Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Orchestra concert held at EMS

Staff Writer

Cindy Oster, Mariane Addington, and Linda Hailey conducted the Joplin Mass Orchestra Concert Tuesday night at East Middle School. Cindy Oster then strolled off to play the piano. The program included the 13 Joplin elementary schools, North Middle, South Middle, East Middle School, and JHS. It was a successful night, although the parking was a little rough. Parking was so bad some people missed the concert and some had to park blocks away. First, the elementaries played,then the middle schools, followed by the high school (including the strolling strings and some of the JHS band)
At the end, the middle school and the high school orchestras came together to play fiddles on “Fire.” Instruments included the violin, the viola, the cello, the bass, the double bass, clarinet, flute, French horn, and the bassoon.

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