral Concert Choir, and the treble choir. They had to start with a dance. Difficult? Definitely not! Well, for the JEMS anyway. Everyone had to go to a secluded room and sing-NOT ACAPELLA!
There is tension creeping behind kids as they walk from class to class, waiting to find the news of their audition. Good luck girls…and Khristopher Daily!

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